13/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Not one player was drugs-tested in Scottish domestic football


The Scottish Football Association says funding is in place to ensure


tests are carried out during the rest of this season -


but tonight the President of the World anti-doping agency


criticised the lack of testing. Alasdair Lamont has more details.


The fight to keep trucks out of sport has never been more intense or


so high profile. From state-sponsored doping in Russia,


investigations into wrongdoing in cycling to a lengthy ban for Maria


Sharapova, one of tennis's biggest stars. A year ago BBC Scotland


published figures that show that only eight trucks tests done in


Scottish football between April and December of 2015. Now it has emerged


that in the same period last year not a single test was carried out.


It is, in my view... The Scottish FA lost its funding


from the UK anti-doping agency last April. And finally agreed on funding


package in November. There was disappointment within the SFA at the


decision to stop funding testing here, that was apparently down to


prioritising the ?7 million budget, particularly in what was an Olympic


year. Regardless, the SFA now expect some funding to kick in to allow


testing to resume in Scottish some funding to kick in to allow


football. The former chairman of Ukip in Scotland has afforded jail.


after admitting making a series of sexual phone calls


Arthur Misty Thackeray pled guilty last month.


At Glasgow Sheriff Court today he was placed on the sex offenders


register for three years, and told to complete 270 hours


of unpaid work as part of a community payback order.


Father Denis Alexander has always denied the allegations. Denis


Alexander appeared via a video link from a remand centre at Silver water


prison here in Sydney, he was in a wheelchair. He did at times appear


to be quite fragile but fully aware of the legal proceedings. His


barrister told the magistrate that given his age and various medical


conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, his client should be


released from custody pending what could well be a lengthy extradition


process. A lawyer for the UK Government argued against the bail


application, saying that father Alexander presented a flight risk.


He suggested that the former monk may even be spirited away to a


Benedictine monastery somewhere in Australia. The lawyer also argued


that the priest first-macro medical conditions would not be made worse


in custody. The magistrates as it was a difficult application to


consider stop he did reject the bail application, what this means is that


Denis Alexander will remain in custody pending that full


extradition hearing in Sydney in three months' time.


The Scotland rugby captain Greig Laidlaw's availability


for the rest of the Six Nations is in doubt tonight.


Laidlaw has left the national squad to have his injured ankle assessed


The return of the walking wounded from France. Scotland rugby squad


arrived back in Edinburgh mentally and physically battered bruised. It


was a catalogue of injuries and started with the site no Scots


friend wanted to see. Their number nine buckling in pain. The captain,


the highest points scorer, playmaker and inspiring team member, rolling


to the ground and then taken off. His future in the championship they


are requiring further assessment. Calling the shots from the sidelines


was never in the game plan. To recover now, sometimes when they get


sent back, it means they are going to be out for a number of weeks they


like to get them back to the club physio is, a massive loss because he


has proved himself over the last couple of seasons as a leader who


manages the game exceptionally well he is a fantastic player. There were


positive moments for Scotland. But a whole lot of negative, too. After


Laidlaw went off, his replacement as captain John Barclay went off. After


Barclay was sidelined from his positional replacement John Hardy


also succumbed to a head injury and finally the hooker Fraser Brown,


another head knock and another player taken off not to return to


action. They are all subject to continued hit injury assessment. The


game was so brutal, you could understand you get some head knocks


but to get four in a game, for them to be crucial plays for Scotland, it


shows you how brutal and rough and physical the game is becoming.


Questions will be asked about the bungled conversion attempt. With the


calm head of Laidlaw have fared better under the pressure of being


told to rush and take it? The squad have until a week on Saturday to


recover when the next wave of attack will come, this time from Wales.


Aberdeenshire Council has apologised for planting dozens of trees


The trees appeared on the playing field at Logie Durno over


the weekend, sparking confusion among residents.


We sent our reporter Rebecca Curran to investigate.


Tree up front, Ireland usual formation in Scott didn't do across


Scottish football. Dozens of trees up and planted here and residents


aren't happy. There is not really much to do in this area, get your


kids out, do something active, the goals are in place, all of a sudden


kids out, do something active, the we have got trees! Aberdeenshire


councils says the plan was to turn over part of the area for


biodiversity as anecdotally it was really used. Whenever we take a


football and play here, not on the big pitch, but I don't know why the


council have put them there. They are good for dribbling round!


Because it gives you good practice. Aberdeenshire Council couldn't


confirm how much it cost to plant trees or how much it could be to


remove them. The trees will stay where they are until an agreement is


reached with residents. I'm certainly not dressed for the


occasion and these are certainly not football boots but it's just a Paul


and some trees, how hard can it be? It's over to Kawser now


with the weather outlook For most of us it's "A cloudy night


so far, the cast our minds back to earlier today. Some contrasts across


the country, stepping out across the North-East, temperatures here


struggled. But we reached 11 Celsius here in Skye, plenty of sunshine.


The good news is that sunshine will be more widespread tomorrow although


it will be breezy. The night some very strong winds across the Solway,


perhaps even touching gale force, clearer skies in the North-West,


temperatures could dip to minus five Celsius in the Highlands. For


tomorrow morning, heading out at around eight o'clock quite a bit of


cloud around the North-East across more central areas, towards the


north it used, quite chilly, quite breezy as well, more sunshine across


western part of the Central belt, towards the East some breaks in the


cloud to allow sunnier spells through. More in the wake of


sunshine across northern parts of England and towards the South-East


but across the south west, across Northern Ireland, more in the wake


of cloud and outbreaks of patchy rain. Milder air being drawn in,


temperatures may be 11 or 12 in the south-west. The wind direction


becomes more southerly and withdraw in that milder air but also more


unsettled conditions. Looking ahead to Wednesday, we are looking at a


contrast compared to recent days, most of the cloud further towards


the West this time. Further towards the east, likely to see the best of


any brightness, most likely across the Murray first and for all of us


to preachers will rise by the end of the week.


We're back tomorrow morning. Good night.


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