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The families of the two Scots couples killed in the Tunisia terror


attacks last June have been speaking of the devastating


Today the coroner delivered his conclusion at the inquest.


He found that all 30 Britons were unlawfully killed.


Cameron Buttle was at that hearing for us and sent this report.


It was a holiday the celebrate the beginning of a retirement they'd


both worked so hard for. Anne and Jim from Cumbernauld were in their


60s. As they enjoyed their holiday, a terrorist cell was watching their


hotel. It was seen as a soft target for


. Jim died on the way to hospital after waiting 20 minutes with a


gunshot wound to his pelvis. Their family watched the final day of the


invest via video link. Three weeks before Jim and Anne were killed, my


wife and I retired and we had a party. And that was the last time


the whole family were together. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of


what happened in Tunisia, we lost another sister-in-law who died three


weeks after the incident. So the whole family's been in shock really


for the past year-and-a-half. Lisa and Billy Graham were celebrating


their wedding anniversary at the resort. The couple from Perthshire


ran into the hotel to get away from the gunman but, as this hotel CCTV


shows, the gunman followed them upstairs. He caught them on the


first floor and shot them both once upstairs. He caught them on the


in the chest. They died in the corridor. Today at the inquest, the


judge was highly critical of the Tunisian Security Forces, saying


there were only three unarmed guards on duty at the hotel when the


shooting started and two of them ran away and one hid. He said the police


response was at best shambolic, at worst cowardly. He said there was a


specialist response unit nearby minutes away but it returned to base


to get more weapons. The judge said, this was a deliberate and


unjustifiable delay. Security Forces eventually cornered the gunman


outside the hotel and gunned him down. He'd been shot 20 times. I


don't think there'll be any total closure on it until such time as we


hear what recommendations are going to be made by the coroner. I think


that'll probably help us then. The judge said that there were


endless what ifs, what if there were more guards, more security cameras,


better travel advice. But ultimately, he said it was a sudden


and unexpected attack, and it would have made little difference.


There are calls for the Scottish Government to curb alcohol


advertising in a bid to protect children.


Alcohol Focus Scotland said there was clear evidence that


exposure to alcohol marketing through sports sponsorship


and public adverts led children to start drinking at a younger age.


Alcohol marketing is all around us. We often see it in sports like rugby


and football. And Scotland's best-known music festival is named


after the brewer which sponsors it. Now the charity, alcohol Focus


Scotland, says this kind of marketing is enticing children to


drink at an earlier age. But does the man in charge of Tea in the Park


think this is the problem. I don't think alcohol sponsorship per se is


an issue in itself. I think people's approaches to alcohol is where the


problems are, the cheap availability of alcohol is a real problem. So was


there enough evidence to link advertising to consumption? If


children are exposed to it and you can measure that by just simply


asking them what they've seen and you can see that a 13-year-old who


has seen a lot of alcohol marketing is more likely to drink, not just


then but you go back to them a year or two later. Tobacco advertising


has been banned since 2002. The authors of the report says that


played a huge part in the nation's health and they want similar


restrictions for alcohol. But would that make a difference to young


people today? There should be a cutdown on how much is shown on TV


and bill boards and stuff because young people who maybe don't have an


understanding of the effects of alcohol will see vodka adverts and


understand it's not a really strong spirit. I drink for pleasure with


friends and I see more marketing against alcohol than I do for


alcohol. The Scottish Government wants to tackle problem drinking


through minimum alcohol pricing but that policy's been delayed because


of legal action. Ministers say they'll study today's report while


continuing to press the UK Government which has responsibility


for broadcast advertising. The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon,


is accusing the Conservatives of attempting to use Brexit


to unpick the powers Her political rivals say she's


scaremongering to boost the case Our political correspondent


Glenn Campbell reports. It's no surprise that Nicola


Sturgeon believes the UK system doesn't serve the Scottish


Government well, Mo surprise she sees the Brexit vote where Scotland


voted one way and the UK as a whole voted the other as an illustration


of that. This evening, she's not jumped the rhetoric a little,


accusing some Conservatives of trying to use Brexit to


fundamentally undermine the existing devolution settlement. The promises


the leave campaign made in the EU referendum that a Brexit vote would


almost see swathes of new powers repatriated from Brussels to


Holyrood, there is not yet any real guarantee that the Scottish


Parliament and other devolved administrations won't in fact be


stripped of some of our existing powers. In my view, and it's a very


strong view, the post-Brexit landscape, would and should demand a


rebalancing of powers across the UK. I think she's particularly worried


that fishing and farming powers could be eroded, rather than


enHaned. But her political opponents have hit back. Labour say she's


scaremongering. The Conservatives say this is synthetic grievance,


more about making the case for another independence referendum. The


UK Government say they've made clear that they don't intend to take any


powers back from the Scottish Parliament and that they will use


the Brexit process to look for ways of giving devolved Members of


Parliament and assemblies more power.


MSPs have been told compensation for survivors of childhood abuse


in Scotland, could reach at least ?200 million.


Holyrood's Justice Committee has been taking evidence on a government


Bill to allow victims of abuse, to claim compensation beyond


Here's our Home affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


Charities say few child victims of sexual abuse report the offence


within eight years, but the law allows victims three years to sue


their abuser, that's why the Government wants to extend the


so-called time bar back to 1964. How much will the cost of compensation


be? A small inquiry into institutional child abuse in Jersey


may give a guide, the committee was told. You have an average cost of


around ?40,000 and in Scotland that would involve about ?200 million if


we had the same kind of numbers which would be around 5,000 in


Scotland. So the scale of this, even at its potentially lowest level is


highly significant. The Government estimated its Bill would result in


2,200 court actions. Police say records they've examined of just one


former force, Strathclyde, going back just 17 years, suggests that's


a serious underestimate. We've found or we have catalogued for those


specific types of terms of reference just less than 2,300 files. That


said, we have 4,400 victims. MSPs wanted to know who'd pay the cost of


legal actions which could affect the services voluntary groups and


services provide. Would the Government step in? It should be


adequately resourced and if local authorities cannot meet those


resources, absolutely there should be extra funds available to cover


that and it may well be circumstances in which local


authorities didn't have insurance and then you get significant amounts


of claims coming in. So that will be of serious and significant impact to


local authorities, yes. The Government said it's consulting on


the issue of financial redress, but it added: All bodies who have


liability are required in law to meet that.


Police searching for a missing teenage girl from North Ayshire


believe she may have travelled to England to meet with


16-year-old Abbey Lewis was last seen late on Sunday evening


She was heading towards the train station.


It is thought Abbey may be trying to get to the Birmingham area


to meet someone she met on the internet.


Police investigating the rape of a woman in a Renfrewshire


village, revisited the scene of the attack last night and spoke


The woman was attacked behind the Wallace Primary School


Officers want to find a man who is described as white


Local residents are also being asked to check their gardens and bins


for any unfamiliar items of discarded clothing.


Football; Hamilton beat Aberdeen 1-0 in the Scottish Premiership tonight.


The home side scored in the ninth minute through Mikey Devlin and held


The result moves Hamilton off the bottom of the table


Now it's over to Kirsteen with the weather.


Thank you very much. Good evening to you. Tomorrow marks the beginning of


the meteorological spring. However, we still have some wintry conditions


in the forecast over the next couple of days. Certainly tonight, wintry


showers continuing in the north, given some slight accumulations of


snow to low levels, especially across inland areas. Otherwise dry


with a widespread frost and a risk of ice on any untreated roads and


surfaces as skies clear at times in the north and temperatures fall to


around freezing if not just below. That's continues into tomorrow


morning. Around 8 o'clock, perhaps cloudier


skies across the far south-west at times with one or two showers


affecting these areas. For the most part of southern, central and


eastern Scotland, it's a dry, cold, frosty start with plenty of sunshine


developing. A few showers remain in the Western Isles, the north-west


Highlands and in towards the Northern Isles, again wintry in


nature. As we go through the day, they'll become fewer and further


between and generally the snow level will be across the mountains, hills


and highest levels. Lower ground it will be sleet. A lot of dry weather


in the day with some sunshine. A chilly feel, however, across the


north. For the rest of the UK, after a dry, bright start, the rain


continues to push in during the afternoon. As it tracks north-east


during tomorrow evening, it may begin to fall as snow over the hills


and high ground and, all the while, winds strengthening across the far


south-west, gale force gusts, so all in all perhaps some tricky Driving


conditions here into tomorrow evening. Wintry showers again across


the north of Scotland for a time. Generally they'll become fewer and


lighter during the day. A bright and breezy day to come for many of us,


plenty of sunshine around. Some rain arriving into the south-west later


and temperatures ranging from around six to 11. That's the forecast.


Thank you. That is Reporting Scotland. The next update is at


Breakfast at 6. 25 in the morning. From the late team,


It's like bake a cake, but we flipped it.


Oh, my God, we love flipping. Cake-a-bake. Cake-a-baking.


I love it. I so love it when this happens.


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