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A couple from Glasgow have died in a road accident


while on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.


Mohammad and Talat Aslam were from the Newlands area


Four members of a Manchester family were also killed in the crash.


Mohammad Aslam and Talat Aslam are a couple from the Newlands area on the


South Side of Glasgow. Mohammad Aslam was in his 70s, his


wife in her 60s. They just completed their pilgrimage from Mecca. Their


minibus crashed. In that crash, they were killed. And also some members


of what is believed to be their extended family from Manchester.


This afternoon, I spoke to a very good friend of the family. And he


said he completely understood why such warm tributes have been paid


today on social media. Particularly to Talat Aslam, who he said was a


very warm and outgoing person. She was a ladies lady. All the


functions, charities. All the groups, she was there. The ladies


will be missing her. And Mohammad Aslam, a very helpful friend? To me,


like my own brother. And anything I needed, he would come over and help


me out. When I moved to this house, to put the windows in all bathrooms,


or whatever. He was a thorough gentleman. So they will be missed?


Definitely very much missed and I am really deeply sorry about it. For


other people, three adults and a baby, also died in that crash. Those


members of the family come from Manchester. Press have already been


said for the couple from Newlands. Thoughts very much with them


tonight. Environmental groups say Scotland's


draft climate change plan is too much of a "techno fix" with not


enough focus on changing behaviour. The environment secretary has laid


out a series of proposals for reducing greenhouse gas


emissions by 66% by 2032. Our environment correspondent


Kevin Keane reports. They are the three industries


responsible for our greenhouse gas emissions - energy,


transport and electricity make up 80% of the gasses


in the atmosphere. Today, a plan to fix


the damage they have caused. At the end of the day,


if we don't fix this problem, the negative impact will be on huge


numbers of people. On transport, the aim is to make two


fifths of all cars ultralow emission by 2032. Half of all buses will be


the same. There is a commitment to decarbonise


the electricity sector with increased capacity for energy


storage and for agriculture, better management of


the nutrient value of soil. NFU Scotland welcoming


the Minister's pragmatic approach. My message to Scotland's farmers


is clear, what is good for the planet is good


for your pocket and we will support The Conservatives accused


the minister of not fully costing the plan,


but gave it their backing. The announcement today


of the intention to reduce emissions by 66% by 2032 against the 1990


baseline, is a transformational The plan is a 178 page document


and the devil will be in the detail. There was no commitment


on a workplace parking levy like the one in Nottingham,


but it wasn't dismissed. And heat pump technology


made in Glasgow will be in area examined to help decarbonise


the heat supply from 2025. I don't think it goes


far enough on areas I think there is scope


for all parties to come up with good ideas on how the plan can be made


more specific and the steps can be James Watt's steam engine sparked


the Industrial Revolution and Joseph Black, the scientist


who discovered the gas Both Scots, both linked


to our climate's history. There are renewed tensions


between the Scottish and UK governments tonight over Brexit,


after the latest round of talks. The Scottish Government's Brexit


minister, Michael Russell, has accused the Prime Minister


of treating Holyrood It follows Teresa May's announcement


that she plans to take the UK out Here's our Westminster


correspondent, David Porter. Davos in Switzerland


and the World Economic Forum. The annual meeting of


the world's great and good. An opportunity to chew


the economic and political fact. This year, a key topic


on the menu, Brexit. Enter Theresa May, to articulate her


vision of the future. Britain is and will always be,


open for business, open to investment in our companies,


infrastructure, universities To coincide with that speech,


a direct message to Scotland It comes in the week Mrs May


explicitly ruled out remaining Today in Whitehall, more talks


on the nitty-gritty of Brexit. But the Scottish Government


is still angry with the Prime I think it is a breach of the terms


of this particular meeting. We were meant to be


involved in decisions not There will be a general view it


breached the process After two hours of talks which did


little to improve the mood It was the wrong thing


to say at the wrong time. It is fair to say, in great part,


the other administrations were very concerned she had


pre-empted the meeting. She made a pronouncement


on the single market, which is the wrong


pronouncement to make. She had done so frankly,


with contempt. Anger from some of Northern


Ireland's politicians, but a more emollient tone


from the Scottish Secretary. The Prime Minister has set


out her plan for how Britain should exit from the EU,


which is what people voted for across the United kingdom


on the 23rd of June. Obviously, we will have differences


with the Scottish National I don't think people


would expect otherwise. The First Minister and the Prime


Minister are due to meet again soon and Brexit will be top


of the agenda. Further discussions will be held


between Scottish and UK Also next week, the Supreme Court


will make a key ruling on how the Brexit process should


get under way. But most are expecting a long,


protracted and difficult road ahead. Frail patients were left


on ambulance trolleys while waiting to be admitted to a hospital under


"extreme pressure," A team from Healthcare Improvement


Scotland said more needed to be done to address "patient flow"


and capacity at Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock,


after an unannounced A spokesman for NHS Ayrshire


and Arran said staff had a strong focus on ensuring that improvements


were made to deliver MSPs have been urged


to change the way Scotland's Right now, almost all buses


are operated by private firms and the Unite union claims that's


failing to serve communities Today, they brought a petition


to Parliament, calling Our transport correspondent,


David Henderson, has this report. The village of Banton


in North Lanarkshire is home to a few hundred people who rely


on buses to get them to work, The way they are going,


they are awful. If I want to go to Falkirk,


the thing is I have to get out at Forsyth and then wait


for another bus. They are talking about taking


the Falkirk won out as well. It is not fair on people


who don't drive. This village shop closed presenting


a problem for many of They have to travel to a nearby town


to do their shopping. But they don't have a car,


they have to go by bus. But what if there


isn't a bus to catch. Banton is away from the main road


and this bus, which goes through the village,


may not come here in future. It is a dismal prospect


for locals like this. I cannot get to work


and I cannot get to go out I won't be able to go


to college when I leave school Younger children may also be


affected, parents have brought their youngsters to this


play group in the village. They are entitled to more free hours


at nursery a few miles away, but without a bus,


they can't get there. My two sons are at nursery,


so I use the bus on a daily basis. I would like to take them


to playgroups and things Get shopping and things like that,


so it would have a massive Scotland's buses were deregulated


by Margaret Thatcher's by private firms and they are not


obliged to serve a bus route In a petition to Parliament,


the Unite union claims You can't have it that


you are handing over a vital service to the community to a private sector


and allowing the firm to dictate what it will and won't do


in terms of that service The Scottish Government has ruled


out what it calls the wholesale It says it is working to improve bus


services and spending more than a quarter of ?1 billion


a year, but campaigners want to see that many do more


for places like Banton. Time for the weather


now with Christopher. Good evening. Largely dry and cloudy


conditions across the country tonight but where it is clear, it is


cold. We still have high pressure over in charge of ahead, dragging in


cold continental air is so clear skies and frosty here. Elsewhere,


fairly cloudy but we have some clear skies across the north-east so


across parts of Grampian, temperatures subzero with a fog


patch around. For many tomorrow morning, it is a cloudy, dry start


with the odd spot of rain. Five or six Celsius. North of Perth and


Dundee, a cold start, scraping of the windscreens in places. Probably


towards Inverness as well. West of here, thicker cloud on a mild start.


And a breeze around the Northern Isles. Across tomorrow, a day the


today. In the north, some sunshine. And extending westwards. A brighter


day in store, then. South of the border, we have this weather front


here dying a death but leaving a legacy of cloud for the North of


England, Southern Scotland. South of it, plenty of sunshine. We will have


that sunshine, too, north of the Central Belt. Even where it is


cloudy, it is thin. It will be a cold day than we have seen of late.


Into the evening, where it is clear it is cold but for many largely dry


and fairly cloudy. For the weekend, a little bit more sunshine across


the west and south-west. Conversely across the East, some thicker cloud.


Sunday, another dry day, fairly cloudy and chilly under the cloud. A


few spots of rain in the West as well. Next week, the high pressure


still with us. Largely dry unsettled, going nowhere, keeping


those weather fronts at bay and putting a whole new meaning on dry




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