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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Arsenal in Europe. Natalie thank you very much again at the Emirates


Stadium. Natalie Perks. A bin lorry at the centre


of the investigation into missing RAF airman Corrie Mckeague,


was carrying a significantly heavier load than was first thought,


according to police. The 23-year-old from Fife vanished


during a night out with This is the landfill site at Milton


near Cambridge where the police are now searching for the body


of Corrie McKeague. He went missing from this area


of the recent Edmunds. It is called the horseshoe,


and it is full of waste bins. A rubbish lorry which made


a collection from the hHrseshoe on the night Corrie went missing


was involved in the early stages At the time, it was thought


the lorry weighed just 11 kilos. This evening, police have revealed


that the weight of the waste collection on that night


was actually over 100 kilos. I don't understand how the process


has allowed him to get to landfill. That was one thing I think


was trying to keep me believing that Was that I was so sure,


because of what the police have said to us, that he couldn't go


through that process and it doesn't The police say the error was made


by the company who provide the data. In a statement, Suffolk


Police go on to say... Once I have found Corrie,


then the questions will come as to how this happened,


how he has ended up there. Finding Corrie is the only thing


that we need to be thinking about. The mix-up relates to the arrest


last week of a 26-year-old man on suspicion of attempting


to pervert the course of justice. A second man was also


interviewed under caution. Both men have been told


they will face no further action. To a man who poisoned his wife.


David Smith is starting at sentence for the poisoning his wife.


Elizabeth Smith left court, shaken but satisfied.


She had just seen her husband jailed.


This man, David Smith, claimed to be an SAS war hero


In reality, he was a poisoner, a lie and thief.


When I first met him, he was the kindest...


They were married, but he lived in England.


They saw each other every couple of weeks.


The plan was to buy a place together eventually.


He told her he had been any SAS and involved in the siege of


He seemed loving and attentive, making


One day, at work at her hairdressing business, she collapsed.


I was working and chatting and I would


I would think, God, thinking it was my head.


I was in bed for almost two years on and off.


They thought I had early stages of motor


He was finally caught after faking a break-in at Elizabeth's home.


Thousands of pounds of her money was found in his car.


For me, there were no signs of anything.


Even about the SAS, everything, that part of his


life, the only time, at one point, I said to him,


I haven't seen anything about your past.


As he left to go to jail, does she think he is a


I don't think that man knows what love is.


I want people to be aware that there are


these people out there and they are very, very dangerous man.


On sentencing him to three and a half


years in prison, the sheriff told David Smith he embarks on a


prolonged, evil course of criminal conduct that caused mental and


Almost half of unfilled NHS consultant posts in Scotland


have remained vacant for the last six months.


Figures just published by health boards also show a 15% rise


in the number of vacant nursing and midwifery posts


Doctors and nursing unions say it's having an impact on patient care.


The Scottish Government say record numbers of people are now


Here's our Health Correspondent, Lisa Summers


It is in areas like the Highlands that the challenge of recruitment is


9% of consultant posts here are unfilled.


In Shetland, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Simon


Barker has travelled from Aberdeen to provide a visiting clinic.


It makes a huge difference to his patients to have the doctor come to


It was difficult to go to Aberdeen every week.


Stretch that foot, the naughty one there.


Simon Barker says it puts additional pressure on


We have a worsening crisis of longer term vacancies in


There is a huge amount of pressure on clinicians in


that apartment to maintain the service.


At the other end of the country, they are having recruitment


I worked in hospital here and it was very


difficult to try to get doctors to come and work.


They can't seem to get doctors that want to come here.


I don't know if it is because it is such a small place.


This local GP practice has been advertising for


Now it is to be taken over by the health board.


Most of us are close to retirement age and there


are very few GPs who will still be GPs in ten years' time.


The Government points to record levels


of training places and says 1000 new staff have been taken


The Health Secretary says even then the


Government is working to fill vacant posts.


We are working with networks across more than one hospital, for


example, to help those rural general hospitals


posts that are more difficult to fill if they were stand-alone.


We have brought in things like recruitment bonuses for GPs in


Nursing unions say the recruitment crisis is having


Nurses come out every day, trying to do a


good job, to look after the most vulnerable in our society.


If they are telling us they don't have the


resources to do the job to the best of their ability, we should to that.


Today's figures are a gauge of the pressures on NHS staff.


A workforce plan for the future is due in


New laws will be introduced to address legal concerns


in the controversial named person scheme meaning a further


The Supreme Court ruled last year that information-sharing


elements were incompatible with human rights law.


The Conservatives say the whole idea should be abolished.


Here's our political correspondent Andrew Kerr.


The Conservatives like to think they have been driving


the opposition against the named person scheme.


The party leader was on a visit to Lothian buses this morning.


She voiced her anger again at the controversial plan.


At the same time, the Education Secretary was


trying to beat his policy into shape.


John Swinney came to parliament to tell MSPs what he


I propose to bring forward a bill that will include new


provisions on when and how information can be shared by hand


The new provisions will ensure that we


address the Supreme Court judgment, live up to our objective of


supporting children and young people, and give them and their


family reassurance that their rights are fully respected.


The new provisions mean information will be


shared without consent, only in exceptional circumstances.


Ministers expect that will address the Supreme


Court's ruling that elements of policy were incompatible with the


It is hoped the plan for young people


to have a single point of contact, such as a teacher or health visitor


to look out for their welfare, will be in place by next year.


The Conservatives continue to dismiss


The whole scheme is an absolute dog's breakfast, it has


been kicked into the long grass, it was ruled unlawful, John Swinney


came to Parliament to try to clarify things.


He has not actually given any information about what exactly


We know parents across the country do not want this, that


He would be better off swallowing his


pride, scrapping the whole thing and starting again


John Swinney accused the Conservatives of fuelling


The Education Secretary says he is strong and robust on


It is clear John Swinney is determined to


keep fighting on this controversial issue.


He will face plenty of Parliamentary battles ahead.


Almost 500 Scottish youth football coaches


and officials have been suspended for failing


A BBC Scotland investigation in December revealed more


than 2,000 coaches were working in youth football


The Association asked all to complete the checks


Holyrood's Health and Sport Committee heard those who didn't


comply have been suspended, and are not permitted to take part


Well, It's over to Judith now for the forecast.


Good evening. Some rain in the forecast tonight and that was a


taste of spring. We have some blossom about. We have this weather


front line across the entire of the UK. We have strong winds as it moves


across Scotland. It becomes confined to the Northern Isles in Scotland.


It will be dry start tomorrow. The rain from last night will be


confined to Shetland. It is windy over the Northwest. A dry and sunny


start in the south. Not too cold. The Sunni through the central


lowlands and the East. The Northwest will she -- see the showers piling


in and they will be very blustery in nature. Becoming more widespread


across the northern half of the country. They move quickly on those


brisk winds. Gale force at times. It is a nice day across much of the UK.


We have this weather front for the far South and that will continue to


bring cloud and outbreaks of rain. They are moving across the country


during the day. Highs of 14 Celsius in the south. In Scotland, highs of


around 10 Celsius. Not feeling too bad if you are at shelter from wind.


The rest of the afternoon, we see those showers coming in. We have a


feature bringing more in the way of showers overnight period for a time.


On Thursday, we have high pressure building and Thursday is looking


good. It clears away and brightens up the rest of the country will be


dry with spells of sunshine. That is your forecast. Our next update is at


6:25am tomorrow morning. From everyone here, good night.


They... They just wiped their hands of us.


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