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The former Labour MP for Linlithgow Tam Dalyell has died


A family statement says the parliamentary veteran,


who spent 43 years as an MP, died after a short illness.


In these days of complaints about identikit politicians, Tam Dalyell


Not many Labour MPs could boast that they had their own


pride of peacocks living in their back garden.


A 17th-century castle overlooking the Forth, but Tam


He went to Eton, then onto Kings College, Cambridge,


He served his National Service with the Royal Scots Guards.


One of his ancestors set up the regiment.


But the conditions experienced by the Scottish miners near his home


were one of the reasons that brought him into politics.


I founded the socialists both at home and in


Cambridge all congenial people, because I suspect I am a bit of


In 1962, he won a by-election in West Lothian and embarked on a


unique political career marked by a willingness to ask


If you are really doing your job well, and you believe in things.


I know how much effort has gone into 500...


An assiduous constituency MP, he never held


Do you regret not having been offered ministerial office?


Over a 43-year parliamentary career, he was famous for his numerous


A fully paid-up member of the Commons Awkward Squad,


he famously campaigned against Margaret Thatcher and her Government


over the sinking of the Argentinian cruiser the Belgrano in the


Ministers and the Prime Minister have told


History has many examples of perfidy and deceit.


He also campaigned against the first Gulf


War and his challenges even won the admiration of opponents.


Tam Dalyell asked the most devastating question


had answered the question had Tam Dalyell stood


It is devastating, and I have never seen anyone else do that.


He also fell out with his own party over military action.


I think going to war in Afghanistan and the bombing of


On Lockerbie, he went against conventional thought


and refused to blame the then Libyan leader


Colonel Qaddafi for sanctioning the atrocity.


But perhaps he is best known for his opposition to devolution.


We will go down a motorway to a separate state,


a journey which many others won't want to embark.


He coined the West Lothian question, concerning the


rights of Scottish MPs to vote at Westminster after devolution.


He was a lifelong opponent of the Scottish Parliament.


The difficulty is that if you have an institution that


calls itself a Parliament, they want more and more and more.


He was the most fearless and the most


independent minded member of Parliament in my lifetime and the


He also had this combination of persistence and courtesy.


He was the most relentlessly courteous politician


Like his peacocks, in life, Tam Dalyell was always


willing to ruffle feathers if he saw fit.


Well, our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has an update on some


Leading distributes, a Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said the


labour movement had lost a giant. She said Tam Dalyell was one of the


most influential MPs, writers and thinkers of his generation. She


added that his legacy will live on in the Commons for decades. The


former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he was widely respected


and admired for his insight, integrity and eloquence. The First


Minister Nicola Sturgeon paid her tribute saying he was a real giant


of Scottish politics. Across the political spectrum he was admired


with the Conservative leader Ruth Davidson saying he was unique and


utterly tenacious. The Liberal Democrat leader said Tam Dalyell was


a huge political character who will leave an even bigger impression well


beyond his life. Child health in Scotland ranks among


the worst in Europe, The Royal College of Paediatrics


and Child Health says poverty remains the biggest cause and calls


on the government to take "bold" The Scottish Government says


it's making progress, Our Health Correspondent,


Lisa Summers reports. At this community centre,


this group is a valued weekly event. North Edinburgh faces problems


with poverty and deprivation but these parents are determined


to give their Is not easy and, you know,


you are working but it didn't work out and


now you are pregnant. The report looks at child health


across the UK and it doesn't paint a good picture


but, in Scotland, some of the statistics


are 210,000 children are living


in poverty and around 28% of In areas of deprivation,


around 30% of women continued to smoke


during pregnancy, but that figure falls


to If a mother smokes, she's been


addicted from an early age she wants to quit but she lives


on the eighth floor of a sky rise, how can


she possibly go outside


to smoke was to mock life can be compensated


for issues such as alcohol abuse, drug


abuse, drug abuse domestic abuse. Added together, these


make life very difficult for a large proportion


of The report makes a series


of recommendations including extending the smoking ban to schools


and sports field, setting targets In Parliament today,


the First Minister was challenged on why the


government wasn't doing more after ten years


in The report's view that, and I quote,


there is much that the Scottish Government


is doing to reduce there is much of Scotland that can


be celebrated and learned from. That said, I agree


with the report that there is much more required to be


done and we cannot be complacent. The government points to successes


such as tackling smoking and childcare provision so that parents


can get back to work. It says it will be


introducing a child poverty Bill, but the authors


of this report say that children have to be


at the heart of policy and decisions must


be made if we are to secure a At Holyrood, there's a new row over


whether the Scottish Parliament Our political editor


Brian Taylor has the details. At Westminster, the bill to trigger


Brexit is published. What ultranationalist MPs


will challenge that bill because there is no detail yet


in Scotland's Parliament The Scottish Secretary told Scottish


ministers there would be no Holyrood vote on that trip the bill,


but he said MSPs would asked to consent to the eventual great


repeal bill, which will undertake detailed EU


powers and return them to the UK. The purpose of the great repeal Bill


includes incorporating into Scots law the laws which


currently exist in the EU EU, there isn't a black hole


in terms of the legal vacuum. I am sure that the


parliament will want to ensure that that happens here


in Scotland, and that is one of the main reasons that it's very


important that we do get agreement The EU currently


controls issues ranging The great repeal Bill would ensure


that those laws were made in force initially by bringing them


back into UK statute, Should those powers go


back to Westminster, or should Hollywood be in charge


of issues which are Take farming, a Hollywood


power, but UK ministers are pondering whether there should


be a Common Agriculture Policy for the UK once power is


returned from Brussels. UK ministers suspect the industry


might not entirely favour Then there is the one and only


a question, the Belgian region which held up a European


trade deal with Canada. The Prime Minister has made clear


privately she doesn't want the same issue


to a rise in Brexit UK. David Mundell says that the Scottish


cup and will get new powers but Scottish


ministers are suspicious. I think Theresa May's vision


of the UK is a narrow, hard Brexit, Tory vision with everything


centralised in London. That isn't the vision


of the Scottish Government and it isn't


what the majority of Scottish people voted for, so it isn't something


we will There are policy questions


but it's also a question of The UK Government is inviting


the Scottish Parliament to talk about the details


of life of Brexit. Scottish ministers say, hang on,


that presumes we are accepting the shape, nature and


outline of Brexit itself. It's over to Judith now


with the weather forecast We had one of those beautiful days


that made you smile and indeed that were sent in by one of our weather


watchers. Look at these blue skies. Not everywhere saw those blue skies,


across a good part of the south and we had very bleak weather. Minus the


Celsius along the coast compared to what we saw in the Highlands. If you


degrees higher than what we expected, this is the earlier


satellite picture. It will be a cold night with Frost. It will be dry


across the board tomorrow with mist and fog patches through the central


lowlands, you may have to scrape your cars. Do wrap up warm.


Temperatures below freezing a land, there will be more of a breeze and


beverages will be above freezing. Wind across the Northern Isles,


lasting too much of the day. A good sunny spells on first light, and we


will see the best of the sunshine across eastern Scotland is cloud


starts to increase across western areas with a fuse box of rain into


the Western Isles. It when a fright is approaching from the Atlantic


bringing rain into Northern Ireland and the far south-west of Wales and


England. Cloudy skies hanging on generally in England but


temperatures do start to rise as we draw our weather from the Atlantic.


We could see double figures in temperatures tomorrow afternoon.


They will struggle in inland parts with two or three Celsius at best.


Though BBDO conditions further north. That weather front is the


journey across the country turning to snow over higher ground. It was


they can fight in the south and west with the north staying largely dry.


It weather front is just printing across eastern Scotland on Saturday,


but it does clear away. We will see showers with another weather front


approaching. The rain were clear on Saturday, brightening up for the


next band of showers feeds into the west and it won't be as cold as


we've seen this week. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25 tomorrow morning. From everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow, goodnight.


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