03/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Prime Minister has promised a new, more active Union,


in an effort to strengthen the links between Scotland and England.


At the Conservative conference in Glasgow, Theresa May warned


against what she calls allowing the UK to "drift apart".


The SNP say Conservative claims to be interested


This from our political editor, Brian Taylor.


They are Tory, Unionist, they don't need convincing.


The Prime Minister knows that others do.


She argued that Brexit made the unity of the UK more vital still.


As Britain leaves the European Union and we forge a new place


in the world, the strength and stability of our union


She deplored a tendency for Whitehall to forget Scotland.


She wanted a new, active Union, outside the EU.


At all times, we will seek to strengthen and enhance the ties


I am determined to ensure that as we leave the EU,


we do so as one United Kingdom, which prospers outside the EU


For farming and fishing, that might mean returning powers


and subsidy from Brussels, only to create new common


Still no word as to what the Prime Minister does if Nicola Sturgeon


demands the power to hold another independence referendum.


But it might go towards Scotland's interests if she does not,


because if the SNP got another and lost, they can't have another.


As the British Government, we should have a say


on when the referendum is held and what the question might be.


We do street stalls against a second referendum and people elbow


each other out of the way to sign the petition.


The Scottish Secretary appeals to the First Minister to ditch talks


of a second referendum, but confirmed a possible process.


If there is a request for an independence referendum,


the process is the same as previously.


There would have to be agreement between the governments.


We have always been clear there could be another


Our argument is that there should not be one.


Back on stage, the final act was the Act of Union.


We are four nations, but at heart we are one people.


That solidarity is the essence of our United Kingdom


and is the surest safeguard of its future.


Let us live up to that high ideal and let us never stop making


loudly and clearly the positive, optimistic and passionate case


for our precious union of nations, and of people.


A woman driver has died after a two-car collision in Moray.


It happened on the A96 Keith to Elgin road


Another woman driver was taken to Dr Gray's Hospital.


The road remains closed and diversions are in place.


The crew of a fishing boat are recovering tonight


after a lucky escape when their boat began to sink off Shetland.


The crew of the Ocean Way were forced to jump into the sea


The crew prepare to jump for their lives.


In less than a minute, their 60-foot boat sinks below the waves.


Just as we got alongside, the boat started to sink


and the boys jumped into the water alongside the lifeboat.


We fished them in and hoisted them aboard.


Once she stopped moving and was rolling, it was


more difficult, which was why they jumped into the water.


It was safer than getting trapped between the boats.


We got them on board, got their wet clothes off


It was just before 7am when the crew sent out a Mayday.


It is believed the vessel's trawl door may have struck


For over an hour they battled to save the vessel, taking two pumps


on board to try to stem the surge of water, but it was not to be.


Around 10am, the fishermen arrived back in harbour.


After a checkup from paramedics, who boarded the lifeboat,


The final moments were the bow of the boat sticking out of the water.


Less than one minute from when they decided to jump


Marine accident investigators have launched an enquiry


There is a warning that we are hurtling towards larger waistlines


Cancer Research UK says the risk is being fuelled


Tempting, isn't it, a shop full of sweets?


Guidelines say that sugar should form no more than 5% of our diet,


but on average, adults and children in Scotland consume


According to the report, 39% of Scots will have at least one


sort of confectionery every day, including sweets, cakes


and biscuits, compared to 30% in England,


And these statistics have led cancer specialists to give this warning.


Only one in four Scots recognise that obesity is the leading


It is the single leading preventable cause after smoking.


Levels of awareness are low, and we know the biggest contributor


Physical activity is important but diet is key, and we have seen no


change in overweight or obesity rates in Scotland in a decade.


Two thirds of adults and over a quarter of children in Scotland


One idea from Cancer Research UK is to call on the Scottish Government


to get restrictions put on promotions like multi-buys


of foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt.


Ministers say they are committed to tackling


We will be engaging with the food industry, but we are already


Barrs have announced they are re-formulating their recipe.


Tesco and other retailers are changing practices as well.


But why is the healthy eating message not getting through?


We eat what we want, as far as I'm concerned.


Advertisements in shops, I do not think they put enough


out there to tell people that it is not good for you.


People have formed their own food traditions, and it is very difficult


I think a wee bit of chocolate is allowed.


So it seems changing tastes and attitudes will take far longer


than it does to choose in the sweet shop.


Let's get the weekend weather forecast now, from Kirsteen.


Good evening. We have had some lovely spells of sunshine again


today across the North. And a lovely sunset this evening. Thank you to


one of our weather watchers in the Highlands for this picture. Tonight,


a cloudy prospect for most. Outbreaks of rain, the clearest


skies will be across the far North. Perhaps a touch of frost. Tomorrow


is mostly cloudy, but there are bits of rain pushing North during the


morning. Due to the persistent and at times heavy nature of the rain


across parts of the East and North East, we have a Met Office yellow


warning for the risk of some localised flooding and hazardous


driving conditions. Tomorrow afternoon, I think we should see


considerable improvement across the light of the prison Galloway,


towards the Borders, with skies brightening here at times. Across


much of the Central Belt, a drier prospect tomorrow afternoon, albeit


rather cloudy. Across much of the North, we hold onto Clodius guides


and are bits of rain. The very driest and perhaps conditions in


these areas tomorrow afternoon will be across Shetland. A cold feel for


most, a brisk East to north-easterly wind. For the rest of the UK,


tomorrow afternoon, a fairly cloudy prospect with outbreaks of rain.


Generally central and eastern areas doing better with some brightness.


Back on home turf, tomorrow evening, the rain continues to track North


may eventually becoming confined to the Northern Isles with strong to


gale force winds here into Saturday. Otherwise, largely dry. Sunday, we


will have a mixture of bright spells and showers. Heaviest and most


frequent in the South and West. From everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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