17/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Scottish National Party's leaders have delivered a defiant


warning to the Prime Minister, telling the party's


conference they will not allow her to thwart plans


The First Minister is also urging Theresa May to take


We will bring you the Prime Minister's response in a moment.


But first, our political editor, Brian Taylor, reports


A sense of history, the SNP Bosman Deborah Lee leader brandishes a


slogan devised by the party's Pathfinder, Winnie Ewing. They also


reckon historic change is under way now. It has been a pretty momentous


week in Scottish politics. Derek Mackay being tamed, the momentum.


The First Minister Scotland, Nicola. The SNP want a referendum before


shortly after Brexit is concluded. The Prime Minister will not


countenance that. Scotland will have its referendum and the people of


this country will have their choice. They will not be denied their say.


So, what to do? Who knows, another election might be around the corner.


A throwaway line but is it possible? In earlier Hollywood election to


force the Prime Minister to negotiating table? Senior SNP


strategists discount the idea of an early Hollywood reason -- Hollywood


election because unnecessary elections, it might not going to


live well for the SNP under a proportional voting system you can


never be entirely sure of and three, the most important, the SNP insist


they already have a mandate for a further referendum, arguably to call


another election would be to weaken that case. The SNP has sampled


opinion and focus groups and elsewhere, there is a degree of


resistance to an early referendum. But the party insists people are


open to the idea of Scotland having a choice in time to impact upon


Brexit. When that option is explained. So what about a


non-statutory advisory referendum? Nicola Sturgeon will snuffing out


but she is far from keen on that idea. Viewing it as a gesture


politics. -- will snuffing out. She wants the Prime Minister to talk now


about possible dates for a future referendum. -- rules nothing out.


Let's have a discussion, who knows, if I'd be only a matter of weeks or


months apart. I am up for continued discussion. Outside the hall,


prounion campaigners make discussion. Outside the hall,


point rather bluntly. But inside the conference, delegates are intent on


independence. And their leader appears undeterred by the obstacles


in her path. The Prime Minister today


renewed her opposition to another vote on Scotland's future


while the UK is in the process The Scottish Government's Brexit


Minister, Mike Russell, responded with a claim that this


course would lead to Here's our political


correspondent, Glenn Campbell. There is no meeting of minds between


these two leaders on Scotland's future. In Cardiff, the Prime


Minister accused the SNP of exploiting Brexit to pursue


independence. It is now clear that using Brexit as the pretext to


engineer a second independence referendum has been the SNP's sole


objective ever since last June. But it would be bad for Scotland, bad


for the United Kingdom and bad for us all. As the SNP conference,


Scottish ministers save their attempts to broker a Brexit


compromise work rebuffed and that another independence referendum must


be allowed when the terms of Brexit become clear. If the Scottish


Parliament was to have a referendum, it would be an extremely


undemocratic act to try and stop that. What if she still says no? The


reality is we are then in a constitutional crisis because the


Scottish Parliament has expressed constitutional crisis because the


its opinion, is we have the awake or sitting down and discussing it. Can


you have a referendum anyway? I do not think we are near that stage but


view is there must be a referendum at the Scottish Parliament bowsprit.


So what do SNP supporters think of it should do? I am sure she will


have her away. I have full faith in Nicola Sturgeon. If the UK


Government is unwilling to compromise, I think we should go for


it. I don't think anyone here would want it to be that, I think we would


want to have that agreement. This expert thinks this could be a


lengthy dispute. This could go on for a very long time. It could go on


for several years with neither side giving way and meanwhile has be


negotiated. There is no obvious end to this stand-off between the


Scottish and UK governments in sight. Unless, of course, there is a


big shift in public opinion, either for or against another independence


referendum. Glenn Campbell, Reporting Scotland, Aberdeen.


A conservation charity has taken North Sea and west coast haddock,


staple of the traditional fish supper, off its list


Not everyone agrees with the move, as Rebecca Curran reports.


Haddock was on the menu today for twins Jack and Elsa, it is their


favourite fish but according to the Marine conservation Society, stocks


are lower than they should be. They have taken it off their


sustainability list and suggests people try waiting or hate instead.


But this fish merchant disagrees. I could not believe it. -- Bagadur.


There was a wreck at landing. -- wrecker. I hope the consumer will


see it will stop I hope Google keep eating habits because they love it.


The Marine conservation Society its downgrading fish stocks fell last


year. -- it downgraded. The assessment is that the fish in


question at the biomass is above and below the levels recommended for


maintaining the sustainable fishery in the long-term. But the Fishermans


Federation has the mud of the society retracts the claims, which


they say are false. They are not fishermen or scientists, they have


scientists among them but they are not embedded as we are in the


day-to-day stewardship of these stocks. We know when the sustainable


or not and we get proper accreditation. And they come out


with this lightweight stuff about potentially damaging busters were


not happy as you may have gathered. Several hundred boxes of haddock


have been landed here in Peterhead last week alone. Much of it headed


for for fish and chip shops. But mixed messages over sustainability


will undoubtedly confuse consumers who will be left wondering whether


or not they can order their Friday fish supper with a clear conscience.


Rebecca Taarabt, Reporting Scotland, Peterhead. -- Rebecca Curran.


Police searching for Moira Anderson, the schoolgirl who disappeared


60 years ago, say they've identified five areas of interest on


Radar and sonar equipment has been used to pinpoint the areas


The 11-year-old left her grandmother's house in Coatbridge


Police believe that the bus's driver, Alexander Gartshore,


murdered her, before disposing of her body.


Let's get the weekend weather outlook now, from Kawser.


Good evening. So far this evening it has been quite cloudy and wet with


her bridge of rain falling as snow over the highest road routes in the


North. Some snow on the ground here, and while it will be cloudy and wet


for a while, it will become drier as we head through the night. The rain


clearing away as we head through the night. Mainly cloudy skies across


the central belt and the South, but the poor North and North East, the


risk of icy stretches under clear skies, temperatures dipping close to


freezing in places and the Met Office had issued a yellow warning


for part of a Highland, Moray and Aberdeenshire. For towns and cities,


temperatures in the South, seven or eight Celsius, close to freezing in


the North. Tomorrow, here is the wider picture for the UK. The


largest and driest conditions will be further towards the South East


and across parts of Scotland. Across the West, outbreaks of rain pushing


into Northern Ireland and parts of Wales and north-western Scotland.


Coverage is here mild, 12 to 15. If you're heading to Edinburgh for the


rugby, it will be dry and where to start with bar code will increase


during the match, but staying largely dry. The afternoon, starting


to see cloud and rain thickening across South West. There may be some


damp weather Ford Humphreys and Galloway, and western parts of the


border. The East Coast dry with sunshine. -- would present Galloway.


Across Orkney some persistent showers throughout the course of the


day. For the evening, the rain are piling in across the West, some of


it heavy at times. That will last until Sunday morning. Sunday, some


onto -- uncertainty, but it looks as though Bill approved by the


afternoon with more on the way of sunnier spells.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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