06/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A financial giant is set to be created by the merger of


Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management have confirmed


plans to join forces, creating a firm worth ?11 billion


and continuing to be based in Scotland.


However, there are fears of substantial job losses.


Here's our Business Correspondent, David Henderson.


They are two of Scotland's biggest companies - high-profile


And low-profile managers of their customers' money,


in the industryboth known as "active investors",


This merger shows they are trying to win investors back.


Investors have moved away from active investing to passive


investing, because maybe they have not seen the performance


that justifies the fees, and going to find cheaper alternatatives.


After this deal is done, the amount of money being managed


by this new investment company will be absolutely colossal -


By way of comparison, that is about 20 times the annual


budget for the entire Scottish Government.


These two Scottish firms are big employers, Standard Life has 5,000


Aberdeen's Scottish workforce is 800 strong,


but this deal spells trouble for some workers,


with the prospect of job losses where the two firms overlap.


It will probably result in some job losses.


Maybe between the companies it could be as many as 1,000,


but that won't all be in Scotland because there's a substantial


The fund managers in particular is where we will see some


of the effects, and we hope there will be a bigger organisation


This merger creates a phone which aims to compete with huge


And with money management now big business, it sends a signal that two


Scottish firms have ambitions to become a global giant.


There have been repeated warnings about the "recruitment crisis"


It's an acute problem in rural and remote areas.


In the Highlands, the shortage of GPs has led to the health board


developing a new approach to out-of-hours care,


with highly skilled nurses covering 85,000 patients across a vast area.


Our Health Correspondent, Lisa Summers, spent a night shift


The night shift is underway, and highly-skilled nurse


practitioner Louise and driver Steve and trainee Kerry are on the road.


They visit a lady who has had a fall, and Louise decides


I have referred her to the medical unit.


They're happy to take her, but they have no beds.


So they're on medical divert to A, which is quite common.


Oh! How long is a piece of string?


The unscheduled care team cover a big area of the Highlands, from the


Black Isle through to Fort William. You have no chest pain?


No pain. Nurse practitioners are trained


to do many things that GPs do. The service was set up


because of a shortage I don't know how I


would do without them. The team is based at Raigmore's A,


and they are supported by a GP and psychiactric


nurse until midnight. After that, the back-up


is the on-duty doctor at A We're getting to use it


and it is no surprise - the reason we have become nurse


practitioners is because This job gives us


a challenge every day. It's 12:30, Louise now sees patients


who have called NHS 24. It's 3:15 in the morning,


and this is Louise's fifth A 91-year-old lady has been taken


ill. She's comfortable and


she wants to sleep. We have suggested that we give her


some paracetamol. When we were in we had another ping


on our computer, so no rest yet. The nurse-led service evolved


because of recruitment shortfalls, but it works well for the community


and the people who work in it. We see people at the most vulnerable


times of their life, and we know when they're in pain


and they are distressed, and I think we are very privileged


in being able to do something. 7:00am and the shift is over -


another busy and unpredictable night Police investigating


the disappearance of RAF serviceman Corrie McKaig have begun a


full scale search of a landfill The 23-year-old, from Fife, vanished


during a night out with friends Police say that preparations


for the search of the landfill have involved building access


routes and moving 8,000 The search is likely to take


between six and ten weeks. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


says the quick actions of its officers prevented a huge


blaze in Glasgow spreading. The fire at a scrap yard


in Govan threatened homes and businesses and led


to a widespread power blackout. Fire raging out of control on Sunday


afternoon on Glasgow's south side. It took hold in a scrap


yard on an industrial estate Fuelled by tigers, a quickly began


to spiral out of control. The huge smoke plume created


by the blaze could be seen right Hundreds of people posted pictures


on their social media accounts. It was even visible


from the Isle of Arran. The incident also drew


a crowd at ground level. More than 50 firefighters and 12


appliances were sent to the scene, and at one point water was pumped


from the River Clyde The Fire Service prevented


the flames reaching a nearby But, as a precaution,


power to 3,000 homes was Residents were also warned to keep


doors and windows shut After those dramatic pictures


yesterday, the scene here in Helen Street


is very different today. The fire is now out,


but the Fire Service are maintaining a presence here,


as are Police Scotland, and many people who work in this


area on this industrial estate simply have not been able to get


to their jobs this morning. I have been told by the police that


I must wait for my boss. I do not even know


if she is in herself, I went the long way around


and it was also closed. It took more than


17 hours to extinguish, And despite some firefighters being


still at the scene dampening down hotspots, now the work begins to


find out what caused this huge blaze.


This striking picture has been received of the fire.


It came from Daniel Lennon, who captured the plume


from the summit of Stooch ah Cron - more than 30 miles


Police are hunting a gang of about ten people who dragged


a taxi driver from his vehicle in what's said to have been


a racially-motivated assault and robbery in Edinburgh.


The attack happened in West Pilton Place just before


One of the gang jumped onto the bonnet and smashed the windscreen.


A three-figure sum of cash was stolen from the taxi.


A man has admitted fraud offences that enabled others


to watch pay TV channels without an official viewing card.


It's the first conviction of its kind in Scotland.


Gavin Gray, from Bellshill, advertised his business on websites


and forums dedicated to the illegal practice known as "card sharing".


The 25-year-old was given 300 hours of community service and a 12-month


restriction of liberty order at Hamilton Sheriff Court.


Scotland's latest sporting star is back home tonight


after winning two gold medals at the European Indoor


Laura Muir won the 1,500 and 3,000 metres titles


It was the homecoming she could only have dreamt about.


Laura Muir, double European medallist, back in her


Her status has grown after British and Championship records


Pretty much every hour is scheduled over the weekend.


Eating at this time, having a massage at that time,


making sure I got myself in the best possible condition for every round.


This time a couple of days ago I didn't have any medals.


First stop in her double attempt was the 1,500 metres,


and she was the dominant athlete, charging to the front


COMMENTATOR: Winning the gold medal for Great Britain!


Her gold medal achieved with a British record.


She was not in Belgrade to be pushed around,


and the same applied when an overzealous official tried


The first part of the double completed, day later she lined up


alongside fellow Scots for the 3,000 metres.


Muir quickly showed there was no tired legs.


She has two gold medals, she is the champion again.


The now familiar feeling of standing at the top of the podium,


and Muir now considers the challenges ahead,


she will be the one to watch at London's World Athletics


But more immediately be committed vet student has another focus.


I'm a vet student and I am starting a placement tomorrow, so I have got


A high achiever in two areas of life, the next few months,


a juggling act with two fastly different prizes within her grasp.


From an athletics point of view, the World Championships in August


Thank you, and a very good evening to you. The weather turned out


rather nice for many of us. Here's a picture sent in by one our Weather


Watchers. The week ahead is looking rather changeable. As far as to


light is concerned, we have a wee bit of showery activity. High


pressure will dampen down but bit of showery activity. High


showery activity, although we remain with rain towards some parts of


Aberdeenshire and the Northern Isles. Tomorrow morning, a cold stop


for many with a frost. And we will see some mist and fog patches first


thing. One or two showers in the north-west. The wind continues to


plague the Northern Isles. Chilly to start. We could see the odd missed


off patch across eastern Scotland and through parts of the Highlands


as well. All in all, a rather nice start to the day. Windy with rain.


As far as the rest of the morning is concerned, it is bright and over the


north-west and we could see more cloud or one or two light showers.


Through the rest of the day, if we take a look further south, changes


are afoot. The wind picks up along the West Coast - that's a sign of a


weather front approaching. Really for the rest of England and


Scotland, for daylight hours it's those drivers spells of sunshine.


Temperatures peaking at ten Celsius in the south. In Scotland, we are


looking at values of around 7-8 Celsius. We lose the rain from


Orkney during the evening. Here comes that brain and -- here comes


that brain and it turns to snow over high ground. Once that moves away,


the weather front exits its way off into the North Sea. Low pressure


close by means we will see a fair number of blustery showers,


certainly across the north-west Highlands. Gales across the western


and Northern Isles. I'll swear we will see some dry weather. Styles of


sunshine. -- I'll swear we will see some dry weather.


The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, presents the first Budget of 2017.


What will it mean for you and your family's finances?


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