10/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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There's confusion tonight at Rangers.


Manager Mark Warburton has said he remains in post,


despite the club saying they've accepted his resignation.


The club are set to play Morton in the Scottish Cup


on Sunday, after a number of disappointing results.


Our chief football reporter Chris McLaughlin has the details.


This is it say police. In the past hour, Rangers released a statement


saying Rangers has accepted the resignation of manager Mike


Warburton, the assistant manager and the head of recruitment. It goes on


to explain that all three were notified that their resignations


were accepted after the club agreed to waive a buyout clause. Now, it


gets bizarre because the Rangers' manager spoke to me in the past half


an hour and said that this statement is news to him and as far as he is


concerned, he has not resigned as the manager. Now, his time as both


at Ibrox has not been happy in recent weeks. The results have not


been good. This looks as though it has been coming but this looks to be


something of a mess. The one thing that is clear is that Mike


Warburton's time in charge of Rangers is over.


ScottishPower has become the latest of the big six energy companies


It will mean an increase of nearly 11% for electricity


The price rises come into effect at the end of March.


But this morning, Scottish Gas said it was freezing prices until August.


From dawn till dusk and right through the night,


the energy that powers Scotland and on which we all depend,


the news that ScottishPower will soon raise its prices for


electricity and gas will not be welcomed.


The company says it has been absorbing higher external costs


for months and now it is passing them on to its customers.


Something to think about next time they stick on the kettle.


About 1.1 million of them will pay more.


On average, 10.8% for electricity and 4.7% for gas


and those on dual fuel deals will see rises of 7.8%.


The company says two thirds of customers will not be affected


because they are already on cheaper fixed-price deals.


The energy companies buy gas and electricity


wholesale in advance and in theory customer bills should reflect lower


We saw big falls in the price of wholesale energy


through 2014 and 2015 that were probably not reflected


particularly in the big six standard tariffs


as opposed to the best deals in the market.


There was much more activity with them.


We do see increases in non-energy charges, so charges for the grid,


wires and renewable subsidies and so on


and they are features of stopping prices falling so far.


With npower also raising prices recently,


their customers may feel the chill.


We know a third of households in Scotland


It is not cheap to heat your home any more


and any increase in the price will be a worry for people.


Energy price rises can seem particularly cruel


says it is freezing its prices until August.


John McManus, Reporting Scotland, Edinburgh.


Andy Murray's management team have expressed concern


about the prices that tickets for his charity event at the Hydro


Tickets for his exhibition match are being sold


for up to ten times their face value on reseller sites.


Yesterday in London, the man himself was there


It's an exhibition match for charity, with Roger Federer.


one of the selling points was the ticket price.


10,800 tickets will go on sale today,


with over half of all of those seats just ?25,


making the event very accessible for all.


But today those tickets were selling


The digital age makes it more of a problem,


because professional touts use computer programmes


to buy up large numbers of tickets


to sports and entertainment events.


I have not done it and I don't think I ever would.


I think it is a bit unfair on the artist


and it is just some secondary guy making a big buck.


I missed out on some and I had a look


and thought I cannot afford that.


If there is a band that you want to see, I will have a look.


we will pay whatever is left in our wallet.


Artists like Adele and Elton John have both come out


against the websites that sell at inflated prices.


Elton John said he would rather have empty seats.


The resale of football tickets is banned.


But the reselling of live music tickets is not.


It is a very complex issue, it would be nice if the government


would take some legislation against it,


but I don't think that will happen.


if the public just voted with their feet and just said,


we're not paying the inflated prices,


we will definitely not buy secondary tickets


at five times over the face value, we will not go to the gig.


The Fanfare Alliance, which campaigns for better laws,


says wait until nearer the date


It's another big weekend of sport,


and in rugby it's the Six Nations round two.


Scotland are playing their first away match


of this year's competition against France.


Our sports reporter David Currie is in Paris


to look ahead to Sunday's big game.


Take a moment to savour the city of love.


This is one of the city's most famous


and controversial buildings, it is the Pompidou Centre


and this year it elebrates its 40th anniversary.


And in all the time that this building has been open,


Scotland have only won twice in Paris.


It is still Scotland with the chance!


Every time we go across, we are always written off.


We were always playing second fiddle.


We went across there and I always remember, a bright sunny day


everyone thought we were just there for cannon fodder.


That's a long time and hopefully that


Scotland beat the French last year at Murrayfield.


Getting the better of them on their home soil


I believe that this is the game will set the Six Nations alight.


We have seen and heard the noises coming out of their camp.


La vie, or life, is certainly rosy for these Scottish rugby fans.


Travelling hopefully and looking for another famous win.


It keeps us in line for the Grand Slam.


Not counting our cards yet, but hopeful.


Confidence is high, lot of skill level, really exciting times.


Even a Frenchman with a heart of stone


is open to the romantic possibility of another Scottish win.


Well, it's time for the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


Thank you. Good evening. It is a cold one tonight and for some,


wintry. There is a mate of this year will be aware warning in force


covering the borders, Lothian and the capital. We have seen some rain


and snow moving in overnight. Some accumulations not only on high


ground but occasionally lower accumulations not only on high


levels. Elsewhere largely dry but it will be cold, a cold start to


tomorrow. Across the south east, fairly miserable for most. Cloudy,


wait, these low-level rising into the hills but expect some sleet to


lower levels at times. Across the UK as a whole, fairly cloudy and cold.


This little troughs bringing some outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow


across parts of the North of England, into the Midlands. The best


of the weather across the West of Scotland, Northern Ireland as well.


And it will be a cold day. Add on a strong north-easterly, a better feel


through the central belt and sites. Brightest in the north-west. Into


the evening, those outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow slowly edging


away as westwards into Lanarkshire, Stirlingshire and Moray as well. For


Sunday, high pressure still in charge. Size of the border, still


cloudy with outbreak of rain and food. For us, cloudy, largely dry.


Wintry showers at times and cold. From everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow


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