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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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what it says about the president and his administration.


Some companies are rebelling against new business rates coming


into force in April - with one leading hotelier


It's being claimed that the increases don't


take account of a drop in turnover since revaluation.


However the Scottish government say they're supporting smaller


businesses and an extra one hundred thousand will now


A busy lunchtime at the Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen.


But owner Stewart Spence isn't celebrating.


His business rates are set to rise by 25%, an extra ?1000 a week.


At the same time, turnover has plunged by 40%.


Mr Spence is refusing to pay the increased rates, and is calling


I'm going to continue to pay my old rates which is ?252,000 a year,


until I have a satisfactory answer to my appeal.


Are you concerned about legal ramifications?


I would love to go to court to challenge it.


Rates rises aren't confined to the hospitality sector.


The managing director of this nursery, and four others


in the west of Scotland, will see her bill increase


It's hugely concerning because a lot of people initially say, that's OK,


you can charge it back to the parents.


But there's obviously a ceiling to what we can do


there and there's a saturation point, and we will come to a point


where parents will say, we can't afford to go out and work.


And many businesses in Scotland will be affected.


The Scottish Conservatives are calling for an "immediate


The Scottish Government say thousands will play nothing at all.


We have taken decisions to support businesses.


We have increased the threshold for the small business bonus


to ?15,000, lifting about 100,000 businesses out of rates altogether.


Businesses like this one can appeal their revaluation


if they think the assessors have got it wrong.


One thing's for sure - this rates row looks set to rumple on.


So why are some businesses facing big increases while others are not?


Our Business and Economy Editor Douglas Fraser explains.


I have travelled all the way to my place of work,


the BBC headquarters in Glasgow, which is liable for nondomestic


rates, as our other offices, factories, warehouses,


schools and hospitals, a bothy, a satellite mast and salmon.


It depends on the business sector and on the location.


Seven years ago the value placed on renting this was ?3.75 million.


Along with office rental in this area, it's going up 15%.


That's not the actual bill, the bill is based on the poundage,


the rate levied on each pound of the valuation.


That's roughly half the annual rental cost.


In the case of the BBC, ?2.1 million from April.


That's quite a hike, but in the tourism sector,


That hotel across the Clyde, its rateable value is going up


around 50%, the bill will be around ?570,000 per year.


There are catches around this, big properties pay a supplement,


and 100,000 smaller properties are exempt.


In total, ?2.8 billion this year, that is to pay the government bills,


Business isn't going to pay more in total, it will just pay different


shares depending on properties that have risen or fallen


Some will pay more and some will play less.


Those who pay less tend to make less of a fuss.


Three Labour-run councils are going to freeze the basic


rate of council tax - even though this adds


South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde councils all decided


against increasing bills for the majority of local residents.


But the move leaves them open to criticism


Our local government correspondent Jamie McIvor reports.


In Glasgow the basic rate of council taxes going up by 3%, and just


territory campaigners gathered here as councillors took the decision.


Many campaigners say they are unhappy with the weight some


councils are acting saying they would like to see councils do more


to fight cuts and say the Scottish and UK governments should take some


blame for cuts to local services. That is the situation here in


Glasgow. Three other labour led councils confirmed they would not be


putting up the basic rate of council tax, the strategy could be risky


anti-austerity campaigners could argue a council which does not put


up tax is not doing all it can to try to mitigate cuts locally while


the Scottish government could say a council which does not put up


council tax can hardly complain about how much government funding it


is getting. Four people have been


arrested in Slovakia as part of an investigation into human


trafficking, which also saw the arrest of five people


in Glasgow last week. The operation has so far


uncovered sixteen possible victims of trafficking,


with officers from Police Scotland, Slovakian Police and Europol


involved in the raids Glasgow University has been granted


planning permission by the city council for a one billion


pound redevelopment project. It will see the university expand


into the old Western Infirmary site The plans include new research


and teaching buildings. Its 19th century tower may be one


of the city's famous landmarks, but Glasgow University has a whole


variety of buildings, old and modern, spread


around University Avenue, Now the Western Infirmary next door


has closed and the university wants to transform that site from one


where patients of the past were treated, to a centre pioneering


cure is for patients of the future. That vision, though,


spreads far beyond just Mixing it up, they say,


could bring the rewards. Here we would produce


a campus that is innovative and Glasgow University will be


at the centre of that translation of research for economic


activity in Scotland, driving care industries like quantum


technology and precise medicines. As well as prestigious research,


universities are competing to attract students


from around the world. They have doubled the number


of international students here in recent years,


so there will be new lecture theatres and study areas


to encourage more. West end shops saw a dip in trade


with the closure of the hospital and there have been some objections


to the proposal with concerns new on-campus shops and cafes


will take trade, rather Concerns the University


is keen to calm. We think it will actually create


an extra buzz that will attract more We really want it to be


part of this community. Where we are standing now


will be a new Square. It will be a square similar


to many of the other large We want that to be used


by the university, but also Outside of graduation,


you will not see many members of the public wandering round this


part of the University. This is the preserve


of students and professors. But the development plan


will last ten years. But five years from now,


that square down the hill should be in place and handier for everyone,


whether your degree is from here The Motherwell boss and Scotland


assistant manager, Mark McGhee, could be in trouble again


with his part-time employers at the Scottish


Football Association. McGhee was sent


to the stands during his side's Afterwards, he said a match


official had an "agenda" It was enough to make


a manager's blood boil. With his team already 4-0


down and on their way to an even bigger defeat,


a clearly furious Mark McGeeney is sent to the stands


by the referee. The dismissal came about


on the advice of the fourth I was horrified by the attitude


the fourth official took. I wasn't getting excited about


the fact we were losing the game. I wasn't losing my


patience or tempter. But from the first minute


the fourth made up his mind. If the attention of a police


officer was unwanted, Mark McGhee's evening got worse


when he got up to the stands to find It's not just that outburst that


could land the assistant manager When asked if he would consult the


head referee... McGhee has already served a two


match ban this season for insulting or abusive language towards a match


official in November. It was a miserable night


all round for Motherwell who shipped seven goals to Aberdeen,


the pick of which came from on loan But it's his words post match that


might yet hurt the manager more. Following McGhee's comments


we contacted Motherwell, the Scottish Football Association


at the National Stadium, and senior figures from the refereeing world,


none of whom wanted to comment for fear of prejudicing


a possible disciplinary case. But it's clear the SFA who employs


Mark McGhee as assistant manager to the national team,


will want a full explanation. Let's get the weather outlook


for tonight and tomorrow now, Cold tonight, colder than last night


with clear spells, frost and mist and fog. The reason being a ridge of


high pressure on the charts, a warm front so thick cloud and a few spots


of rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Elsewhere, dry tonight and


tomorrow but a murky morning, low cloud, mist and fog across the


southern uplands and into the central belt. Milder with a warm


front, thicker cloud and spots of rain for the Hebrides but elsewhere


dry and cool. Further north, towards Murray, Inverness, morning sunshine,


similar for Orkney and if you passing showers likely across


Shetland. Through tomorrow, the sunshine across the North and


north-east will be short lived in places because this weather front


will edge its way eastwards, little in the way of rain bringing cloud


further east, brighter moments over the Lothians and towards the eastern


borders. Across the UK, that ridge stays in place keeping things


largely dry, you can see the weather front meaning a band of cloud down


largely dry, you can see the weather the spine of the country, outbreaks


of rain in the Irish Sea and Wales and Cornwall, mild, temperatures


around nine to 11 Celsius. Through tomorrow night, fairly cloudy, the


around nine to 11 Celsius. Through breeze picks up on the West Coast


and outbreaks of rain as the cold front follows on meaning Saturday


gets off to a soggy start. And improving day, through the afternoon


the rain tending to ease off turning more showery, brightness and where


it does mild. 13 degrees. Sunday, generally a dryer Dave Romney off


but outbreaks of rain across the North West. -- a dry day.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


and around the country - goodnight.


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