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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Many victims of domestic abuse have suffered in silence for years,


because the law didn't recognise controlling or coercive


But now the Scottish Government is to create a new law to deal


with the problem of psychological or emotional abuse in relationships.


This report by our home affairs correspondent,


Reevel Alderson, begins with the testimony of one survivor.


For seven years, Nicola was the victim of psychological


Difficult to report and prove, it was insidious and damaging.


I was living in terror, intense fear, intense anxiety.


Not depression in the way people experience depression,


but extremely unhappy and constantly, constantly on edge


and in fear of danger and the consequences of not


complying with the behaviour the abuser expected of me.


Her abuser was arrested, but there was no evidence against him,


There was financial abuse, controlling the finances in a way


Controlling the friends that I saw, the way that I spoke,


It was complete control of every aspect of my life.


the first woman met survivors of abuse.


For the first time, this bill aims to define it as a crime,


The bill talks about a series of incidents, which would be


If you are subject to that psychological abuse,


the impact on your life can be just as severe as somebody


It is important the legal system recognises that.


The bill has been welcomed by survivor's groups as


We know from young women they struggle to notice,


recognise and address patterns of coercive control and domestic


This legislation is important, because it addresses the whole


pattern and spectrum of domestic abuse, including other forms


The Government says it knows legislation won't end


the scourge of domestic abuse, but it is hoped the bill will be


Police divers have started to investigate five sections


of the Monklands Canal in the search for a local girl


An operation began last week to scan a section of the waterway


in an attempt to find the remains of 11-year-old Moira Anderson.


A convicted paedophile is suspected of her murder.


This is difficult and highly skilled work.


There is two metres of silt and a metre of water above.


They are working in small teams because you just cannot be


The search is under way to see at the remains of Moira Anderson are


here, a short distance from where she was last seen 60 years ago. Five


areas of interest were identified that experts last week. This is


known about recovering and assessing what there is from the water and


silt. I am confident that we will recover, and anything that is


recovered will be brought to the canal tow path. There are a number


of tenants that have been set up, we have specialist resources, search


teams, as well as staff from the University of Dundee, so any bone


teams, as well as staff from the structure recover can be quickly


identified was not Mora disappeared after getting onto a bus in


Coatbridge, just 11 years old. Prosecutors have said that if the


local bus driver Alexander Gartshore had been still alive, he would have


been charged with her murder. Aside from or has been a long one. This


operation in a cemetery four years ago yielded nothing. The operation


here could last the best part of the week, but the hope is that at the


end of it, there will be some answers for Moira Anderson's family


and some kind of conclusion to an investigation which has lasted 60


years. There are fresh tensions this


evening between the UK and Scottish Governments over the announcement


of the triggering of Article 50. Ministers at Holyrood criticised


the Westminster Government after claiming they "forgot"


to inform Scotland of the date The Prime Minister was


in Swansea today as part of Well, I am very clear


I want to ensure we get the best possible deal for the United Kingdom


that works for everyone across the United Kingdom


and in all parts of the UK, I have set out my objectives


and those include getting a good free trade deal,


they include putting issues like our continuing working together


on issues like security We are going to be


out there, negotiating hard, delivering on what


the British people voted for. Earlier, I spoke to our political


correspondent Glenn Campbell The images are familiar


and the repercussions of Pauline Cafferkey's illness


are still ongoing. This was one of the four occasions


when the Scottish nurse had to be Unwittingly contracted


while volunteering in Sierra Leone, there is a chance an initial warning


sign could have been spotted Today's medical practitioner's


tribunal heard a doctor that travelled with Pauline


to Heathrow concealed Dr Hannah Ryan, on the right,


has admitted misleading others of the temperature of 32 centigrade


rather than 38.2, which is above That enabled Miss Cafferkey to catch


a connecting flight to Glasgow, where she fell seriously ill


the next day. The tribunal were there told


were chaotic scenes at Heathrow that day with some returnees worried


they would miss their flight. In an attempt to hurry up


the process, the medics agreed to take and record


each other's temperatures. A few days later, Dr Ryan


admitted what she had done. In 2016, Miss Cafferkey was cleared


of misconduct over claims The panel ruled her judgment


was impaired by her illness. He was an unlikely sporting hero,


but the darts player Jocky Wilson found fame by winning


the World Championship title twice. This was at a time when darts on TV


regularly drew audiences Well, Jocky's rags-to-riches story


is now a stage play. Our arts correspondent


Pauline McLean reports. One dart could give him


the World Championship... He may not look like


like a sporting hero, but Jocky Wilson put darts,


and Scotland, on the map. You're on your own,


with the punters at your back, expecting you to play


like a champion. This new show revives


the story of Jocky Wilson He's your classic underdog,


not just in terms of any disadvantage he ever had


in his life, and becoming world champion in spite of that,


even in the darts world, he was at a slight disadvantage


because he was about 5ft tall, and the darts board was further away


to him, proportionately. How many pints would you have


during a fairly tense game? Jocky was a household name,


and people loved him. But just as quickly as he stepped


into the limelight, he withdrew from it,


spending the last 20 years Today, the game may have changed


enormously, but modern players Whenever you speak to Scottish


people, Jocky Wilson is I can remember sitting and watching


him with my dad, the way he played. They always said, the worse his


snatch got, the better he played. So, some of the stories about him,


some boy. The new world darts champion...


The play focuses on an early episode in Jocky's life when he hitchhiked


So, no need to recreate the smoky bar rooms of the past.


The fact that the drinks were involved, it does not mean


that they weren't really determined and under pressure and practised


In this show, at least actor Grant O'Rourke doesn't


Well, it's over now to Kirsteen for the weather.


Good evening. Spring appears to be taking a break for a couple of days.


Being replaced by distinctive wintry conditions. Today, we have had


plenty of showers rattling through on brisk westerly winds. Tonight and


tomorrow morning, the showers will turn increasingly wintry with some


snow in the forecast and the risk of some icy stretches. A Met Office and


yellow warning in force. Especially through western and central areas,


some snow even at times to lower levels, accumulating over the high


ground, leading to some difficult driving conditions. The occasional


rumble of thunder and some hail, and with clearing skies, it will also be


the risk of some ice on untreated roads and services. The show is very


much continuing as we head into tomorrow morning. If you are heading


out around eight o'clock, much of southern Scotland, and eastern


Scotland looking dry albeit a cold and frosty start. Plenty of sunshine


for these areas during the day. Snow showers continuing through the


central belt, the likes of Argyll, much of the Highlands and up towards


the North West. But going through the day, snow showers becoming


confined to the hills and mountains, with rain showers to lower levels


and some spells of sunshine in between. As we go through the day,


the best of the sunshine should be towards eastern and southern


Scotland, although the showers very much keeping going through western


and central areas. Across the rest much keeping going through western


of the UK tomorrow afternoon, very much in the same boat, some showers


and smells of sunshine. These showers will be fairly frequent and


heavy across Western heroes, especially, and a cold and raw feel


with temperatures around 429 Celsius. -- four domain sources.


Back on home turf tomorrow, the showers easing, frost developing and


the risk of ice. By Wednesday, some uncertainty regarding this area of


low pressure bringing some rain and some hill snow.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


By the time we find her it'll be too late.


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