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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A former head of the SFA says footballers may in future have


to sign disclaimers to prevent them suing over dementia


It follows the news that the former Celtic player and manager


Tonight, Alzheimer Scotland's announced it's holding a summit


on the possible links between football and dementia.


A goal that set Kilmarnock on the way to their one


I think he got into trouble because he shouldn't


Success that day secured legendary status for


But in recent years, David's son says another shared


Frank Beattie had Parkinson's and dementia.


Jim had Parkinson's, and my dad, who's now suffering from dementia.


David's suspicion centres on a particular skill.


In training, the heading drills, these were every day.


You could argue that heading the heavy ball may have


had some form of influence on the disease he's got.


Billy McNeill's family have similar questions.


Having revealed the former Celtic captain is suffering from dementia,


Scientists at Stirling University analysed heading drills and found


small but significant short-term changes in brain function but that,


We cannot make decisions on the guidelines.


More science is needed, a better understanding


of what happens to the brain when heading a ball.


An issue some believe could have profound consequences for the game.


I'd still have wanted to play the game regardless of problems,


They might have to have a situation where in order that people cannot be


once you know that it can cause damage, they might have to sign


a disclaimer to not sue in the future and it's


everyone's choice to continue as a player or not.


As he approaches his 81st birthday, David Sneddon's family say it's not


about changing the game they all love.


Today's life is about informed choices.


If you have the information, you can choose to play


With the amount of money in football, I'd reckon


most players would say, "I'll take the chance."


Scotland's Chief Medical Officer wants doctors to spend more time


listening to patients in a bid to avoid prescribing


Catherine Calderwood argues that quality rather than quantity of life


Here's our health correspondent, Lisa Summers.


Alistair doesn't know how much time he's got left.


But he's determined to make the most of it.


There's nothing worse than getting towards the end of your life


and realising you've wasted day after day.


As the sun comes up, I'm looking for something


He's already having treatment for a series of long-term


conditions, but after a conversation with his consultant, he decided not


I didn't fancy spending three days a week in the infirmary


when I could be out and doing things with my family.


I want quality of life, not length of life particularly.


For some, dialysis is the right course of treatment.


And this is what realistic medicine is about.


The Chief Medical Officer is asking for the best treatment for patients.


I think doctors are fixers, they want to help.


I think we've overestimated the benefits of some treatments


and maybe underestimated the risks and perhaps underestimated


the burden of health care, so visits to hospital and the GP


surgery, blood tests, monitoring, and now we're having open


At Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, they're open


Dialysis is there for those who'll benefit and they'll support


We're making ageing medical, and death.


As doctors you believe you can solve everything,


you start believing you can solve everything and then realise


you can't, and what we need to do is help patients.


It's too brutal to say you have however many weeks or months left.


And we don't know the answer to that.


But we have to be honest about where you can make a difference


Doctors already struggle for time with patients and the Chief Medical


Officer says it's not about saving money but involving


patients and families in decisions about their care.


Downing Street has reiterated that there should not be a second


It follows renewed reports that the UK Government is concerned


Brexit could bring about a second vote in Scotland.


And tonight that was echoed by the former


Prime Minister Sir John Major in a speech on the impact of Brexit.


In Scotland, I believe a hard Brexit will encourage a second


This may seem improbable at this moment, but it would be reckless


As we saw last June, emotion and national pride can


If Scotland were to become independent, both Scotland


and the whole of the United Kingdom would be diminished.


That cannot be ignored as Brexit evolves.


A 42-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder


Julie McCash and David Sorrie died following an incident in the city's


It's alleged Robert Stratton struck them both with knives.


He's also charged with the attempted murder of a third person.


He made no plea at Dundee Sheriff Court and was remanded in custody.


Police officers are continuing to search for a teenager


believed to have fallen from cliffs at Arbroath.


18-year-old Ralph Smith has been missing since Saturday lunchtime.


The number of officers policing Scotland is likely to be


It's one of the proposals contained in a ten-year strategy.


Our home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


Good morning, we'll start off with the pairings today.


Officers at Stuart Street Police Station receive their briefing


But once on the street, it's clear policing


Increasingly, they deal with vulnerable people rather than crime.


Keeping in touch with businesses and residents, these officers


are part of the problem-solving team, a new approach


The idea is to engage with people and tackle them as best you can.


We've always had that with community policing but we're not


responding to calls as much as we were previously and the idea


behind that is so we can focus on the communities we're working in.


Crime is at a 40-year low and the nature of crime is changing.


Just one in five calls to Police Scotland results


It deals with 57,000 mental health incidents and 30,000


missing person inquiries a year, meaning they have


The journey of policing in the last 30 years is from one


where we only police public space to one where


Domestic abuse and child abuse are two good examples.


Now, as the world is changing quickly around us, people


are living their life online and we need to protect


The number of officers is likely to fall by 2020.


But the body that oversees the police service says as it


adapts, there will still be officers on the beat.


This is an essential part of policing and we believe we can


free up officers from administrative and other tasks that prevent them


We think in 2026 you will still see officers in their uniforms.


The Government welcomes the ten-year strategy and said it's concerned


about the right mix of skills, not just overall numbers.


Scotland's rugby team is now fifth in the world rankings,


It follows the weekend win over Wales in the Six Nations.


Scotland's rejuvenation as a force in world rugby continues.


Also on the up is their world ranking.


The win over Wales takes them from eighth up to fifth,


How much of this is down to their implacable coach?


The players are playing for him and the team have a real identity


We've scored seven tries, six of them from outside channels.


In Paris, it was created in an outside channel


so it's the identity of how they try to play


The immediate future holds games against these two,


They will not treat the Scots as the fodder they have often been.


Coming into this, I would never have thought the game I would eagerly


We have a real prospect of a match at Twickenham and a real


Some wonderful performances and great individual players.


Regardless of how that match goes, Murrayfield will be fall


Regardless of how that match goes, Murrayfield will be full


again in three weeks, the first time a game


Another reflection of the upturn in Scotland's fortunes.


It's over to Judith now for the forecast.


Good evening. A reminder that we're not quite out of yet. A settling of


snow across Scotland, as you can see from this picture sent in earlier


on. The pressure reaching us and bumping into cold air, bringing more


in the way of snow to the south, but that has moved away. This low moves


away but it is a largely dry, cold night across the UK. The risk of


ice, so beware of the ice across the UK in the morning. That will be a


concern. Cold and frosty to start and there is the low making its


presence felt with showers of rain. Anything inland will fall as rain. A


cold start to the day with temperatures around freezing for


inland parts of Scotland. Plenty of sunshine across eastern Scotland and


the wind starts to pick up across the Northern Isles at -- as we head


through the day. The rain, sleet and snow moves eastwards. Confined to


the south-west come the afternoon. The low pressure sinks southwards


over the rest of the UK, bringing showery outbreaks of rain, but again


something brighter and drier later. Feeling cold everywhere and back


home highs of around six or 7 degrees. Looking colder than we've


seen of late. Plenty of sunshine to end the day and we lose the rain in


the south. The wind moves to the north as we go into the evening,


producing wintry showers across northern Scotland. Elsewhere, drive.


Wednesday and Thursday is shaping up with showers and a cold northerly


wind but a lot of dry weather on both days. A cold frost by your


forecast. (Whatever happens,


stay close to me.) MUSIC: Perfect


by Mason vs Princess Superstar # Four, three, two, one


One, two, three, whoo!


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