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Hundreds of people have attended an event in Pakistan held in honour


of the killer of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.


Crowds chanting sectarian and Islamist slogans gathered


at the family home of Tanveer Ahmed in the city of Mirpur on Monday.


Ahmed is serving a life sentence for the murder of Mr Shah,


whom he claimed had insulted the Prophet Muhammad in videos


But, as our Pakistan correspondent Secunder Kermani reports,


he continues to inspire extremists in his home country.


Outside the family home of Tanveer Ahmed in the city


of Mirpur, a 400-odd-strong crowd shouting slogans praising him.


But he's not here, he's in jail in Scotland.


Last year he killed Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah,


who is from the persecuted Ahmadiyya sect.


He believed Asad Shah committed blasphemy by claiming in online


For many here, though, that killing was justified.


TRANSLATION: Before, nobody knew who he was,


now after what he did, God has made him so famous


that the whole of Pakistan and even people abroad have heard of him.


This gathering has been organised by a hardline but popular Pakistani


cleric who leads the anti-blasphemy movement in Pakistan.


But he is not here either, he is under house arrest.


We met him at another rally earlier this month, where he got


They are chanting, prophet of God, I am here.


It has become the rallying cry of the anti-blasphemy movement,


but it is also the slogan Tanveer Ahmed shouted defiantly


at a court in Scotland as he was sentenced.


The cleric's social media pages heavily promote Tanveer Ahmed,


and have even released audio messages sent by him


Like this one, where he says the penalty for blasphemy is death.


Rizvi says he has spoken to Tanveer Ahmed from jail


TRANSLATION: We are proud of the fact he has killed,


I'm proud of the fact that we are in contact.


Lots of Muslims would say one of the central characteristics


of the Prophet was to show forgiveness and he forgive


Even if the Prophet forgave somebody, it was his personal


right to forgive them, but his followers do not


have the right to forgive someone who has insulted him.


The Scottish Prison Service has put a stop to Ahmed's audio messages,


but Rizvi says his support in Pakistan will continue to grow.


In Asad Shah's mosque in Glasgow there is real concern


Pakistan has got a problem and this problem is being


The events which happened in Glasgow is an example of the same.


Tanveer Ahmed's crime was carried out in Britain, but was inspired


Now it seems it's his turn to inspire others.


Police in Suffolk investigating the disappearance of Scots airman


Corrie Mckeague have arrested a man on suspicion of attempting


It comes as officers prepare to search a landfill site


in their search for Mr McKeague, who was based at RAF Honington.


Alex Dunlop reports from the landfill site


Suffolk police are giving a few details except to say they have


arrested a 26-year-old man this morning.


They are interviewing him on suspicion of attempting


to pervert the course of justice, relating, they say, to information


Significantly perhaps, he's the first, the only person


to be arrested since Corrie McKeague went missing from the market town


The 23-year-old airman from Fife were stationed at an RAF base


near Bury and was last picked up on CCTV in the town centre


after a night out with friends on the 24th of September.


Police say the arrested man is not the driver of the bin lorry


which delivered refuse to this massive landfill


It had collected a bin from the area where Mr McKeague was last seen.


The theories he may have fallen into or been placed in one of these


commercial bins in this car park behind some shops.


Police accept there is a real chance that Corrie McKeague has died


and that his body may be buried somewhere in this


for officers to start their search, which will happen in


It is a grim task and will take several weeks.


MSPs have been hearing how a school support worker who wanted to find


out about Asperger's Syndrome so they could help


a child was told to watch an American comedy programme.


The claim was made to a committee investigating whether children


with additional support needs are getting the help they need.


There's concern the quality of provision and staff training


Here's our education correspondent, Jamie McIvor.


Park Hill School in Glasgow helps youngsters who need


This replica of a hotel bedroom is for courses which could lead


All of the pupils have faced real challenges


What would you like to do after school?


I would like to work in the Hilton and from there become manager.


The presumption nowadays is for youngsters with additional


special needs is to remain in mainstream schools,


but for some the better option is a specialist


MSPs are examining the issue and heard from a parent of a child


who had a difficult experience in a mainstream school.


My son was in primary six and played with the primary twos,


which led to the other primary sixes making fun of him.


He is now in a class where there are mixed ages


and abilities and gets on great and has a peer group.


Almost a quarter of children need some additional support.


The phrase covers everything from serious physical


handicaps to coping with bullying or bereavement.


It was even claimed one support worker was told to watch this


TV comedy to find out about a form of autism.


Just this once you can count me as people too.


I was in a school and asked a member of staff working


specifically with the children with Asperger's syndrome


what training had she had in Asperger's syndrome and she said


she was told to watch the Big Bang theory.


That is the level of training we have got now in schools.


And some teachers have worries about whether the right help


And again, that's down to, obviously, budget cuts.


Our school has seen educational psychologists for one or two


hours a month if you're lucky, that's not good enough.


Few would say it's wrong in principle principle to try keep


Students at Park Hill are the exception, not the rule.


But nationally, there are questions over how things sometimes work out.


The Scottish Government's plans to abolish the Scottish Funding Council


board have suffered a setback after MSPs voted


It's yet another defeat for the SNP, who are a


Ministers want to boost economic growth and are streamlining the


four enterprise agencies, putting them under


The Conservatives, who lead the debate, said it would put


university autonomy under threat and smacked of centralisation.


There's been a 12% fall in the termination rate of pregnancies


Glasgow University researchers also found expectant mothers in Scotland


are more likely to continue these pregnancies than those


At 14, he already has plans for the future.


In Scotland, over 50 children a year are born


with Down's Syndrome and it is often a struggle for support.


We're having a battle now having him starting to transition


We are having difficulties trying to get a social worker for him


because there are not many in the area.


With better testing, more women can find out


if they have a chance of a baby with Down's Syndrome.


In Scotland, the proportion of women who decided to terminate a pregnancy


following a diagnosis of Down's Syndrome has


We welcome the report, but from our membership


we are hearing that families are not always getting unbiased


and up-to-date information, so we call on all health


professionals to be properly trained so they are able to give families


up-to-date and accurate information about the life chances of people


Since Daniel was born in advance as a medical services have increased


options for people born with Down's syndrome.


I didn't think I'd be able to cope with it at all and actually he has


made me a much better person for being his mum.


Football, and Rangers scraped a 3-2 win at home against St Johnstone,


with a last-minute goal winning the match for the Ibrox side.


Elsewhere, Dundee lost 1-0 at home to Partick Thistle,


while Hearts lost by the same scoreline to


Celtic romped to a 4-0 victory in Inverness, with Scott Sinclair


opening the scoring before Moussa Dembele took advantage


of a goalkeeping error to double the lead.


Stewart Armstrong scored with a free kick and Dembele


Now it is time for the weather outlook for tonight and tomorrow.


Good evening, plenty of sunshine across the country today. Clear


skies of the many us tonight, leading to a fairly widespread frost


and temperatures around freezing, if not just below. Some insurers


continue to affect the north western isles and Northern highlands. When


tree in nature across high ground as specially. Winds in the west and


north waste will strengthen across the north through the night. A risk


of icy stretches on untreated roads. Enter tomorrow, a fair amount of


showers across the north west, otherwise a lot of dry, bright


weather, with spells of sunshine, although a chilly start for most of


us. Some showers and affecting southern and central areas at times.


Eastern areas dry with sunshine. The jurors continue to affect the likes


of Argyll, into the Western Isles, the north west Highlands, again,


when tree, over the hills and high ground, with a mixture of rain and


sleet to low levels. As we head through the day, brisk, westerly


winds driving these showers through central and eastern areas too.


Generally, fairly well scattered and brightness and sunshine in between


the showers. Highs of eight Celsius for us tomorrow, though feeling


colder in exposure to the winds. Across the UK tomorrow, a bright and


breezy day, and improving picture across England and Wales. Although


some rain beginning to knock on the door of Northern Ireland during


tomorrow afternoon and evening. Looking ahead to Friday, a fine day


in prospect across Scotland, a future was affecting the north at


times, plenty sunshine, lighter winds, so a pleasant feel in the


sunshine. Across the UK, a cloudy prospect with outbreaks of rain at


times, and highs of around 11 Celsius. That's the forecast.


Thank you for that that's Reporting Scotland. Next update is at 6:25am


morning. From all of us, good The idea of having hot running water


and inside toilets - The idea of having hot running water


and inside toilets -


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