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The Prime Minister has rejected Nicola Sturgeon's plans


The First Minister wants to hold the vote between Autumn


But Theresa May says that clashes with the Brexit timescale


and it wouldn't be fair to expect Scots to choose without knowing


the full implications of leaving the European Union.


She said a referendum could happen later


Nicola Sturgeon called the announcement "undemocratic


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


European Union notification withdrawal act...


Royal Assent for the act to leave the European Union.


But dissent from Nicola Sturgeon's referendum plans.


My message is very clear, now is not the time.


I have explained the reasons why, I think we should be working


to get the right deal for Scotland and the UK with our future


partnership with the European Union, it would be unfair to Scotland,


people of Scotland at the moment that they would be being asked


to make a crucial decision without the information they need


Constitutional issues are reserved to Westminster,


Nicola Sturgeon needs Theresa May's agreement, she hasn't got it,


Here we appear to have the Tory party with just one MP in Scotland,


thinking that it is OK for them to block Scotland's right to choose.


I think that is democratically unacceptable, but I also think it


shows that the Conservatives fear the verdict of the Scottish people.


Now seems absurd, simply to hand them the opportunity


and screaming into an isolated, angry Brexit Britain.


That is not what voters in Scotland chose.


Scottish Tory leaders say it wouldn't be fair to ask Scotland


to decide on independence while Brexit was under way.


A referendum might be possible when Brexit was completely settled.


But they wouldn't offer dates and they deny they feared defeat


That dread is probably shared by a lot of people across Scotland.


You'd oppose having a referendum, but you wouldn't say


that constitutionally the British Government


Constitutionally, The UK Government should block it though.


Ruth Davidson said the Prime Minister wasn't completely


blocking a referendum, she was settingous out terms.


Other parties say hold off on a referendum.


Willie Rennie said the SNP weren't even sure if they'd seek full


She is sucking up to the Eurosceptics on her own side,


while cynically selling out the pro Europeans on the sly.


And Labour claimed independence would be a disaster.


Isn't it the case that according to her own Government statistics,


leaving the UK would mean ?15 billion worth of extra cuts?


It's body boosting bingo promoted at Holyrood today but it takes two


to tango and Theresa May isn't for dancing.


The First Minister says her plans for a referendum between autumn next


year and spring 2019 will not be derailed by the UK Government.


And that if the Scottish Parliament votes for a second referendum next


week, then any attempt to block it will be what she describes


Nicola Sturgeon was speaking to Jackie Bird at Bute House,


a fortnight on from Jackie's interview with the Prime Minister


First Minister, Theresa May says now is not the time


Firstly, I agree with Theresa May that now is not the right time


to have an independence referendum, that's not what I am proposing.


What I propose is that Scotland should have the right


to choose their own future once the terms of Brexit are clear,


but before it is too late for us to choose a different path.


Now, on the timetable for the Brexit negotiations


that the Prime Minister has set out, that means a window of autumn next


So that's the proposition I've set out.


We have, in the Scottish Government, a mandate for that, we were elected


less than a year on a manifesto that set that in these circumstances


the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold


an independence referendum, and of course there is a majority


I think it would be completely unacceptable and outrageous


and almost anti-democratic for a Conservative Government


with one MP in Scotland to seek to block the democratic


will of the Scottish Parliament, and stand in this way


of the Scottish people having thing right too choose our own future.


Although the Prime Minister has not stated a date when she would perhaps


accept a Scottish referendum, I think the inference seems


to be today, and I would like to get your take on this,


that the implication is that it's after Brexit has been done


and dusted and is up and running, do you agree with that?


Do I agree that that seems to be what she said?


That certainly appears to be the case.


The deal will have to be done, certainly in the broad


terms of it in any event, by the autumn of next year,


if the Prime Minister's timetable is to be delivered.


So in a sense, you know, if the Prime Minister is genuinely


saying here that her concern is that people should know the terms


of Brexit, then I agree with that, and that's what I have sent out.


What she is saying is, or what she appears to be saying


is she doesn't want Scotland to have the right to choose


until much later, until long after the UK is out of the EU.


Let's assume she does mean potentially an independence


You are going to the Scottish Parliament, there will be


a vote on Wednesday, if you vote for an independence


referendum, and Westminster has said no, what then?


In the last 48-hours we have seen Theresa May perform the most


embarrassing and screeching U-turn on an issue in her own budget.


We are likely next week to have a majority in


the Scottish Parliament and you are really asking me


right now before that majority has been expressed,


to accept that a Conservative Prime Minister who has one MP in Scotland,


has the right just unquestionablibly has the right to lay down


I am saying I don't think Theresa May's position right now is


sustainable. This is not the iron Lady, it is somebody whose


government is in chaos and is chopping and changing all the time.


If you start campaigning for an independent Scotland, will you be


campaigning for full membership of the EU, or as part of the single


market? My position has been membership of the EU. We have to


recognise we are in different circumstances now than 2014. In 2014


we set up the process in which an independent Scotland would become


part of the EU at a time when the UK was in the EU. We will be in a


situation where the UK will be coming out at the EU. We will set up


the process by which we will see to secure a relationship with Europe.


55% of Scots voted to stay in the UK and then the UK voted to come out of


the EU. You cannot have one and then the UK voted to come out of


democratic process and you agree with and one you don't agree with,


and therefore disregard. I am not with and one you don't agree with,


disregarding either of the wreck the Rendon is. But in 2014 we did not


know if the UK was going to come out of the EU. In 2014 Scotland was told


to vote no to stay in the EU. Then Scotland were told to vote to come


out of the EU. Will you be campaigning unequivocally for


Scotland to stay in the EU or would you accept Scotland within the


single market? We'll have to set out the process, the transition from


where we are now the Scotland being in the European Union. The policy of


the SNP is clear about our desire to be in the European Union because of


the jobs, investment and the collaboration that would depend on


that. I am also recognising, through no fault of ours, are facing a


future where there member state is coming out and we will have to look


at the future relationship we have with Europe. Non-op that could be


very clear. First Minister, thank you.


A documentary on the founder of Europe's first Tibetan Buddhist


At 19, with Tibet occupied by China and his life in danger,


he walked through the Himalayas into exile in India.


We have very strong beliefs we are not going to kill anything


Akong reached the UK and formed the school at Eskdalemuir S now


From here he spearheaded humanitarian projects


Akong was murdered in China in October 2013, just


after authorising the film of his life to be made.


When you get to meet someone with such quality that he had,


it's impossible, as a film-maker, not to think of making a film


The premier was attended by the current Abbott,


Akong's younger brother who survived the long walk to freedom with him.


All his siblings will be very proud that this film was made.


It'll go all over the world because he is known


The film has become Akong's memorial a lasting tribute


Today was BBC's School report day. More than 50 schools in Scotland


took part in the scheme that gives secondary school students the chance


to make their own news reports. This ear, many of the film is focused on


mental health. Cassell Douglas high ear, many of the film is focused on


school's way of encouraging young people to speak about mental health


has been to get older students to mentor and tutor younger ones. You


learn more, because you feel included. If it is a teacher, they


think that is their job and that is what they are supposed to do to help


others. Now let's get the weather. There has been blustery showers


across the North West. We have had this beautiful picture in the


highlands of the Northern lights. But for the rest of the nights,


there will be mixtures of clear spells, mainly across the of where


they are frequent, falling snow over the hills and even down to lower


levels for the Highlands and a risk of icy stretches and a Met Office be


aware warning is in force until tomorrow morning. Temperatures can


dip down close to freezing. For towns and cities it will be two to


three Celsius. Breezy around the west Coast. The ice warning is still


with us until 9am. Showers across the Northern Isles, mainly across


Orkney throughout the day. Brighter spells across the black Isle and


Caithness and Sutherland. Longer spells of rain in the western part


of the central Belt. It will be cloudy here for much of the day.


Temperatures will be ten or 11 Celsius at best. This is the wider


picture for the rest of the UK. The cloud across Northern Ireland and


northern England as well. Falling snow over the hills across the


Highlands. The driest conditions across the south-east of England.


Temperatures reaching ten to 13 Celsius. Tomorrow evening, cloudy


conditions remain for Scotland, damp and drizzly affair. The winds will


ease and by the time we look to the start of the weekend, there will be


quite a bit of cloud Iran, wet weather, mainly persistent across


the West. The drier weather will across the North East in the


afternoon. Temperatures climbing to 11 or 12 cents 12 Celsius. It


remains quite windy. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late team


here in Glasgow and around


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