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whether that is legal or not. Full coverage for you online and


Here on BBC One, it's time


An independent report into safety failures that forced the closure


of 17 Edinburgh schools has blamed the council and


the partnership which managed the building contracts.


It began with the collapse of a wall at Oxgangs Primary School


in January last year, which the report says


Today's report found there had been a lack of proper scrutiny


of the construction work and warned that the problems may


This is where the children sheltered on a windy day at playtime.


This is where nine tonnes of rubble fell,


hundreds of bricks peeling from the wall and crashing to the ground.


Luckily it happened just before the school gates open.


The fact they can build a school that holds


500 children and not check it out and not have anybody independently


check it out, it is a complete and utter farce.


I got a phone call to say your son's not here, he's not at


Somebody needs to be held culpable for this.


That could have been a kid, in fact it could have


This sparked an urgent inspection of schools built


There are 17 of them and all found to be faulty and all were shut down


The main findings are that the 17 schools


There was a lack of supervision that would


And the problems were not bound to the


use of public, private partnerships to finance the projects.


The problem was with wall ties, metal fixings


that strengthened the inner and outer walls.


The BBC Scotland investigation revealed the problem


These pictures show faulty fixings in East


The fact there were different contractors and


subcontractors and the same faults turned up at other schools in


Scotland, where we found five wall collapse in the last four years.


It says this is something which isn't


It is going to be down to a number of agencies


across the UK and the construction agency itself to look at whether the


quality assurance of those buildings is good enough.


The closures caused massive disruption across the city,


more than 8,000 children affected and their families.


The report praises the Council for their response to


getting pupils to class and says learning did not suffer.


But for one family, they still lack confidence


I still don't stand next to the wall now.


I know they have fixed it and I have seen them


physically drill holes into every bit, but it does put you off


It is a lot quieter in that part of the trade ground.


The Scottish Government says it is writing to all local


authorities across Scotland, highlighting the report's


Four more councils have agreed to put up the basic rate


The average bill will rise by ?300 or ?400 a month,


while around a quarter of people will face more significant rises


because of national changes to the way their council


Edinburgh Council today became the first big


But as our local Government correspondent Jamie McIvor reports,


councils are still under huge financial pressure.


Council budget day is a day of tradition.


For years, councils have faced tough spending decisions,


Councils across Scotland can put up the basic rate of council tax by 3%.


But it won't mean the end of cuts and savings.


Many councils are proposing new headline grabbing cuts


Protesters say one big issue is about what some call


In Edinburgh, 1,400 members of staff have gone this year.


It increases the workload of other people.


People can't provide the service they want to provide.


They cannot get out to meet the people.


Typically, the council tax makes up only 15p of every pound


Some council leaders want new powers to find other ways to


raise cash, their dependence on the Scottish Parliament.


I would raise tax tomorrow if I had the power to do so.


I would place a parking levy tomorrow, but I don't have


Edinburgh Council is one of five councils to have agreed to put


Aberdeenshire opted for a smaller rise.


Typically, an average bill will go up by ?3 and ?4 a month,


but around a quarter face bigger rises.


The bills in band E, F, G and H are rising


This man's annual bill will come to almost ?1,600.


I have spoken to my neighbours and most of


us have said we are prepared to pay a bit more if it will be held


locally and local decisions are made on how to spend the money.


Others face even bigger rises and some will


All councils should reach decisions in the council tax within the next


The sister of a man who didn't return from a kayaking trip,


has paid tribute to search teams after a body was found


35-year-old Dominic Jackson was reported missing on Sunday


after a weekend trip on the Moray Firth.


A body has now been found in the Lybster area.


It has still to be formally identified.


Ellie Jackson said her family was thankful to have an outcome


even though it wasn't the one they were praying for.


The First Minister has faced claims that her Government has let down


The Holyrood row followed analysis from a think tank


which suggests that bright pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds


in Scotland lag well behind their more affluent classmates.


The First Minister insisted action was already well under way


Here's our political editor Brian Taylor.


If these warnings about Scotland's schools sound familiar, they are.


The Sutton Trust the data from an international survey and matched


They found bright children from poor households


are more than two and a half years behind their wealthier


In England, the gap in attainment link


to wealth is even greater, but this report highlights a distinctive


Unlike in England, Scotland's brightest pupils score


below the average for developed countries.


The trust found no area in which the brightest 15-year-olds


in Scotland really excel and they noticed a pronounced and sustained


A decade, of course, of the SNP in power at Holyrood.


It is a generation of Scottish people that are being left


behind in the race for qualifications and future jobs.


Scotland used to lead the world in education.


While under this SNP government, are we always playing catch-up?


Time and time again I have come here and argued the SNP are


This report shows they are holding the brightest children back.


A sombre Education Secretary by her side,


the First Minister noted the basic figures were


But, no excuses, action was needed and was already in progress.


We have embarked upon a programme of reforms in education are underpinned


by substantial additional funding, going straight into the hands of


Our headteachers across this country, last week got


told of the substantial additional funding that they will have at their


direct disposal, to invest in additional teachers or the things


they think will help raise attainment.


The First Minister said again, education was her top


priority and, like a political exam candidate, she was ready to be


Twenty six schoolchildren were taken to hospital this morning


after the bus they were travelling in overturned and crashed down


It happened as the bus arrived at Our Lady's High School


Although there were no serious injuries a major incident


was declared with ambulance, police and fire appliances


The scene outside the school in Cumbernauld this morning.


At 8:45am a single deck of bus plunge down this ditch.


One pupil, who got out, said the driver helped his


I literally saw the bus come down the hill and


the wheel hit the curb and I don't know if it


exploded, but there was fire coming out of it.


I just saw it literally flip right over.


A major incident was declared with 20


ambulances going to the scene as well as three fire appliances.


The bus was on its side and the escape


hatches on the roof had been popped out and we lead the kids out through


My friends and colleagues who saw it happening,


they, it was a difficult scene for those.


Most pupils were taken into the school hall to recover.


One 16-year-old girl is being treated for nonserious


injuries and the rest are under investigation.


In North Lanarkshire we take the safety of


Parents on a daily basis give their most


valuable possessions, their children.


It is important we investigate this matter fully.


The vehicle was eventually pulled out


The bus company confirmed their driver is recovering.


Weather now and it's over to Christopher for the outlook


Thank you very much indeed an good evening to you at home. He cold one


tonight, frosty and for Easter in Scotland, snow showers. This picture


sent in by one of our weather watchers. In the last few moments,


the weather watchers have issued a whether warning yellow. The showers


continuing. Elsewhere it dry night and it dries out day tomorrow, but


it will be cold start and a frosty start. Maybe a view of those showers


drifting through the central lowlands. Towards the north-west,


Santander set the date, plate a pleasant sight, but it will be


bitterly cold at times. We have lost the wind along the north-west coast.


To the cause of the morning, the show is tending to use off for


Easter in parts. Elsewhere largely dry. Sunshine in places. Better than


today. Across the UK as a whole, largely dry, cloudy and cold. Even a


few showers coming in across the ease coast with that breeze of the


north sea. Temperature wise three, four Celsius. It will be cold. The


north sea. Temperature wise three, best of the sunshine in the west.


Elsewhere some brighter moments. Into the evening, Sharia still with


us, peppering the coast at times. -- showers. Into the weekend, high


us, peppering the coast at times. -- pressure staying with us. Largely


settled, but that east wind coming in off the north sea. Come Saturday,


most of those likely across parts of the Borders, said Lanarkshire, the


load 's, faith and Angus. Elsewhere largely dry. Once again cold. Bitter


winds. Sunday, once again largely dry, fairly closely in the east,


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


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