23/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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BBC Scotland has learned that sport here is facing a 20% funding cut


Sport Scotland has yet to decide where the cuts will fall,


but there's concern that elite athletes could suffer.


The Government says that reducing health inequalities


Lynsey Sharp might just get a medal for Scotland.


A memorable moments from the com all those games two years ago. --


Commonwealth Games. Lynsey Sharp, against


the odds, winning silver. Organisers and politicians promised


a legacy, that sport would have the ability to build


on its success. But since then, funding


to Sport Scotland has fallen. First of all, here


is how it is funded. Around 60% is made up


from the Scottish Government, with lottery sales


making up the rest. In the year ending 2015,


total revenue was ?65.1 million, that is divided


up amongst 52 sports. Due to spending reductions and a


drop-in lottery ticket sales, by the end of next year,


that figure will have fallen That is a cut to the budget of over


20% in just three years. The man in charge of awarding


the cash to the sports says It is heartbreaking to me,


because I just know the effort that the governing bodies


and the community around, the volunteers, mums and dads,


have put into this, so to have to say that we are having to cut


money back is, I believe, One way Scottish athletes


are going is down under. Their funding is more or less secure


for the Commonwealth Games For me, I think this will have


a huge impact across the board. In future, it means Scotland will be


playing catch up now. It is almost impossible to catch up


if you fall too far behind The Government responded, saying:


This was Laura Muir recently, breaking records in the 1,000


metres, and perhaps proving why But in terms of the


Government cuts... Clearly, it's not a priority


and they don't value the role of And they need to address that,


and we need to look at funding and how other countries


are increasing their funding The pain is real, but the cause


is not entirely political. Lottery cash is drying up,


and sport Scotland hope Chris McLaughlin,


Reporting Scotland. Snow and high winds caused


by Storm Doris have led to travel disruption,


power cuts and school closures. The M80 was closed for a time this


morning in both directions, after heavy snow led


to treacherous driving conditions. The M80, a difficult drive this


morning in the snow, then add in a lorry or two


jackknife, and the Daily commutes turned


into 3.5 hours long drives. It has taken me, to go


five miles, 4.5 hours. I got caught at Bonnybridge


and I was stuck there Right through Cumbernauld, absolute


mayhem, a standstill in Cumbernauld. The road reopened around 11am,


but the chance of snow had been predicted by the Met office


in a revised weather We had 130 gritters out


on the M80 last night, and we have salt stocks at high


levels, so plenty of preparation. An unpleasant journey, of course,


for those on the M80 this morning. I never like to see disruption


on the transport network. In South Lanarkshire,


traffic was trying to make it up two shots on the M8,


but at least here Near Balfron, this one


ended up in a ditch. I have come from five miles that


way, sat here for two hours, trying Near Balfron, this one


ended up in a ditch. School buses were cancelled in some


places, but roads stayed open. In Aberdeenshire, a few


schools were shut, along with a few in Stirlingshire


and one in Auchterarder. For the M80, the usual


advice for drivers to stay in their vehicles could not


contain this one. The captain of Falkirk Football Club


was determined not to David McCracken braved the elements


to work those muscles, even using the standstill to show


off a few squats. The First Minister has said


that she will "reflect further" on whether Scotland should


introduce whole-life She was replying to a question


from the Conservative leader Ruth Davidson,


who raised the minimum 23 year sentence given to the killer


of the schoolgirl Paige Doherty. It was reduced from 27 years


by Appeal Court judges last week. Our judges do not have the tool


of a whole life tariff at their disposal,


and we say they should. We can wring our hands


and express outrage every time something like this happens,


all we can do something about it. If the Scottish Government


won't act, I can say today that the Scottish Conservatives


will, by pushing ahead with a bill making a case


for the introduction of whole life I give a commitment today


that the Government will continue to reflect about what further


changes we might think appropriate, and that Parliament should act


in the way it thinks best, The budget bill has completed


its passage through Parliament. The government's ?31 billion


package of tax and spending plans was passed at Holyrood,


after the finance secretary secured But the Conservatives


said Derek Mackay had with Scotland now the


highest-taxed part of the UK. 59 Passengers on a Flybe flight


from Edinburgh had to be evacuated after the plane's landing gear


collapsed during touchdown Emergency services were called


to the scene following the incident. The plane ended up with one wing


touching the runway. Flybe said no-one was


injured in the incident. Mayday, evacuating from


the cabin on the runway. The Director General of the BBC says


the corporation's new TV channel for Scotland


is a "statement of intent". Tony Hall appeared before


Holyrood's Culture Committee this morning, following the announcement


that the new channel will begin He was asked whether the proposed


?30 million budget was enough. The 30 million we are talking


about is, in crude terms, You know, if you look


at the BBC Four comparison, there are other things we lay


into it, which are not for content. And 60% of the output


will be new commissions, which I think is a really


very good start. Two years ago, John Barclay was left


out of Scotland's World Cup squad. Now, he'll captain the team


at Murrayfield for their Six Nations match against Wales on Saturday,


replacing the injured Greg Laidlaw. The Scottish six, or rather lack


of it, was big news yesterday. The man who will wear the number


six jersey against Wales It is a huge honour for me,


there is a group of guys who have been working together since he has


been in charge, and before that, It comes to him naturally,


so he doesn't have to force himself as a captain,


it comes naturally, We could call John Barclay Captain


Scarlet, because he plays for the Scarlets in Wales,


but comeback kid might He won the first of his 57 caps ten


years ago against New Zealand but spend a couple of years


in the international wilderness and was not chosen


for the 2015 World Cup. Great for him to force his way back


in, now he is going to run out as captain of the team


against Wales, where The story of my comeback,


or how ever you want to say it, is very much what I can provide now


as captain, and as a player. There is news concerning


the Scottish number 92, the scrum-half jersey will be


sported by Price, who took over The Scots haven't beaten


Wales in ten years. Whatever part Scotland's number six


and number nine play on Saturday, a Scotland win will make


headlines across Britain. Lets get the weather forecast


now from Christopher. thank you very much. Good evening.


Storm Doris well away for us now. It produced a very mount of snow, for


others, nothing at all. Cold, frosty, IC. Met Office be aware


warning in force until tomorrow morning. Few showers but by tomorrow


morning most of those will have cleared away to bright start the


day. It will be a cold start. It is a cold start. They say, the risk of


is especially so on untreated roads and services. Away from the coast,


it will be quite chilly temperatures. Not far off freezing


and if you have snow on the ground probably subzero. One or two


showers, little bit of cloud, but for many dry, bright and sunny


morning. Across parts of Inland Aberdeenshire, we could well start


the day well below freezing here. Similar to up towards parts of the


north. Over the next few hours, we could see temperatures approaching


negative double-digit. A very cold start for the day here.


For many, through the course of tomorrow, it is dry and bright.


Lobby spells of sunshine on offer and it will start to change with


cloud building and rain arriving. That is a warm front. That will


bring rain across western parts of Scotland. Mainly dry and bright. In


the south, 10 degrees. Then the rain spreads its way in across Scotland


tomorrow night. Snow across the mountain tops, but turning back to


rain. The wind is picking up with it, too. Fairly strong


south-westerly. That means Saturday gets off to a wet and windy start. A


soggy start to Saturday in fact. It should improve come the afternoon.


That rain will clear away towards the south and east. Brightening up


and drying up. Temperatures into the double digits. Sunday, the second


half of the weekend, once again another spell of wet weather pushing


in. Drying up across the zero west later. Cooler. That is the focus.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


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