24/02/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The leader of Labour in Scotland has been setting out an upbeat vision


for the future of the party, as part of a federal United Kingdom.


By contrast Jeremy Corbyn, the UK leader, has been


recovering from a bruising by-election defeat at the hands


Our political editor Brian Taylor reports from Scottish Labour's


It started with a kiss and a promise. Kezia Dugdale knows that


the last thing that Labour wants to talk about is the constitution. But


the argument persists and labour needs a new offer. Our vision, the


Scottish Labour vision is for the radical reshaping of the UK that


offers a post-Brexit solution that suits the four corners of the


islands. It's time for a new, active union. Kezia Dugdale envisions a


people's convention drawing up the details. On the fringe, she even


suggested it could be put to the Scottish people. Another


independence referendum is held? I don't want another referendum but I


can certainly see a legitimate case for if there were to be a referendum


you might put something as strong as a federal solution for the United


Kingdom on the ballot paper. But this would require label to be an


powder. This is not on the horizon according to one delegate. It has


never been tougher to be a Labour member than it is now. From a UK


perspective, it has never looked further from holding Government.


Where is Jeremy Corbyn's leadership left after Copeland? Copeland is a


very disappointing results and it is no doubt about it. I think that's


Jeremy Corbyn is a leader. He has the support of the entire Labour


Party. We cannot give documents to ourselves and we have to keep going


forward. I didn't thought him but I will support. Unity? Absolutely. I'm


100% hide Jeremy Corbyn. -- I'm 100% behind Jeremy Corbyn. I would


continue to lead the Scottish Labour Party. The conference hears from


Kezia Dugdale tomorrow and German Cochrane on Sunday. -- and Jeremy


Corbyn on Sunday. There was more gloomy news


for the Royal Bank of Scotland today, as it reported


a ?7 billion annual loss, the ninth year in a row that it


failed to make a profit. The bank is now looking to make


savings of ?2 billion, which will mean job cuts


and more branch closures. But its chief executive wouldn't be


drawn on their scale. I have not put a number


out and I will not. My view is to always talk


to our people first and there will be job cuts in this


organisation, there has to be, given that over the next


four years we will take ?2 billion worth of costs out


of the organisation to make These things are happening


because banking is changing and it is changing rapidly


as well and we need to be a Earlier I spoke to our business


editor Douglas Fraser and I asked if these losses were better


or worse than expected. They are a lot worse


and the pain goes on for longer. There is a core bank in their


somewhere struggling to get out. Set against that, you have


?10 billion of fines and legal costs and restructuring,


that is for mis-selling, for claims that they misled


investors, rigging markets, ?2 billion for restructuring


and a huge bill for trying to carve out a bit of Royal Bank of Scotland,


which they called a different name, that has failed and they cannot sell


it or float it and the costs of reintegrating it back


into RBS and getting rid of the duplicating branches,


that looks like billions more, effectively for


achieving nothing at all. So, how does RBS hope


to turn this around? There is that core bank,


it is attracting customers as well. They need to get these fines


and legal cases behind them, their plans have slipped for another


year, they don't expect a profit from this year, 2017,


and we are looking at ten years of losses,


probably more than ?60 billion of losses by that time


and because they have slimmed down from the one of the biggest banks


in the world to focusing only by industry standards


and they want to continue cutting costs, ?3 billion over


the past two years. That means a lot of jobs, it means


branch closures and that is partly Most of their customers use


digital and mobile banking, one fifth use only that so financial


technology is a threat and an opportunity and RBS wants


to be at the forefront of it. The man who advises the UK


Government on Scots law is to appear before a sheriff in Edinburgh,


charged with a firearms offence. Lord Keen is accused of failing


to secure a 12-bore shotgun It's understood Lord Keen


was reported by police investigating Detectives investigating the death


of a north-east man nearly a year Police had even turned to the BBC


Crimewatch programme in what they described as a lengthy


and complex investigation into the Brian McKandie's body


was found here at his cottage The 67-year-old's death prompted


a huge police investigation. Hundreds of motorists were stopped


by officers in the weeks that followed and Brian's brother made


an appeal on the BBC's Somebody must know what happened


to Brian and we would ask them to look to their conscience


and call the police. We have lost our brother and we just


want to know what happened and why. With the anniversary


of Brian's death approaching, On Monday this week,


officers carried out a fresh surge -- fresh search on the roads


and today they confirmed a 23-year-old man has


been charged in connection with Brian McKandie's death


and is expected to appear at The police says enquiries


are continuing and a police hut has been situated


here today for anyone with concerns. Police are in attendance at another


property today as part Football and Inverness


Caley Thistle moved off the bottom of the Scottish Premiership


after beating Rangers two one Inverness took the lead just


before half time through a Ranger hit back when Martyn Waghorn


scored a penalty after Lee Wallace Inverness then missed a penalty


before Billy MacKay hit an overhead shot into the Rangers net


to seal victory. Rangers now sit six points behind


Aberdeen who have a game in hand. Time now for the latest weather


forecast, with Kirsteen. A cloudy and wet prospect across


much of the country tonight. Persistent and at times heavy rain,


especially across the west Highlands, DeVries and Galloway and


the Northern Ireland. That will be accompanied by a stronger to give


force winds. Becoming increasingly mild as the gold through the night,


temperatures recovering to around 7-8 C for the most part. Tomorrow


dawns with a lot of cloud and further outbreaks of rain and windy


conditions for a time. However, the picture improves for most as he goes


through the day, the bulk of the rain posted the south-east. The one


exception tomorrow afternoon as the rain across the Southern uplands.


Further north is a much drier prospect tomorrow as doomed. --


tomorrow afternoon. Just a scattering of showers. Tomorrow


morning will be very, very mild, especially in the north-east. Winds


coming in from the west tomorrow afternoon. There will be a somewhat


fresher feel. Across Northern Ireland tomorrow afternoon, that


rain is clearing. For much of England and Wales, cloudy and


outbreaks of rain. Brisk south-westerly winds. In contrast,


clear spells and a touch of frost. Sunday, a dry stored in the east


with some outbreaks of rain. -- a dry stored in the east.


From everyone on the late team, goodnight.


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