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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Scotland is to receive an extra ?350 million,


Philip Hammond also announced measures to support


But the Scottish government says despite today's funding boost


there's been almost ?3 billion worth of cuts to the Scottish budget


Here's our political correspondent, David Porter.


The clock is ticking and the pace of events is speeding up. Today, it is


all about the numbers but like everything in politics at the


moment, this is a budget that has to be seen through the prism of Brexit


and what it could mean for Scotland. For the Chancellor, the first


opportunity to pose with the red budget box outside number 11 Downing


St. Once in the Commons, a very direct message to Scotland and


Scots. Our announcements today deliver on it -- additional funding


of ?350 million for the Scottish Government. Cheers from his own


side. From the nationalist benches opposite, a muted reaction. In


Edinburgh, ministers were not so impressed. In the context of ?2.9


billion worth of production since the Tories came into office, it is a


production overall in terms of what we would have had. But it is a drop


in the ocean to the resources that we could have had. At Westminster,


to coincide with the budget, and International woman's Day, a noisy


protest by female pensioners who say they have been unfairly treated.


Likewise opposition parties were less than condiment tree of the


Chancellor 's handiwork. He did not mention Brexit, the biggest


influence in generations. A damp squib of a budget. There is nothing


to help living standards in Scotland and across the rest of the UK. We


always knew this was going to be a difficult budget because the


Chancellor does not have much spare cash. It became apparent today that


he has no ideas and no ambition. Although few overt references to


Brexit, it's clear the message the Chancellor wants to get across. Our


United Kingdom has a proud history. We have done remarkable things


together. But we look forward, not backwards, confident that our


greatest achievements are ahead of us. In the shadow of Big Ben, a


piper plays. This time many for the benefit of the tourists. With Brexit


talks due to start soon, not everything in the future might be as


harmonious. Our business and economy editor


Douglas Fraser has been looking at the impact on Scotland's


finances. How will it play down at the dog and


duck? That is one key question for any budget. Making a further ?100


million of capital available immediately for new tree arch


Project at English hospitals. Philip Hammond isn't just UK Chancellor, he


is Finance Minister Foderingham. But how does it all translate to


Scotland? It only partly mitigates the cuts that were already on the


way. How is he going to pay for that? By raiding the income of


self-employed people and in Scotland, that is one in eight


workers. The rise in national Insurance for those above low play


with the coupe is to bring them into line with employees but it is far


from welcome. It makes it much more difficult to justify becoming


self-employed. The government to not understand the benefit to the wider


economy of having self-employed flexible workforce where businesses


can bring in help and resources for short periods of time which


ultimately helps employers expand their business and actually take on


more people. The Chancellor repeated his intention to help draw more


investment into oil and gas. Though no decisions yet. By taking away


this barrier we have highlighted we think it will encourage assets to


transfer more effectively and we know that when that happens, we will


see more investment and activity being stimulated. And more


development drilling. That leads into more production later on. And


what wasn't spelled-out today, cuts to welfare, previously announced,


soon to bite. The big picture, the economic outlook is not as bad as


feared last year but is the pain being delayed? It is still very


uncertain. If you look at what has been driving growth, it has been


about what is happening in consumption but other levels of


investment and greater stability still remain relatively fragile. We


are still very much in the wait territory. The main theme from


Philip Hammond, uncertainty and caution as governments and economy


face up to the Brexit challenges Police say they're confident


that the body of missing airman, Corrie McKeague, will be found


at a landfill site The 23-year-old disappeared last


September after a night out in the nearby town of Bury St


Edmonds. It's now known that a bin lorry


which collected rubbish from where he was last seen


was carrying a significantly heavier Slowly and methodically, specially


trained officers carefully rake through waste, mindful that just


feet below them could lie the remains of Corrie McKeague. Nearby,


a digger waits to come -- collected after each search. To search this


area, we are using the digger to draw out the waste, to lay it out on


the ground carefully. Katie Elliott from Suffolk police has led a


five-month investigation. She is confident her team will find Corrie


McKeague the year. This landfill site is massive. Police have said up


a compound for the search teams. This is the last image of the


23-year-old airman in the early hours of the 24th of September. He


went missing from this area of Bury St Edmonds, a rubbish lorry made a


collection from here within an hour of his disappearance. The last


movements of his mobile phone coincided with the route the lorry


took to the landfill. It is not the agony of not knowing, because when


you don't know, you can still believe that they are alive. The


agony is when you do know... We had just got to find him first. Police


say the error over the weight was made by the waste company who


provided the data but they say there was no intention to mislead the


investigation. Had the least known at the outset about the true weight


of the bin, how different would this investigation have been? But also,


why did it take more than five months for this fact to emerge and


if Corrie McKeague was in that bin, how could a body be taken to a land


full like this and for no one to have noticed? It bothers me, of


course it bothers me that somebody... Is that is what has


happened, then we need to understand how that has happened and to


understand the circumstances of what happened. In five months, police


only made one arrest. Last week they arrested a man on suspicion of


attempting to convert the course of justice. A second man was also


caution. All eyes are now focused on this landfill site near Cambridge.


Corrie McKeague 's family are praying for the best but are now


more than prepared for the worst. Police are understood to be looking


into whether the death of a 14-year-old boy in Fife was linked


to prescription drugs Liam McAlpine was found at home


in Glenrothes on Sunday. A number of youth football


clubs have been suspended from their leagues due


to their coaches not having It follows the Scottish Youth


Football Association's promise to tighten up procedures


after our investigation found thousands of coaches were working


without the necessary disclosure. Earlier I spoke to our Senior


Football Reporter, Chris McLaughlin. Following on from our investigation


last year, they found two and a half thousand coaches were working in


Scotland in youth football without the necessary background checks.


They said OK, you have until the 28th of February to get your house


in dash into order. Let's have a look at some figures given that


deadline has now passed. 488 coaches have now been suspended. The fallout


from that is that 18 clubs have now been kicked out of the league. That


is actually a revised figure. I was told earlier it was 20. We believe


around 350 children will be impacted, basically meaning that


around 350 children who should have had a game of football this weekend


will not have a game of football this weekend. Who is to blame, that


is the question? They have got to get their house in order and that is


what they are doing with the actions they have taken. We have to look at


the SFA because they are the government body for football in


Scotland and that is where we need to be looking at, good governance


and good anticipatory action from them. The Association released a


statement disabling saying it is disappointing but player safety is


the number one priority. I did speak to one chairman of a club this


evening and he said the association is to blame in his opinion. He said


they cannot deal with the backlog and honest coaches are being


suspended and it is extremely unfair.


MSPs have defeated the Scottish government in a vote on education.


Parliament backed a Labour motion describing the SNP's stewardship


of education as "failing teachers, parents and pupils"


The SNP has not had an overall majority at Holyrood


It has also lost votes this month on NHS recruitment and university


Thank you. And a very good evening to you. We saw plenty of showers


rattling through today but we did see some brighter interludes. Rain


for a time tonight and it will be windy. It is tied in with this


weather front crossing the country, bringing outbreaks of rain. It


sweeps away fairly quickly. Tomorrow morning, we are left with the legacy


of Cloud initially. Something brighter coming through at times but


also a few showers across eastern Scotland. There will be the odd


shower. And then the start of something brighter coming through.


Some showers across northern areas. It will still be quite breezy across


Orkney and Shetland. The rest of the day is improving. Showers dying


away. Scattered with lighter winds. Temperature is not bad either. Nine


or 10 Celsius in the sunshine. A pleasant feeling spring day. And


that goes for the rest of the UK. Good sunny spells. Temperatures


looking quite warm across the Farsala. 14 or 15 across the London


area. Some cloud coming into the far south-west later in the day. Back


home in Scotland, it is still a dry end to the day. Plenty of sunshine


as we head towards dusk as well. These conditions will lead to a dry


night with fairly lengthy clear spells across northern Scotland.


Quite a widespread frost. A touch of frost in the south and then another


change coming our way on Friday, as you can see. Starting off largely


dry but outbreaks of rain eventually. It will be wet across


western Scotland initially. Rather murky conditions. Shetland does stay


dry. All in all, a rather dull and damp day with hints of bright


weather. That is your forecast. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


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