17/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Harry Clarke - the driver of a bin lorry that crashed


in Glasgow in December 2014, killing six people -


has pleaded guilty to culpable and reckless driving less


The crown accepted his plea saying that he either knew or ought to have


known he was unfit to drive, and that he was at risk


Harry Clarke pleaded guilty. He had a licence revoked by the DVLA after


crashing the bin lorry was driving in December 20 14. George Square was


full of Christmas shoppers when he was consciousness at the wheel. The


glory there out of control. Six people were killed, 15 others


injured. No charges were brought against Harry Clarke for this. The


crown office maintained there was not enough evidence in law to


prosecute him. During a fatal accident enquiry, it emerged he had


fainted while driving a bus in 2010 and it heard he had repeatedly lied


about his fitness to drive. Just nine months after the bin lorry


crash, Harry Clarke was seen at the wheel of his Vauxhall Corsa. Please


look old, Harry Clarke told him: Today, he admitted culpably and


recklessly driving his car, even though he had suffered a loss of


consciousness while driving twice in the previous five years and you'd


have known he was an fit to drive. We will be sentenced next month and


could potentially be jailed. For more than five months,


Nicola Urquhart has been campaigning Twenty-three-year old Corrie McCaig,


an RAF serviceman from Dunfermline, disappeared during a night out


near his base in Bury St Edmunds. He was last seen


going down an alley. His mobile was tracked and matched


the route of a bin lorry working in the town and heading


for a landfill site This weekend, it's hoped a search


of that landfill site will begin. Nicola, a serving police woman


in Scotland, has been Knowing that the police are about to


start searching the landfill, which everybody knows how much we wanted


that to be searched, and there is a good chance, I think, as to the


police, that Corrie might be there. I dared believe the person who put


him there will have come forward as they will have by now. If someone


knows that someone is behaving strangely, have heard or seen


things, we will find Corrie if he is in the landfill, so come forward now


so that whoever has put him there does not get away with saying he has


fallen in a game and it was an accident. Give us some more closure


and not just in finding Corrie. Finding out how he got there and


what happened to him. -- bin. We have saw you physically searching


over the past few months, how have you found the strength to do that?


That's when I end up not having the strength. It is... It is my son. I


will do whatever it takes to get him home. If somebody isn't doing their


job, if I think they could do something a little bit better, if I


can do it myself, I will. If I can not, I will do what it takes to help


them do this properly. That's all I ever wanted. A basic investigation.


That has given me the strength to fight for something to try and get


Corrie home. Tony Blair has said the context


for the Scottish independence case is "much more credible"


after the Brexit vote. The former Prime Minister insisted


the case for Scotland staying in the UK is now stronger


than in 2014. But he said the vote to leave the EU


put what he called "the break-up There is the possibility of the


break-up of the UK. Narrowly avoided by the result of the Scottish


referendum, but now back on the table. This time with a context much


more credible for the independence case.


In response, the SNP said that if there is to be another


independence vote then the context would be very different to 2014.


The Scottish Conservatives maintained that there is no appetite


What Brexit has shown is that within the UK, Scotland's voice is not


listened to and does not appear to count for much. They are given for


taking control, taking charge of our own future, society and place in the


world becomes ever more strong. The case for Scottish independence was


not credible in 2014 when the people rejected it and it is still not


credible now. What anywhere may not know, given his time out of


politics, is that only around one quarter of people in Scotland want a


second referendum. The killer of a Clydebank schoolgirl


has had his sentence reduced John Letham, who admitted


stabbing Paige Doherty more than 140 times, will now


serve a minimum term Our Home Affairs Correspondent,


Reevel Alderson reports. It was in this shop,


now under new management, that John Leathem ran a


delicatessen and it was here Leathem was jailed at the High Court


in Glasgow for life, with The sentence was


imposed because of the brutality of the killing and also


because he had attempted to dispose At the Appeal Court,


his lawyers argued that he showed genuine remorse and had


never been in trouble before. They also said he had left her body


in a place where it could easily be It was contrasted to


another case in Glasgow. A case that a body has been


attempted to be disposed of in an accident. -- acid bath.


He had also been jailed for a minimum of 27 years


and said that that case was different from that


The judges agreed to reduce his minimum term to 23 years, but


there is no guarantee he will get out after serving that length of


That will be a matter for the parole board,


who will base their decision on how safe the community


will be once John Leathem is released.


The girlfriend of a man who died in a house fire on New Year's Day


has described him as "the love of my life".


Cameron Logan, who died at the family home


in Milngavie was laid to rest today at Clydebank Crematorium.


His brother Blair Logan has been charged with his murder.


Drivers on the M8 have been told to expect together in delay around eBay


listing interchange. Contractors are working on a newly built section of


the motorway. -- second. -- Ballieston.


Rugby, and Edinburgh have lost their Pro 12 league match


The final score was 20 points to 10.


Yes, and looking very cold across most of the country. Saudi border,


largely dried up fairly cloudy. Certainly for tomorrow morning, it


will get off to a rather soggy start for central and western areas, Biggs


of rain. The filly GR, whether getting patchy. Staying dry along


the north Aberdeen child goes. That drain trundles eastwards and intend


to fill out. The afternoon is an improving picture. Across the UK,


edging across northern England and toward northern parts of Wales.


Midlands fairly cloudy and dry any sound with some sunshine certainly


around the London area and overnight to what Hampshire. Mild. Images and


its afternoon around 12 Celsius. The best of any sunshine, up towards the


coast, although the genes. West of best of any sunshine, up towards the


hair, thick clouds and likely to be wet. Rain continuing to fall and a


few heavy showers in the next as well. With a fairly brisk, Southwest


breeze. Into this time tomorrow night and the rain in the north


stars, turning wet. If you're out on the town. Looking towards Sunday,


that weather cleared towards the south of us and reasonably drive.


There is another weather front waiting in the wings but, for many


on Sunday, a dry, cloudy day. Reasonably bright but the building


through the course of the day. Any son, maybe 14 Celsius possible.


There is the next batch of rain heading into the West Coast. Looking


to Monday, importing some subtropical air from the resource,


that means 16 Celsius is possible but it will be fairly cloudy and


also firmly windy. That is the forecast for now. -- -- Azures.


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