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we have the writer and illustrator, Raymond Briggs. Now on BBC One


The Prime Minister has accused the SNP of playing politics over


the threat of a second independence referendum - but she refused to be


drawn on whether the UK Government would block one.


Theresa May was speaking in a wide-ranging interview


The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hit back tonight, saying


the Scottish Government had been met by a brick wall of


Jackie Bird asked Theresa May first about the aftermath of the EU vote.


But when we look at what we want to do in the future in terms


of the UK and its access to the single market


and the European Union I want a comprehensive free-trade deal.


I want to be able to see the best possible trading arrangement


From Scotland's point of view, the single market that matters most


in terms of trade for Scotland is the single market


In recent days, Sir John Major and Tony Blair have both warned


that this hard Brexit makes a second Scottish independence


I am sure you have heard that Nicola Sturgeon describes it


The question isn't whether there could be a referendum


I think in 2014 the people of Scotland voted to


It was described by the SNP as a once in a generation vote that


I don't think people want a referendum today.


It's about delivering for people on the issues that matter to them


I can't help but feel that SNP has tunnel vision about independence.


I think people want the SNP Government to get on with dealing


the issues they want to see addressed day-to-day, the state


Education used to be such a great flagship for Scotland,


but sadly in recent years we've seen that deteriorating.


These are the issues that matter to people day-to-day.


They want the SNP Government to get on with the day job.


We know what the SNP Government thinks and they are saying a second


independence referendum is all but inevitable.


You have the power to grant that or not.


If they ask for it, if there is a vote in the Scottish


parliament and they say, we demand a second


independence referendum, will you give permission?


I think the SNP needs to move away from the tunnel vision


of independence and focus on the issues that matter


You are saying that the Scottish Government has tunnel vision


You have the power to stop that by saying, you may want a second


but it isn't going to happen, focus on running Scotland.


Are you saying you are not going to do that?


At the moment, I think people in Scotland are clear


I think the SNP is exhibiting tunnel vision.


I think people want an SNP government getting


So why was your clarion call, looking ahead to the local council


elections, that if you vote for the Conservative Party,


you are voting against a second Scottish independence referendum?


In that case, you are playing the same game.


No, we are saying something simple that I think is resonating


with people, which is that actually I think people want to see people


elected, as councillors, as MSPs, who are focusing on the issues that


matter to them, and the message of the Conservative Party


is that we will focus on those issues day-to-day.


Do you believe the SNP Government has a mandate to call a second


Obviously, significant powers have been devolved to Scotland.


The SNP government have the opportunity to use those powers


to improve the day-to-day life of people in Scotland.


In recent days, there has been talk of powers being taken


from the Scottish Government post-Brexit.


I am clear, we are not going to take powers away.


We need to look at those powers that currently reside in Brussels,


when they come back, when the UK leaves the EU,


In some areas, we will need to ensure there is a UK framework


to make sure that the single market of the UK that matters for Scotland


What we are talking to all of the devolved


administrations about is, when we do that, when we bring


powers back from Brussels, what should stay at a UK level


and what should be further devolved to the devolved administrations.


So no powers that are currently there will be taken away.


Our political editor Brian Taylor joined me earlier from Holyrood


when I put it to him that the Scottish Government had


some hard-hitting words of its own tonight.


You won't be surprised to know that the First Minister takes a


First of all saying that the Conservative UK


Government have no mandate to govern Scotland, no mandate to take


Scotland out of the EU and the single market


against the professed will of the Scottish people but, as


you mentioned, that argument that, in the discussions that have taken


place over Scotland's contribution and role


Scotland of Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon argues


that she has offered consensus and compromise and has been met


by a brick wall of Tory intransigence.


It might suit both governments to maintain


discussions at some level and in some fashion for a wee while.


It might suit the UK Government as they


seek to find some way, any way, of pre-empting a second


independence referendum and it might suit Nicola


Sturgeon as she seeks to demonstrate to the people of Scotland that she


has sought every avenue, pursued every potential by way within the


ambit of the UK, short of moving instantly to that referendum.


Do I think there is likely to be a referendum on independence?


Fans and major figures from the world of football have been


paying tribute to the former Celtic defender and Lisbon Lion


Tommy Gemmell, who has died at the age of 73.


He scored one of the goals in Celtic's 2-1 victory in the 1967


European Cup Final against Inter Milan.


50 years on from Celtic's greatest triumph, supporters and fans from


other clubs remember the man who turned the dream into a reality.


Tommy Gemmell scored Celtic's opening goal in their 2-1 win over


Inter Milan in the European cup final in Lisbon.


Nobody could see us winning the match.


We had a couldn't care less attitude and we played with the class


and style that we played with throughout the season.


As I say, we didn't have any pressure at all.


Tommy Gemmell's goal that day was one of the great iconic moments


It is imprinted on the mind, not just because of its significance


but because of the spectacular nature of the goal.


He had a long stride, covering the ground quickly,


tremendous leg strength and a superb shot, and that all came distilled


At Celtic Park today, two of Tommy Gemmell's former


team-mates shared memories of a friend and former Lisbon Lion.


He was one of the best fullbacks in Europe at the time.


The most important thing for us was the dressing room,


because he was so close to each of us.


I know he looked like him, but he believed he was.


As well as a career with Celtic, Tommy Gemmell played


18 times for Scotland, with mixed results.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, that was uncalled for.


Everybody feels sorry for him but at the time it's


just a sort of thing, you can't stop yourself doing it.


It's on the spur of the moment and that's it.


The undeniable fact is that Tommy Gemmell will be remembered


mainly for his Celtic performances and as a Lisbon Lion.


For us, in this particular year, the 50th anniversary, it's so sad.


Although we are mourning Tommy, I would hope we can celebrate


some way as well, celebrate who Tommy was and what


he did for this club and what that team did for Celtic.


A report into the death of a fisherman from Newton Stewart


has concluded that he might have survived if he'd been


31-year-old Scott Rennie never recovered consciousness


after spending ten minutes in the water when he fell overboard


from the Kirkcudbright-based scallop dredger King Challenger.


Its owners have since issued new safety guidance to crews.


The Aberdeen chairman says the club's proposed ?50 million


new stadium complex could help prevent the city becoming


a backwater after the recent decline in the oil industry.


Despite some local objections to the project, Stewart Milne


wants to move the club from its traditional Pittodrie home


to a new site just outside the city at Kingsford in time for the start


Not only will we be setting Aberdeen Football Club up


for hopefully the next half century at least, it can play a major


bearing in how Aberdeen as a city is perceived out there in a wider


world, that we are a city determined to go places.


We want to build on the reputation we've got and not, as the North Sea


oil starts to fall off, end up being a backwater.


Tennis - Andy Murray saved seven match points


in a second set tie-break, before beating Philipp


Kohlschreiber in the Dubai Championships quarterfinals.


The world number one needed eight set points to edge the German


20-18 in the tie-break and level the match.


Murray then raced to victory in the final set to win the match.


Let's get the weather outlook for tonight


Good evening. We are under Cleveland Gaza crossing after night. There is


a good chance for many others to seize the poor our borrowers. This


has been captured by one of our viewers a certain level. Across


central and southern Scotland, outbreaks of rain. The rain will


fall as snow over Highgrove. Dry conditions tomorrow. A widespread


frost with light winds. Tomorrow dawns on a dry note across the


north. Further south, more in the rate of cloud and continued


outbreaks of rain. Tomorrow morning it will be 3-4dC. Julia across the


north. -- cold across north. As the go through the day, this is where we


will hold on to the best of the sunshine and dry conditions. For


central and southern Scotland, the remote into clear but we will hold


on a fragment of cloud and limited brightness. Winds are beginning to


strengthen as they go through the day and this will make for a cold


real. -- also. Cloudy sums up the rest of the day with outbreaks of


rain. Julie in the exposed areas. Clubs will increase once again


through the south through the evening. That is followed by


outbreaks of rain tracking its rebirth was -- trapping its way


northwards. Plenty of cloud around and outbreaks of rain continued to


push northwards. The best of brightness and sunshine is across


the very far north. Southern parts of the UK, it is an improving


picture. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25am tomorrow. But from everyone on the late


team - goodnight. seen through the eyes


of the fans and stars. We were all travelling the length


and breadth of Britain every Saturday and going


and supporting our club.


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