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MPs have overwhelmingly backed the Government to begin the formal


process of the UK's departure from the EU.


But the SNP's leader at Westminster says after Holyrood


rejected the legislation, Theresa May doesn't have UK-wide


Here's our Westminster correspondent, Nick Eardley.


The Brexit debate can be relentless. Twist and turns as the Government


prepares the ground work. But it is picking up pace. Tonight it reached


another milestone. Some MPs signed the EU anthem as they voted, a last


act of defiance as the House of Commons gave its blessing to start


the Brexit process. A move endorsed by an overwhelming majority of MPs


from across the UK but just one representing a Scottish seat. There


was never any doubt that the Government would win the ball but it


was a symbolic moment. MPs have agreed with Theresa May that Brexit


means Brexit but there are divisions. What happens now? Without


Amendment, without debating time sufficient, and there is outrage at


the Government showing no sign of acceptance of the Scottish


dimension. Yesterday the Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly to


maintain our position within the single market. Labour's Scottish MP


was one of dozens who defied his leadership to oppose the Government.


This is not Scotland against the rest, I just felt we could not


trigger Article 50 with the menu pigment was offering. I will


continue with such arguments until there is a deal on the table but we


can be proud of another gives us the softest of soft Brexits.


The UK Government is... It has carried out the will of the


people. That is what Parliament has done today. The Bill now goes to the


House of Lords where it is also expected to pass but at the debate


on Article 50 approaches its conclusion, the one over the future,


Scotland's and the UK's, is far from over.


The clashes over Brexit have led to more talk of a second


independence referendum - and reports that Downing Street


Earlier I spoke to our Political Editor Brian Taylor.


Reports that the UK Government is preparing for a possible


Of course they are preparing for a possible referendum on independence.


It is what governments do when it comes to process.


They were not all that sharp in preparing for the aftermath


I think it is decidedly likely that there would be a referendum


It is about moving to demands by the Scottish Parliament


and government and suggesting the UK Government is not meeting


If it comes to the point where the SNP, the Scottish Government,


says it comes to an end and the UK Government is adamantly


and definitely not producing a deal, I think there will be a referendum.


It could be announced by Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP


Do I think she will set out the details and the date?


Will she mention Brexit and independence?


It was once one of the North Sea's most valuable assets.


But after 40 years of production, Shell has formally submitted


its plans for dismantling its oil and gas platforms in the Brent field


The company says it wants to leave in place many of the supporting legs


but it insists its decommissioning proposals are environmentally sound.


Here's our environment correspondent, Kevin Keane.


They have produced 3 billion barrels of oil but now these platforms


Today, the operator, Shell, submitted plans


The top portions will go but controversially Shell wants


Between them they hold 42 oil storage cells,


still containing sediment, made up of sand, water and oil,


and they will be left behind to the mercies of the North Sea.


At some point in the future they will collapse.


If we do not remove the contents of the cells, they could leak


It is not the first time Shell has proposed leaving


The occupation of Brent Spar in the mid-1990s eventually forced


the company to change plans to drop it in the deep ocean.


Today's decommission means the legs will not be moved at all.


Shell insists this time it has got it right.


The environmental impact associated with removing,


and disposal of the sediment, one of the key issues we have looked


at, is far greater than just leaving the sediment in place.


In an offshore simulator, the First Minister


announced a fund to give a lift to decommissioning infrastructure.


And she says the Brent plan needs to be properly scrutinised.


That has to be part of this process, making sure not only that


decommissioning is done in a safe, efficient and cost-effective way


in everyone's interests but in a way that respects the marine


In the next few months, Shell will use this ship


to remove the top portion of the Brent Delta platform.


Today's submission is for the rest of this field.


The consultation is due to last 60 days.


The CEO of the world's biggest technology company has described


as a "crisis" Donald Trump's ban on people entering the United States


Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was speaking after being made


an honorary Doctor of Science at Glasgow University.


He said Apple would not exist without immigration -


and that to stand and say nothing was to become part of the problem.


Apple would not exist without immigration. This is a huge issue


for us. What do we do? We voice our opinion. We stand up. We do not sit


in silence. are to be introduced to improve


forensic examinations It follows claims that rape victims


in the Northern Isles don't report it because they have to travel


to the mainland for forensic tests. Our Home Affairs Correspondent,


Reevel Alderson, reports. This is the forensic examination


area, where any client who has been raped or sexually assaulted will be


brought to be examined. This Glasgow clinic was the first


of its kind in Scotland. Rape victims receive


medical attention. Evidence is gathered


for a possible prosecution. On this side of the area


is the medical practitioners and on the other side of the screen


are the police officers. Rape victims elsewhere have


different experiences. One reason, a lack of female doctors


to carry out testing. A Government survey has been


launched to find out why. The Government survey aims to find


out why so few female doctors are prepared to offer this service


for victims of serious Whether it is because they don't


understand what is involved or whether there is a fear


about the length of time This Dr in Stornoway does carry out


examinations and she urges colleagues to join her. To be


supportive, to have the professional skills around treatment and care.


In the Northern Isles no doctor is carrying out forensic


It's claimed some victims are reluctant to travel


Campaigners have welcomed the review and a Government announcement


for a new national standard for forensic examinations.


There is far too much variation depending where you live in Scotland


We need to look at how to get more female doctors to do these


The Government hopes the changes will be looked at later this year.


Hundreds of people have been queuing for a rare glimpse of the last


letter Mary Queen of Scots wrote on the day she was executed.


As Morag Kinniburgh reports the National Library of Scotland


says it's so precious it can only go on show for the day.


Queueing up to see one of the most powerful


and precious papers in Scotland, on show for one day only.


It is 430 years today since Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded.


It shows the Queen probably at the most stressful time


She was to be executed at eight o'clock in the morning


and was only told of it the night before.


So with what little time she had left she tried to make the most


of that time and she prepared herself and wrote one last letter


to her brother-in-law the King of France.


If you listen to my doctor and other unfortunate servants you will learn


the truth and how, thanks to God, I scorn death and vow that I meet it


The Queen is angry at being branded a criminal,


Demand to see the letter has been so high that the library has


But why queue up for so long when you consider it is


Because it is the real thing and you imagine this lady,


Mary Queen of Scots, actually touched it and wrote it.


We're just honoured to have that here in Scotland and the fact


is that we can see it in the flesh and it is so rare to be able to do


I know you can do all kinds of things on a computer screen


but really it is not the same as actually seeing it.


This letter has special security status and returns


No one will say when it will be shown in public again.


Let's get the weather outlook now and Christopher's got


It is a call and frosty nights to come with clear skies across a good


part of the country. Dry for many that Eastern parts, still a number


of showers, sleet and snow in the mix. Icy patches. Tomorrow morning


it is a dry and cold frosty start. Spells of crisp sunshine. Not quite


as cold across the Hebrides. Stronger winds here. On Eastern


coasts perhaps just above freezing but more cloud. Further north some


spells of sunshine to start the day but for Orkney and Shetland this


will be a windy morning with frequent showers. Through the course


of the morning we hold onto those bright conditions at the cloud will


steadily increase for West Central Scotland and the south-west, in the


East despite being cloudier some brighter moments at times, but


showers never far away. Across the UK as a whole largely dry, fairly


cloudy, across north Sea coasts quite a number of showers coming in.


When three at times. For England and Wales cold than today, for as


similar than today. Those showers continuing as we head towards


Thursday night and into Friday. If anything it is turning heavier


particularly across parts of Shetland and the north-east. As we


head overnight into Friday morning, likely to have some accumulations of


snow across Eastern parts, but they are showers, so not a huge amount.


With easterly winds continuing Western parts once again seeing the


best of any drive, bright weather. But it will be cold. Looking ahead


towards the weekend, easterlies continue to blow, and largely dry


and settled, but any showers will be in the East.


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