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The Prime Minister claims Scotland will be leaving the European Union


regardless of whether or not we vote for independence.


Theresa May also told SNP MPs that constitutional game-playing should


not be allowed to break the deep bonds of the UK


after the SNPs Deputy leader Angus Robertson told Theresa May


she was breaking promises to secure a UK-wide agreement on Brexit.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley reports


Theresa May does not want another referendum


to happen but at some stage the Prime Minister has to decide


In the Commons she was asked with reference to the


SNP manifesto pledge if it could hold one


Though she agreed that the Government should


stick to its manifesto promises and, if so,


In response, a hint perhaps on what might influence


I of course recognise there was a vote that took place for


the Scottish parliament and the First Minister


was returned as First Minister in a minority government.


Since September 2014, the Scottish people


vote on whether or not they wish to remain in the United Kingdom.


They chose that Scotland should remain


The SNP wants you to know they have tried to


find a middle ground but they say the UK Government is not listening.


If she is not prepared to negotiate on behalf of the Scottish


Government and secure membership of the single market, people in


The PM insists her deal will work for


the whole UK and says the union is more important than the EU.


We have been one country for over 300 years.


We have fought together, worked together, achieved together.


And constitutional gameplaying must not


be allowed to break the deep bonds of our shared history and our future


There will be more conversations before Article 50 is


triggered but it seems unlikely will be a deal


which meets the demands of


The most important question that remains


tonight is will Theresa May allow another independence vote?


Unlikely we'll get a more substantive answer


on that until after Holyrood debate sit next week.


As seasons change in Westminster, we will wait to see on


Meanwhile, Scottish Government ministers have told BBC Scotland


that they remain committed to full independent membership


But they acknowledged that the position would only be


completely finalised in time for the planned referendum.


The comments follow an academic survey which indicated


support for independence is at a record high.


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


For Scotland, the campaign continues, and the dream shall never


And for the SNP, it never has, although for the rivals that is a


The latest academic survey suggests independence is backed by 46%,


Devolution attracts 42% while just 8% want no parliament at all.


Among the options on the EU, 25% would


quit while 42% want to cut be you's our.


It might be hard to win more converts to independence with a


You'll agree if we are, and if it is going to be based


on somehow trying to get Scotland back into the European Union,


today's evidence shows it will be a more difficult argument for the


First Minister and the SNP to make than we otherwise thought.


There is no clarity about staying in Europe.


If Scotland were on their own, stuff would get done


and we would not get pushed to one side.


I find the whole thing is like the gramophone record.


For some, Brexit is a driver for independence and others the


What is being proposed at the moment about leaving the UK is


A lot more has changed since the last referendum.


Just as the idea of leaving the European Union.


And there should, I think, be little doubt about this.


Does that explain why Nicola Sturgeon noted the final policy


position on Europe would depend on prevailing circumstances to be


absolutely clear full membership remains SNP policy for the big


Scotland has been taken out of the EU, might


the initial focus be upon


The single market membership is really


Exports depend on it, jobs depend on it.


Respectable EU nationals and Scottish jobs depending on them, we


The problem is we have no clarity from the


Brexit position from the United Kingdom government.


Just now it is looking worrying indeed.


If it is a running jump of a hard Brexit cliff said that is good


It is about having a Scottish seat around the table to fix it.


That is what we can do with independence.


In the 2014 referendum, 16 and 17-year-olds had a vote and they


were included in the survey for the first time with the young


Scotland's choice if and when it arises again.


Five of the six families, promised an investigation


following the deaths of their babies, have been excluded


The Health Secretary ordered the review


following the unnecessary deaths of six babies at Crosshouse


hospital in Ayrshire, in the past nine years.


The review team says it's offered an open invitation


But the BBC has learned it will only formally look at cases that happened


The Government ordered a review into six baby death


The six families, five have been excluded from the review.


Some have asked that we do not identify them.


Babies A, B and C will not be included.


Elise who died in 2009 and Campbell who died during


childbirth in 2012 will also be excluded


for the Lucas Morton is the


only case from the original six who will definitely be included.


He died during childbirth in November, 2015.


Rebecca Pringle who was not part of the original six was born in


She won't be included in the review either.


Rebecca was born at the hospital five years ago.


Her mother was told she would not survive.


They told me that Rebecca would be transferred to


At the hospital they told me Rebecca would die on


Christmas Eve at ten o'clock in the morning


She has cerebral palsy and cannot walk or talk and finds Aquarians


I find it disgusting it takes families to dying children to


Dawn says her life was split apart when her daughter died in 2009.


We thought that this is finally a chance.


It is absolutely devastating to find out there is a cut-off


It is almost like our stories are not valued and the experiences


we have been through, they mean nothing.


The reason that December 2013 was chosen by the health care


Scotland as the date was many of the cases


had already been looked at


They have spoken to those families and any


issues emerging from those discussions, even if those cases


that predated December 2013 should be part of their report.


Families like Rebecca's have always


They want to ensure mistakes are not needed.


The review is due to be published shortly.


If the family do not get answers, some believe the


The murderer of teenager Paige Doherty is to have his


deli business dissolved and its assets seized.


32-year-old John Leathem stabbed the 15-year-old 61 times


at his shop in Clydebank before dumping her body.


Companies House has now given two months notice that his business


will be struck off the register and its assets handed to the Crown.


The driver of the lorry which overturned on the Forth Road Bridge,


in January, blocking it for 19 hours,


has been fined ?1,000, banned from driving for two


years and ordered to re-sit the driving test.


Aleksander Nyemyets pleaded guilty to dangerous driving by failing


to comply with prominent road signs showing the bridge was closed


to high-sided vehicles due to strong winds.


Meanwhile a lorry driver whose vehicle overturned on the


Forth Road Bridge yesterday, causing major traffic


The 56-year-old denied dangerous driving by failing


to comply with road signs prohibiting high sided vehicles.


He was granted bail and his trial was set for June.


A revamp of Aberdeen's Union Terrace Gardens has been approved.


The project will see better access to the sunken park


in the city centre as well as a cafe and gallery space.


In 2012 a ?120 million proposal from businessman Sir Ian Wood


to raise the level of the park was scrapped by the council.


Well, it's over to Christopher now with the weather outlook


Good evening. It is pretty mild and cloudy tonight. Maybe some fog


around the coast. We are between the warm front and cold fronts. Breezy


around the West Coast and that is how things start tomorrow. Fairly


cloudy conditions and some spots of rain. At eight o'clock, it is


reasonably dry through the central belt and some brightness towards the


Borders. Temperatures around 10 Celsius. The warmest part of the day


tomorrow at 8am. Further north and north-west, outbreaks of rain


continuing. Cloudy and breezy here. As we had through the course of the


morning, that rain will start to edge its way south Andy Swiss. We


will see a spell of weather for a time and turning heavy. Quite a


soggy start of the afternoon. The Midlands and the south-east,


low teens. Behind that rain, telling low teens. Behind that rain, telling


-- turning quite cold. The temperatures fall away to four


Celsius. It will feel really quite cool. Overnight, further showers and


some of them wintry and a further spell of rain as we head towards


Friday. For the end of the week, pretty wet and some snow across the


high ground. Reasonably dry but it will be called for all in the


central belt. Looking ahead towards the weekend, the unsettled theme


continues. There will be some rain and wind at times to stop Sunday,


that is the case of showers the most. -- foremost. Our next update


is during breakfast from 6:25am. From everybody here in Glasgow, good




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