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BBC Scotland has learnt that cameras installed on boats


to monitor the ban on so-called discards are being


The number of them has halved in three years,


and WWF Scotland says there's now no effective monitoring of the ban.


Our environment correspondent Kevin Keane reports.


It's a controversial practice which all sides want to end


but the contention is over how to do it.


Discards are the dead fish thrown back into the sea because the boat


It's now being banned, a few species at a time.


Three years ago, boats were offered a chance to install


cameras to help the monitoring of the ban.


As an incentive, skippers were allowed to bring back more fish.


But for cod, the scheme has ended and the cameras


are being handed back, which is causing alarm.


We have significant concerns about the low levels of monitoring


taking place of what's happening at sea.


In fact, the number of vessels monitored is only around 1%,


so we are concerned that we are not able to know what is happening


and whether the ban is being adhered to.


With many species found in mixed fisheries, where they swim together,


a netload might fill their quota for a fish they don't want,


For fishermen, the problem is not the monitoring,


The cameras never did exist to do that.


They were never meant as a compliance tool.


We had hoped they would contribute to the science.


We are nowhere near the sort of technology to allow that


to happen, but in the fullness of time it might do.


To use them as an extremely expensive compliance tool


The Fisheries Minister has been unavailable to interview today,


but in a statement, the Scottish Government said...


Fishermen say the ban is inflexible and are pinning their hopes


on a new, post-Brexit fishing policy to produce a solution


The number of schoolchildren classed as having additional support needs


has gone up dramatically in recent years.


Last year, nearly a quarter of pupils had an


But the number of dedicated teachers has fallen by a fifth in five years.


While children with additional needs usually stay in mainstream schools,


sometimes this isn't the right option.


Our education correspondent Jamie McIvor reports.


Falkland House in Fife is a specialist facility for boys


It helps children with autism, ADHD, Tourette's and social,


Some of its success stories are remarkable.


When I was 12, I couldn't read or write.


I went from, I'm currently now in college doing my intro to sport


and hopefully be ready for university by the end of the course.


You get the personal attention that you need.


In mainstream schools, there are 20 people in a class


He was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


I think the authorities would have been happy for him to struggle


through secondary school, but we had to get the headteacher


and another support network to fight for us.


Karen's ten-year-old son is at Falkland House.


He has Asperger's syndrome and was desperately unhappy


He was admitted into Yorkhill and the childhood


He was admitted into Yorkhill and the childhood and family


It was an emergency admission because things got that extreme.


He did not want to be in this world any more.


She also faced battle with the council.


They disbanded the disability team within social work and generic


social workers took over, who didn't have an understanding.


Provision varies across Scotland, while the number of specialist


We are lacking educational psychologists.


We are training them, but the numbers are decreasing.


We would like to see a review of how we are supporting


the training of educational psychologists, their role.


There's widespread support for the principle of trying to keep


The Government is looking at the guidance.


The Government is currently reviewing what is available


on the principle of mainstreaming to make sure it is appropriate


for our times and meets the needs of the current educational environment.


Removing a child from a mainstream school is always


The fear is that a lack of money or specialist staff may


sometimes make things harder for youngsters who face


Celtic face a battle with the English league


leaders Chelsea for one of their prize assets.


Craig Gordon has already been the subject of one


And his manager Brendan Rodgers maintains he wants the goalkeeper


to sign a new deal at Celtic rather than head for the riches of England.


He's caught the eye of the top team in England.


Chelsea are also one of the richest, and could offer Craig Gordon


At Celtic, though, he is key to present and future plans.


He is someone I want to keep for a longer period, so I would hope


that the only thing that comes out of this is that we can renegotiate


with him and get him here for a longer period than the


18 months he has left, and he can get on with working and playing


at a club that I know he loves being at.


Brendan Rodgers does not want to sell, but he did say every


If Chelsea meet the valuation, what does the player have to weigh up?


Will he have first-team football at Chelsea?


He has it at Celtic and has performed extremely well.


He has changed his whole game under Brendan and he is enjoying himself.


For him to go down and the second choice...


In saying that, he could work his way into the team at Chelsea


Having had a bid rejected, will Chelsea come back in?


I don't know about a lot of name that I rate.


If the Chelsea manager does not recognise the name,


He has come back pretty much from the dead to be


He had a hard spell of injury at Sunderland, but he has


enjoyed his football here and hopefully he


The next four days will be crucial in determining that.


Chelsea have until the transfer window closes on Tuesday


to make Celtic and Gordon an offer they can't refuse.


And now the weather with Kirsteen. We did have sunshine across much of


the country this morning, however the cloud did come rolling in from


the west during the day. Thank you to our Weather Watcher in the


Highlands for this stunning image. Tonight, Clady is how it stays with


outbreaks of rain across many areas. Snow across the high ground and


hills, with sweet in the lowlands and Central Belt. As the rain


bridges into eastern areas, there will be the risk of ice.


Temperatures recovering somewhat as we head into Sunday morning. Hide it


from most of us tomorrow morning, gradually pulling towards the east


over the course of the day. Leaving a legacy of cloud behind it, across


much of central and eastern Scotland. Patchy rain continuing


across eastern coastal areas into the afternoon. The best brightness


tomorrow will be along western coastal areas. Through the likes of


Argyll the northwest Highlands, the Western Isles and sky, we will see


the odd rumble of thunder possible. Try a cost much of the North East,


rain in Shetland, although the winds easing here. For the rest of the UK,


a similar story to ourselves, improving from the west. Showers in


Northern Ireland, otherwise cloudy with some rain and highs of 10


Celsius. Tomorrow evening, that rain will pull away into the North Sea. A


few showers remaining across the North West, otherwise becoming


clear, cold with a widespread frost developing. For a Sunday,


high-pressure overhead keeping the weather dry unsettled. Elsewhere,


this rain were beginning to move in. That may just reach the very far


south of Scotland in the afternoon. Otherwise looking dry wood spells of


sunshine. That's the forecast. Thank you very much, that's it from


everyone on the late


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