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Nicola Sturgeon has offered her congratulations to Donald Trump


as he was sworn in as the 45th American President.


She said she hoped that Scotland and the United States would continue


to cooperate and have constructive dialogue on the issues


President Trump's Scottish heritage was in evidence


when he was sworn in using the Bible that his Hebridean mother gave him.


So how have people here been reacting to today's events?


Using a Bible, given to him by his Scottish mother, the new President


of the United States is sworn in, a symbolic act that even thousands of


miles away provokes strong reaction from some. In Glasgow, people took


to the streets to say no to Trump on a day book-ended with protests.


During the morning rush hour, banners were hung from the bridge in


Edinburgh, the message echoed in Aberdeen was a reference to one of


Donald Trump's most notorious campaigns. I would use the word


solidarity, people think differently to Donald Trump and want a different


world to the one he described in the presidential elections. One he won


at the dismay of these students. Their approach to Inauguration Day


is somewhat different. I don't want to play into his ego and watch it.


I'm personally not going to watch it. I think that is an opinion that


a lot of people, at least on this campus here. There are different


views. A voter living in the Scottish Borders, Kimberley, is a


Trump supporter. For her, the next four years are full of promise. I'm


quite optimistic. The only thing that I think really can get in his


way, sometimes is himself. I hope somebody filters his Twitter


account. Remember Trump's a nice guy. Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire


golf club tonight hosts a private party. The snooker was preferred


viewing in some places. In this pub, it competed for customers'


attention. He has no credibility but the American people voted for him


so... Very fearful. It's a good thing for politics, it will shake-up


the tree, make it different. In contrast to President Obama's


inauguration eight years ago, the official response from Scotland has


been somewhat muted. In a statement, the First Minister congratulated the


new President on taking office, adding that she hoped he'd uphold


shared fundamental values of tolerance, equality and human


rights. Not since before the Civil War has a


US President had such strong links with Scotland. Now that Donald Trump


is in power, the question Scots share with the world is what happens


next. Congratulations...


Earlier I spoke to the SNP Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Alex Salmond,


who was First Minister of Scotland when drunk was developing his golf


We were in agreement that everything was hunk hunkiderry, I was the


greatest politician on the planet! But I went from the greatest


politician to mad Alex with no intervening period whatsoever. So


when you agree with Donald things are fine, it's when disagreements


start he goes into the Stratosphere. So how does that assessment and


experience lead you to think he might be leader of the free world?


Well, I hope the awesome responsibility of office changes the


man because if it doesn't, we are in for a very Rocky ride indeed


because, even if you are President of the United States, somebody will


disagree with him and it's how he reacts to that. It's the character


problem that I see as a main danger. If you take the inauguration speech


today, I mean it was shorter, angrier, campaign rhetoric, there


was much less than I expected of reaching out to all the Americans


who voted for him. There was a lot of God in it. Maybe it's a case of


may God bless America and God help the rest of us!


Meanwhile, guests at the resort on the Menie estate in Aberdeenshire


have been toasting the new President at a Burns Supper as they gave their


Members there say they fully support the new President. I wish him every


success. I've listened to the inauguration speech he made which


was certainly a very interesting speech. I think it's pretty


exceptional. I think it's great having a Scot-American as President


of the US who's not only going to be good for Aberdeen but the UK.


The managing Director of The ScotRail Alliance


is leaving his job to take up a new role in England.


Phil Verster has faced intense pressure in recent months


because ScotRail's services have failed to meet targets


Our Transport Correspondent, David Henderson, reports.


He's been the high profile boss of Scotland's main train operator and,


for months, Phil Verster has been a conductor for discontent as


passengers and politicians took aim at ScotRail. But the New Year brings


a new job. He's moving on. What do rail passengers think? It's not


always problem free. He can't take the blame for everything but he's at


the top of the company and that's what happens. He's not to blame


solely. He's to take the blame, whether Network Rail also needs to


be implicated in this. He took charge of the firm less than two


years ago. Last summer though, a big work


programme began on the network, disrupting ScotRail services. More


trains were late, more cancel and the Scottish Government called for


an improve. Improvement. Since then, performance has picked up but it's


still below where it should be. That brought huge pressure on ScotRail


and Phil Verster. The most there's been tension. Earlier this week, in


evidence to MSPs, he seemed to cast doubt on ScotRail's commitment to a


free travel scheme promised in the Scottish Government Budget. This is


where we are. We are busy discussing this with transport Scotland and I


prefer not to commit yet. There's been certain tensions between him


and the Scottish Government and whoever comes in, the Scottish


Government cannot allow that to happen and to allow services to


suffer on the network. Warm words from the Scottish Government, they


wish him well, for whoever replaces him, expectations are high and the


challenge is clear. The weather outlook for tonight,


tomorrow and indeed the weekend now with Christopher.


It's been an all-or-nothing day, many of us having the cloud. You can


see the division on the satellite picture, plenty of sunshine further


north and south of the border. Tomorrow, that dry, clean air comes


our way. More sunshine for many more of us. Still cloudy through central


parts. The cloud will thin and break and it will turn fairly frosty. High


pressure still in charge as it will be throughout the course of the


pressure still in charge as it will weekend and, bear in mind central


and southern parts over the last few nights have been cloudy and mild.


Tomorrow, a bit of a shock, it's going to be a cold, frosty start.


There could be some stubborn fog patches around too. They should go


and for most of us, it's dry, bright, crisp and cold. Stubborn


cloud around Tayside towards Perthshire but for many, a lovely


day in store. Stubborn cloud in eastern counties of England from


Newcastle down towards East Anglia, in towards the south-west as well.


The spine of England generally bright and sunny. Cloudy for


northern England. By far we'll have the best of any sunshine tomorrow.


What a difference compared with the last few days for central and


southern Scotland where it's been cloudy and gloomy. There is the


stubborn area of cloud which hopefully should clear. A beautiful


day today across areas across the north-east and north-west. Tomorrow


more of the same really, with some cloud coming and going at times.


Shetland, some more cloud for you and it will be a cold, winter's day.


Looking to Sunday, all change. Still chilly but it will be cloudy and


grey. A few showers in the south and west


and highs of five. That is Reporting Scotland. From


everyone on the late team, goodbye.


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