21/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Scottish Government has announced a package of financial


support for businesses following protests


?44 million will go to curb rate rises in the hospitality


industry, the north-east and in the renewables sector.


The move has been widely welcomed - although the Conservatives said


Ministers had been forced into a climb-down.


This from our Political Editor Brian Taylor.


Worktable is that? Table ten. Remembers Sheila? We told you how


her hotel faced a business increased rate of more than 10%. She warned of


how her community risked becoming a ghost town. Derek Mackay has already


acted, diverting ?155 million to cut rates and exempt more small firms,


but it wasn't enough. Particular pain felt by hotels, pubs,


restaurants and cafes, whose value is linked to turnover. Many were


facing huge increases. I can confirm today that we will now offer a new


national relief that caps increases for hotels at 4.5%. That


announcement covers the entire catering industry. But the owner of


this 5-star Aberdeen Hotel is still refusing to be any increase at all.


Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have been badly had by the oil downturn. Rates


rises from within 1000 officers in these areas will also be capped prop


.5%. We can see that the Scottish Government has listened to the


region. There is additional support. The Tories welcomed the move, but


said ministers had been forced into a U-turn after first denying there


was a problem. It is all too typical that the actions of a Government


that time and time again. At the wheel and only wakes up when it


crashes the car into the wall. Back to Sheila in Stonehaven is good and


I is the statement. Her response... It is a big relief, because it means


my rates bill will go up by ?100 a month


instead of ?1000 a month. It is a big relief and I can go forward and


relax not having to sit and analyse whether I am going to have to pay of


staff or not. One satisfied customer. There may be more change


to come. Even so reviews during the Meanwhile, MSPs have voted to set


income tax for the coming year, and, for the first time,


the arrangements here will be Higher earners living in Scotland


will be asked to pay more than those in England,


Wales and Northern Ireland. For as long as revenues have flowed


from income tax, the charges applied have been the same on both


sides of the Tweed River, and in all parts of the UK,


but that is about to change. In Scotland, tax isn't going up,


but SNP ministers have decided not to match


a tax cut for higher If there's a percentage of taxation


in Scotland which is marginally higher, it is well spent


if spent on the NHS. We are one country and


should have the same tax From April, you will


pay income tax at 20p in the pound on annual earnings


of above ?11,500, same as south of But there is a difference


for those paying higher Elsewhere in the UK


you would only pay that In Scotland, the threshold


is frozen at ?43,000. It means higher rate taxpayers


here will pay up to ?400 more each year than


elsewhere in the UK. With policies like free


prescriptions and free university tuition, the finance secretary


argues that Scotland has the best But there are those


who think the Government is not making enough


use of its tax powers. We are disappointed there is not


enough there to battle austerity My union is a union


of tax workers, and we believe in tax, justice,


and redistribution of wealth. Others think that


taxing Scots more than those in the rest of the UK


could damage the economy. I think it could be


a significant disadvantage It's the potential for sending out


messages that Scotland is going in that direction


and we think income tax is There will always be


a disagreement over how much tax we pay,


but what is settled is that when it


comes to income tax, it's politicians here that


will decide the rates and bands that apply to taxpayers


living in Scotland. A stonemason has told a fatal


accident inquiry into the death of an eight-year-old boy,


who was killed by a falling gravestone, that the memorial


was a definite hazard and dangerous. Peter Hayman told the hearing that


if he had seen the gravestone before Ciaran Williamson's death,


he would have fenced Ciaran Williamson's


family leave court, having heard testimony


from a stonemason who examined gravestones


at Craigton Cemetery after Here, on the evening of the 26th


of May nearly two years ago, Ciaran Williamson came


here to play with friends. Not long after arriving,


a gravestone fell on top of him. Today, the court heard


from Peter Hayman from the National Association of memorial Masons,


who told the fatal accident enquiry that if he inspected the gravestone


before Kiran's death, he would have fenced it off immediately and said


it was a definite hazard and danger Under questioning, he said


that the problem with the gravestones was a lack of dowels,


combined with the roots of a nearby He said the headstone


would have failed or Later, a representative


for the Council asked that if he thought the


headstone was so perilously balanced Peter Hayman replied no,


but if it was leaning Later in the afternoon,


there were tears from Ciaran Williamson's family,


as the pathologist reports detailing It said that the stone


fell on top of his head, and then fell further down


and hit his chest and tummy. The fatal accident enquiry


here at Glasgow Sheriff Police in Renfrewshire


are investigating reports that a 27-year-old woman was raped


on a pathway behind An area near the Wallace School


in Elderslie near Paisley The suspect is described as a white


male aged between 35 to 50, with dark receding hair,


and a medium to stocky build. It's estimated there are almost


30,000 carers in Scotland who are under 18, and more


than a quarter of them Whilst many are proud


of their role as young carers, others suffer serious stress,


isolation and depression. Fiona is partly paralysed


by an autoimmune disease. Her 13-year-old daughter,


Abbey, is her Qera. I was never like the other kids,


because my mum was... I had some issues


like being out with my friends, or I would have to be


home if my dad was at work. Over a quarter of Scotland's young


carers care for more than one parent She has to be my carer


and I regret it, she should be a teenager and do the normal


things that teenagers do. There are 29,000 young


carers in Scotland. It is thought many more


are trying to cope. Scared of asking for help


in case they are separated. There are those who have


more demand, and heavier In some instances, that


would impact on their mental health and we must make sure we have


the appropriate services for those The survey found many feel


left out or stressed. I've become more confident


because I'd gone to things like that, before


I was not confident at all. The Scottish Government says


that young carers make a vital contribution,


they spend ?130 million on targeted programmes but except more


support is needed. She gets fed up and


I understand that. I don't think I am special,


it's how I have to be. For as long as I could remember, my


mum has had the disease and I have One of the senior figures carrying


out the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry Glenn Houston, seen here


on the right, was the only He remained on the inquiry team last


year after the resignation of the chair, Susan O'Brien QC


and panel member Michael Lamb. One survivors' group has described


the news as indicative of a crisis. Police are investigating allegations


of malpractice involving It follows claims of cronyism


within the department responsible for services such


as cleansing and roads. An internal council inquiry started


last year, while the senior manager responsible for the service


resigned last autumn. Police Scotland say their inquiries


are at an early stage. Electronic music veterans


Depeche Mode will headline the BBC The trio will be joined


at the event by Scottish groups Belle Sebastian,


The Jesus And Mary Chain, The three-day festival takes


place at several venues Glasgow is obviously a really big


part of the music scene and on the British music map. When I sit in my


studio demo in London and talk to my artists who are on to and ask where


they are excited to go, they always say Glasgow. Massive musical


heritage, really vibrant musical scene. It has always been on our


list and it is with the exciting to be here this year.


The Sirens netball team have lost their opening game


They were beaten 43 goals to 57 by the English side Wasps.


The brand new team played to a sell out Emirites Arena in Glasgow.


Now let's get the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


It has been a wet evening so far and we will continue to see some rain


for a time. This is a very wet picture sent in earlier today.


Localised flooding in Stornoway. Rain continuing to clear and becomes


a very windy, especially by the fine night. Clear skies behind the rain.


Blustery showers for higher ground, perhaps thunder. Strongest winds


across the north and north-east. Severe gale force, 75 mild per hour


plus. Towns and cities will be very cold, a touch of frost in rural


areas. By 8am tomorrow morning, heavy showers around. Wintry up over


the hills. Strongest winds across the north, travel disruption, with


checking ahead of you are planning a ferry journey. Central, Eastern and


Southern areas will have fewer showers, more sunny spells by the


afternoon. Temperatures seven or eight Celsius. New average than the


time of year. Cold in the wind. Weather warning will stay until


3pm." Me across Wales and southern parts of England. Holding onto the


mildness. As we head into tomorrow evening, there will be some queries


faster start. A touch of frost early on. Rain pushing through across the


south-west during the evening and overnight. All in association with


the deep area of low pressure. Before that named storm of the


season. Heavy rain, strong winds pushing into the colder area of


Scotland means potential personal across central, southern and eastern


areas. He Southern uplands could see some accumulation. Even onto lower


levels by Thursday morning putts rush hour. This could cause travel


disruption. Strongest winds across northern parts of England with an


amber whether warning here. Scotland has a yellow be aware warning for


the snow. Keep up-to-date weather forecast.


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