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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Scottish exports are up across the board -


in the UK, to the EU and other international markets.


Scottish Government figures show that sales from Scotland to the rest


of the UK are four times as big as those to the EU.


Here's our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser.


This factory has just hit four-figure sales


Trade winds bring orders from all over the world.


Most used to go to UK customers, but now most customers are foreign.


There is a lot of need in Britain and Europe but we also sell turbines


If the US is building walls around it, export could get more difficult.


There is a lack of clarity, but when things change, there are also new


opportunities. The increase in wind power is one


of the reasons why Scotland The total increase in sales


in 2015 was around 4%. Of that, ?50 billion


was sold to the rest of the United Kingdom,


and beyond, the rest of the world, ?29 billion, and within that,


?12 billion sold to the rest Viewed from Holyrood,


ministers said the figures prove that Scotland must maintain free


access to the single market. We appreciate the extent


to which our nearest neighbour is very important but that does not


mean we should not have an eye on the potential we can have


for our economy with the rest of the EU and the worst thing to do


would be to jeopardise Viewed from Westminster, ministers


say Scottish business and jobs are much more reliant on British


markets. Four times as many exports go


to the rest of the United Kingdom than go to the EU, but of course


the EU is important. Let's focus on our partners


and friends in the rest of the UK because that is where the really


significant impact on our economy is coming and we should


not be doing anything, Most sales to the rest of Britain


are services rather than goods. The biggest export figure


is whiskey, showing it is the biggest net contributor


to Britain's trade position. The biggest export market


remains the United States. We are looking for a trade deal


to improve the trade All the more important there is a


good trade deal. Theresa May visits the White House


on Friday and talks trade with President Donald Trump,


not a man with a liking A budget debate at Holyrood has


ended in stalemate after MSPs were unable to agree tax


and spending plans. Opposition parties set


out their price for backing the Scottish government's plan,


but none of the motions before Here's our political


correspondent, Andrew Kerr. A state-of-the-art dummy


for training medical staff, as the First Minister announced


extra funding to support The Scottish Government is sweating


it out in their budget as they cast Labour said the same fate awaits


local services and have called Labour are not behaving


in a responsible way. They are being destructive and have


not actually brought forward any This ?327 million cut in this year's


budget will mean more jobs going and even greater pressure


on staff and services that They want a penny on the basic rate


of income tax but the finance sector warned what would happen


if the budget was not supported. It puts all of our public services


at risk, crucial public spending, that pays for our teachers


and doctors and nurses, and local government employees


and emergency services. The Greens and the Conservatives set


out their opposing positions on tax. What it delivers is a situation


where Scotland becomes the most Either on the right or on the


thresholds. There is a wide range of ways


in which the Scottish Government And the Liberal Democrat leader said


don't expect him to roll over and support it -


everyone had to compromise or else. Those who have not lifted


their shovels and made an attempt to reach an agreement on this budget


will bear the responsibility When it came to the vote,


MSPs were not able to agree. So it is budget stalemate here at


Holyrood but the first crucial vote is a week tomorrow, and by then


ministers will have had to have found some support.


Details of a collision involving a US and a Soviet vessel 40 years


ago off the west coast of Scotland have emerged in a top


secret CIA memo which has just been declassified.


Antinuclear protesters protesting against the presence


During the Cold War Russian and US subs engaged in a high-stakes game


of cat and mouse. Details of one serious


encounter have come to light. A top-secret memo sent


to the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1974,


which has just been declassified by the CIA, revealed a crash


between a US and Russian submarine, What we know from the memo is that


when this incident took place, the US ballistic missile submarine


James Madison was leaving its base here at Holy Loch to head


out to sea on patrol. Lying in wait near the mouth


of the port, a Soviet submarine hoping to follow it,


and it was at that point when the two collided and they both


surfaced before the Soviet submarine then once again submerged,


and that, as far as we know, It's thought the James Madison


suffered minor damage, but the issue experts are now


pondering is, how much It would have been a diplomatic


incident, had that submarine not been so deep into our home waters


that it was an embarrassment really, to the American and British forces,


that they can get that close in. The US continued its presence


at the base until the Cold War ended in the early '90s,


and who knows how many more stories will emerge from one


of the most fascinating periods Football, and Celtic equalled


the Lisbon Lions' record run of 26 unbeaten domestic games with a 1-0


win over St Johnstone to move 22 Elsewhere, Hearts beat Raith Rovers


4-2 but only after extra time in their Scottish Cup fourth-round


replay at Tynecastle. Hearts now play city rivals and cup


holders Hibernian in the next Well, let's get the


weather from Judith. Good evening. It wasn't too bad


today, we saw the sunshine breaking through and here is a stunning


picture sent in these dramatic skies. Tonight it is mainly dry,


fairly cloudy, some clear spells at times, windy in coastal areas and


cold with a frost developing in parts of southern Scotland,


temperatures are already falling here. Tomorrow morning starts off


with a cold frost in the South, you can see temperatures not too far off


the freezing mark in the Central lowlands. The further north you go


the higher the temperatures will be. Still quite brisk winds in the


Northern Isles. Through the day we will see brighter and sunnier spells


developing across Northern Scotland with south-easterly wind, that is


where you will see the best sunshine, generally bright this


elsewhere although along the coast we hold onto the south-easterly wind


and it will be significantly colder across the UK. Northern Ireland sees


a lot of close, a frosty start across much of England but the fog


lifts leaving leaden skies and feeling cold. The best chance of


sunshine will be along the south coast, and inland parts of Scotland


will struggle to two were three degrees, elsewhere around five


Celsius, 74 the Northern Isles. A widespread frost forming tomorrow


night, a dry picture, winds easing but still quite breezy in coastal


areas. They are between low and high pressure but hold on to dry


conditions on Friday. The potential for a bit patchy rain into the


south-west later in the day, maybe not quite as cold and more in the


way of cloud. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25am tomorrow. But from everyone on the late


team - goodnight. Timeline is the new


current affairs show for you.


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