22/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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have been let down by Governments in London.


The BBC has announced plans to launch a new dedicated TV


?30 million a year will be invested in the project with the service


It will include a news hour at 9 o'clock, after the BBC rejected


the idea of a so-called Scottish Six.


The element of surprise is an important ingredient


for any storyteller and, it seems, the Director


Tony Hall arrived in Glasgow promising to do more to reflect life


For Scotland, he revealed, that means a new dedicated TV channel.


The right way to give viewers in Scotland choice is to mirror


In the morning, I listen to the Today programme


or Good Morning Scotland and I believe that is what we are


I'm excited by that because I think this is an immensely,


If it introduces more work for the people of Scotland that's


It will be Mrs McDougal's missing cat or somebody stole my bike!


News coverage, a constant source of tension, is central to the change


and it sees the return of a traditional time slot.


But with a twist, a Scottish Nine, covering stories around the globe


For some people, it is a missed opportunity.


If you tune in at 6:00pm to a typical news programme


they will often lead on an English health story


Another thorny issue for those in charge is the licence fee -


compared to other devolved nations a smaller percentage


of the money raised in Scotland is spent in Scotland.


Which brings us back to Shetland, commissioned here for a BBC network


audience, an extra ?20 million a year is being invested to do more


So, could Scotland for example recreate a Welsh success story?


What we do want to do is attract some of our Scottish talent back -


the likes of Steven Moffat, the great Scottish


writer, maybe he'll do something for us in the future.


The Scottish Government welcomed the announcement today


but questioned the budget for the proposed new channel.


We estimated it would cost ?75 million to deliver,


so the ?30 million announced, however welcome, may fall short


So we welcome a new Scottish TV channel but it must not be


MSPs will be able to quiz Tony Hall tomorrow when he faces


The aim is to have the new channel up and running in 18 months' time.


Broadcasting and the Scottish Six have been a source of much


So does today's announcement address any of the concerns?


Earlier our political editor Brian Taylor gave us his analysis.


The response from the body politic has been notably warm. It can be


remarkably disarmed to say yes. Remember that the idea of a


distinctive Scottish channel was piloted by a commission set up by


these first SNP Government. That was demanded as recently as 2015 by the


First Minister. The BBC is searing yes, eventually. That is getting


good response at Holyrood. There are important caveats. For example, the


issue of money. Across the parties, the response is positive. The formal


statements by the Scottish Government and the SNP made no


mention of the Scottish Six. They were talking in work on terms. It


seems today they were smiling Lome on the BBC today. No doubt normal


service will be resumed soon. Weather warnings have


been upgraded ahead of the arrival of Storm Doris,


with large areas of Scotland due to be affected by snow


overnight and into tomorrow Travel disruption is expected


and Borders Council has already cancelled all school transport


for tomorrow morning, Morag Kinniburgh has been to see


the preparations being made They are tracking the weather


patterns here at the traffic Scotland weather Centre. Storm Doris


is due to arrive at 2am tomorrow. With me is Dean Connolly. How bad


will this be? We have the picture on here from the Met office that


integrates the weather. Most of the country is covered in it yellow,


wind and snow. Amber is covering southern Scotland. That is personal.


You expect severe weather and challenging conditions tomorrow. --


that is slow. How destructive will this be? Within the control centre,


we will have the multi-agency response team. We will try to ensure


that ever anything does happen it will be cleared up as quickly as


possible. What is your advice for the public. Our advice is the same.


Check out at the Traffic Scotland website. Give the extra space to the


current front of you. It can take ten times longer to stop in a car


than it does when it isn't snowing. Time to make another plan if you are


affected. You can keep up-to-date on the BBC Scotland website.


More councils have been setting their council tax


Aberdeen became the fifth council to voluntarily decide not to put


up the basic rate, even though this means they're


adding to the pressure on their finances.


In all but three council areas, the council tax should


People who live in the higher property bands face


automatic increases regardless of what


An independent watchdog has said Police Scotland has made


substantial improvements in its use of stop and search.


The Inspector of Constabulary says the controversial use


of so-called consensual searches has almost ceased.


There's been a 67% reduction in the practice,


with almost all carried out on a statutory or legal basis.


Almost half of Scottish charities saw reduced turnover last year.


A report from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations also


reveals that charities are expecting demand for their


Our social affairs correspondent Reevel Alderson reports.


A face-lift for a daycare centre for dementia sufferers


The charity said it could not afford contractors to do the work outside.


So it called in volunteers, all former offenders.


The dementia sufferers benefit and the volunteers


A lot of people after they come out the other side of the criminal


justice system, they find it hard to find employment or


That is where we come in, we can offer that to them.


This scheme, operated by Apex, said by offering former offenders


work it takes the risk out of potential employers


Apex has learned it has lost its funding


It is a familiar story for charities, who a report says


Almost half of Scottish charities saw income falling last year.


Those who did record increases were mainly large organisations


with turnover of more than half a million.


72% of charities forecast increased demand for their services this year.


Nearly 75% said they could not adequately plan because


funding was invariably made on a short-term basis,


Apex said that this hand to mouth existence is ultimately wasteful. So


much time is spent looking out for funding and looking through the


reporting mechanisms in order to make these contracts happen. It's a


real problem because we would like to be spending time on working out


how to do the contracts better. The Scottish Council


for Voluntary Organisations, which produced the report,


is lobbying ministers to change the way charities receive funding.


The Scottish Government said it It's short-sighted, costing


a model that makes it easier for charities especially


smaller ones to become sustainable costing local and national


government lots of time and effort. We really need to rethink this


and go on to a three year cycle of funding a model that makes it


easier for charities especially The Scottish government said it


would like to develop a three year funding cycle to develop a strong


and dynamic third sector. Football - and Scottish Cup holders


Hibs are through to the quarter finals after a 3-1 win over city


rivals Hearts at Easter Road. The goals came from Jason Cummings,


Grant Holt and Andrew Shinnie. Tavares Cruz da Silva scored


a consolation for the visitors. Hibs now face Ayr United at home


in the quarter finals. It's over to Christopher now


with the weather forecast The amber warning first or has been


extended. Good evening. A winter storm is on the way. There is a bee


prepared one incredible risk of snow. It has just been extended in


the last hour including the central black. -- Central Belt and further


north. Low pressure has been named Storm Doris and it beats the cold


error which means that it will fall as snow. The amber ever is going


just shy of power. Some significant disruption as result of the snow.


Breezy on the east coast. Snow on the charger that is likely to have


severe disruption. This will affect high points of roads, and 77, and


eight, and 90 and a nine. Just a centimetre or two of snow if that.


You do not have to go too far out of the city to see a significant amount


of snow, however. Probably rain in Aberdeen. Dry for the Northern Isles


with some straw -- rain for the rest of the north. Perhaps some rain


later on in the day for the Borders. Winter is also an issue tomorrow.


That is further south. Amber warning across parts of Wales and East


Anglia. Some disruption likely from that as well. Pretty snowy tomorrow.


Windy for some. The bar sized, quieter and mother. For us, a winter


Thursday. The system. We and venture we rain comes eastwards. This time


tomorrow night and it would be mixed. Behind it is a mix of drive


pressure. Dreyer, camera, Brighton. Another spell of bread. Let's be


capped tomorrow morning. The amber every out we are unlikely to see the


greatest amount of stuff. Likely disruption on the committee


tomorrow. Our next update is during Breakfast


from 6:25am tomorrow. From everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow


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