15/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The number of Scots seeking work in the final three months of last


year was up by 6,000, to reach 135,000 -


the number of people in work was also up.


And new figures show the productivity of Scottish


Our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser, reports.


It is a notch above the UK level. Over the whole of last year, there


was a drop in employment here of 27,000 but with economic inactivity


rates rising there was a drop in the number of people in work by 20,000.


There's been a shift towards self-employment even where you may


think workers of earning a rage, there are people running a business.


You just want a job, a pay packet, but the modern jobs


Two soups and two chickens and two beef.


In catering and hospitality at the city of Glasgow College


the ability to run your own business affairs can be as important


There is inspiration on hand from a Masterchef winner.


There is a mixture of students, whether they go into self-employment


or work for big companies, but many students have their own


dream of having their own restaurant and it seems to be a kind of chef


trait, they want to be doing their own thing.


Next door, this hair salon takes those with cutting skills and helps


them build up their cutting edge business intelligence.


It is about how to enter contract and how to run a column and how


to manage your money and how to pay for your stock.


Joanne Pinkerton has taken her hair cutting skills around the world,


but the trade winds have brought her back home


What has changed, it's not just as simple as going into a salon


at the end on a Saturday, you get a brown paper kit


What is happening now, when they have finished


their training, they want to know, what am I allowed to do?


So, Joanne is renting a chair in this new College salon


where the tips aren't just from customers but


A three-year-old boy has died after he was knocked down


The incident happened yesterday in the village of Crossgates.


This farm is about a mile north of the village Crossgates near


It was here yesterday evening that the three-year-old boy


was knocked down by a vehicle on the farm.


The emergency services were called just after five o'clock but


they were not able to save him and he was reported to have died at


This tragic event has affected people here and the local


community council said the family are highly thought of and respected.


The local minister said the news has shocked and stunned people.


It is the parents who have the heartbreak.


I would not like to lose a son or daughter at that age.


What happened at tea-time last night.


It is one of the times that everyone is pulling


together, sending condolences to the family.


Police are now investigating the incident.


The Health and Safety Executive said it is aware of the


incident and is also making enquiries.


A man has been convicted of a murder in North Lanarkshire that happened


James McGowan killed Owen Brannigan at a house in Coatbridge.


He was also convicted of headbutting a man at this


Later that evening, he went on to a house


where he found Owen Brannigan, his former brother-in-law


McGowan admitted what he'd done during phone calls to a mental


health helpline while he was living in Adelaide in Australia.


He was extradited to Scotland last year to face trial.


He had returned to the house with his friend, Thomas Stewart,


They had had a drink in the evening and were


settled down to watch the football, when Owen fell asleep on the couch.


James McGowan came in to the house and he was armed with a knife and he


set about stabbing Owen repeatedly on the couch.


One person has died in a house fire in Lossiemouth.


Scottish Fire and Rescue crews and police arrived at the scene


of the blaze at the property on Elgin Road shortly after four


Police say there don't appear to be any suspicious circumstances.


Why do women still earn less money than men?


That's the question MSPs are asking as an inquiry's launched into how


Despite laws being introduced on equal pay almost 50 years ago,


on average, full-time women workers in Scotland earn 6% less than men.


Our political correspondent, Andrew Kerr, reports.


1970, Glasgow, the year equal pay became law, a lot has changed,


Going on current trends, research suggests the pay gap


And equalising women's productivity could add almost


Campaigners explained why full-time women workers still earn 6% less


It goes far beyond pay discrimination, there


is still a stark segregation in the types of job that men


and women do, with women more likely to be found in low paid undervalued


jobs such as cleaning, care and retail and admin.


Women still do the bulk of underpaid caring,


and coupled with a lack of flexible working, that means women are less


likely to be found in higher paid senior positions.


So, caring responsibilities could have a long-term


scarring effect on pay, pension and promotion prospects.


How does this affect an impact the Scottish economy, could more be


We want to look at this with an open mind and see what we come up with.


If closing the pay gap can help the economy, it stands to reason


I've seen the positive intent and positive things that


can help the economy, having women on board,


For some the way ahead is complex but for others straightforward.


We work just as hard, most of the time even better.


If you take breaks to have kids, you should not be penalised.


It is not a straightforward question.


It is a nightmare to work that one out because it has not


been sorted out for, when was the gender equality act?


Employers politicians and society as a whole now have to see how


to make more progress after 50 years of trying.


The accountancy firm EY is set to shed 35 jobs


at its Inverness office - over half its workforce


The company, also known as Ernst and Young, says it's proposing


to move its audit and account, compliance and reporting services


Scotland will have to play the remainder of this season's


Six Nations rugby championship without their captain


Greg Laidlaw will play no further part in the competition


Our sports reporter, David Currie, has the details.


There's far more to a captain's role than organisation


Talking with royalty and other VIPs before matches will now be another


man's responsibility for the rest of the Six Nations.


from just before the World Cup, really, and he will be missed.


His goal-kicking will be a loss and his leadership in particular,


He is so important so it will be felt.


His leadership powers and his kicking prowess under


pressure helped Scotland beat Ireland at Murrayfield.


They recorded their first opening-day victory since 2006.


His influence over this year's tournament ended during the defeat


One former Scotland player says the scrum-half is not irreplaceable


You could argue Ali Price is quicker and he is more eager


and he has a better pass and he plays the system every week


with Glasgow so I would not panic about Greg Laidlaw


Who should take the captain's armband?


A number of captains, Josh is the captain with Glasgow,


but I would go with Jonny Gray, he is the co-captain at Glasgow


and he knows what goes with being a captain and it


It won't faze him and I would go with him, Jonny Gray.


The decision is for the head coach Vern Cotter.


The next Scotland match is a week on Saturday.


Football and Aberdeen strengthened their position in second place


in the Scottish Premiership by beating Motherwell seven-two


The win, which saw striker Adam Roooney score a hat-trick,


means Aberdeen have now played the same number of games as third


placed Rangers but now sit three points ahead of the Glasgow side


and with a vastly superior goal difference.


Champions Celtic sit twenty-four points clear of Aberdeen


Let's get the weather forecast and it's over to Christopher.


Good evening. We should be sitting around eight Celsius but we're doing


better than that. Early next week it may even be towards the mid-teens.


Mild tonight but breezy and quite damp. The culprit is the low


pressure tracking eastwards. A fairly windy day tomorrow and quite


damp. Across the South tomorrow morning reasonably dry. The heaviest


of the rain up towards the north-west. But some outbreaks in


parts of the belt. In towards the north-west and up towards the


Northern Isles it will be quite breezy and wet. During the course of


the morning the rain will ease off, certainly from around lunchtime and


the wind will ease. But it will still be breezy and from the West.


Brighter conditions most likely in the east. The further south you are


away from the North where the low pressure is, the better it will be.


A warm front brings rain towards Northern Ireland and that will


affect us later. Towards the rest of the afternoon and evening, largely


dried -- dry but outbreaks of rain in the south-west and later over the


Highlands. A quite chilly night and a touch of Frost and fog. On Friday,


with high pressure, dry with brightness but still the warm front


will produce spots of rain in the north-west. Brightest in the east.


To the weekend, the mostly mild theme continues. Showers on Saturday


with bright spells. Largely dry on Sunday but a further spell of wet


weather later on. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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