21/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Nicola Sturgeon has accused the Prime Minister of acting


as a "road block", preventing Scotland from having a real choice


But the First Minister's critics said she would use


anything as "an excuse" to promote independence.


The exchanges came during the first day of debate, over a demand


for Theresa May to concede a second referendum on Scotland's future.


This from our political editor, Brian Taylor.


It is about time, timing, complex, political interplay.


Theresa May is about to signal the start Britain's


She doesn't want to contemplate a Scottish referendum


But that strikes Nicola Sturgeon as unfair.


She says Scotland should be given a choice


before or just as Britain leaves the European Union


between autumn 2018 and spring the year after.


Nicola Sturgeon said it weighed heavily


upon her to call a referendum, which many didn't relish.


But she blamed the Prime Minister for


refusing to compromise on continuing Scottish links with the EU.


It will simply not be acceptable for the UK


Government to stand as a roadblock to the democratically expressed will


For the UK Government to stand in the wake of


Scotland even having a choice, would be,


in my view, wrong, unfair and


But union supporters harked back to the


Edinburgh Agreement, which paved the way for the independence


They said the SNP had broken its pledge to respect the


Most people in Scotland are sick to death


Most people in Scotland don't want another


referendum any time soon, three years after the last one and most


people in Scotland see the common-sense


Which is a second independence referendum shouldn't even be


contemplated until Brexit is resolved.


Labour's leader said she hated Tory rule, but...


They want to replace Tory austerity with


Because the truth of the matter is, separation


would mean ?15 billion worth of cuts.


Willie Rennie said those against the referendum had faced a


torrent of abuse from Independence supporters.


A second referendum would only make that worse.


It is nice to be given such a warm welcome.


Ironic groans greeted Patrick Harvie.


Critics said the Greens have ruled out a referendum unless there was


public demand, but Mr Harvey brushed that aside.


It is, Presiding Officer, absurd to suggest we should


not respond to and react to the situation and the fundamentally


changed circumstances we find ourselves in.


Outside Parliament, the attendant media, observing,


There is sound, there is light and tomorrow, there is a


vote on whether Holyrood demands another independence referendum.


Meanwhile, it's understood MPs have delayed a final decision


on whether to debate the issue of a future Scottish


An E-petition calling for a ban in Westminster


on the matter has attracted more than 200,000 signatures.


The commons Petitions Committee failed to make a formal decision.


The expectation is that a debate will go ahead,


but linked to a counter petition in favour of a second


Voters in Scotland have demanded answers to key questions on Scottish


During a live BBC debate earlier tonight they raised concern


about issues including future of EU nationals living in the UK.


Our reporter Andrew Black was watching.


Debating before twilight audios... Won at the Prime Minister due to


officially begin the process of leaving the EU next week, voters say


there are many unanswered questions. What impact for Brexit have on EU


nationals working in the UK? Should Theresa May be allowed to deliver


Scottish referendum because Brexit? On that, the Prime Minister says now


is not the time to authorise the legally binding referendum because


Brexit talks, so when the Scottish Government go-ahead one anyway. Were


one of action which is to take the will of the people of Scotland is


democratically exercised through this and... We have eight days to go


and none the wiser of the content of the Brexit letter that is going to


drag Scotland out of the EU against our wishes. Won the Conservatives


have said no to another referendum before April 2019, but could they


strike a deal to hold it in the in between? The principle of the thing


is the same as it was in 2012, and that it would be unfair to ask the


people of Scotland whether they want to be in an independent state remain


in the United Kingdom while at the UK relationship to the rest of the


European Union is unclear. Won the comments provoked a strong response.


I'm getting sick of hearing Scotland voted to stay in. As she said that.


62% said it. The vote was not a Scottish vote, it was United Kingdom


votes. Brexit is a sham. It was sold on a lie. Sold a total lie. On the


whole thing is the whole point is it is part of the Tory power grab for


agriculture and fisheries in Scotland. You can shake your head


all you want, there is a reason. There was concern about the future


of EU in the UK. My husband is French and has lived a full 27 years


and we have been married for eight years. I am British, and if Theresa


May does not accept that EU residents are here, he would have to


go. I am Bulgarian and there's been lots of negative and distressing


things coming out. I teach at the University there is a lot of


international students and there is real distress and worry. We have


been called bargaining chips, citizens of nowhere... Won on that,


the two sides agreed respect their rights was vital, but with a


Hollywood vote tomorrow expected to back Scottish calls for the legal


powers to hold another referendum, there is plenty of division head.


Scotland's First Minister has paid tribute to Martin McGuinness,


the former deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, who died today.


Nicola Sturgeon says without his "hard and brave work"


to bridge the divide, peace would not have been achieved.


Ms Sturgeon got to know Mr McGuinness through their work


She said he was optimistic about the future but also


understood the "fragility" of the peace process.


Martin McGuinness' death has brought intense reflection both on his role


as former IRA commander and as one of the architects of


Tonight, while he received praise from a former Scottish MP who served


at the Northern Ireland Office, the family of a soldier murdered


by the IRA said they hoped Martin McGuinness would be


remembered as a terrorist and not a statesman.


This man was killed by the IRA in March 1971.


He'd only been in the province a few weeks.


It was a honey trap, along with two other Scottish soldiers,


teenagers John and Joseph McCague, her was lured to a remote spot and


It was a pivotal moment and shattered their families.


His cousin David was just three


No one has been convicted of the murders and an inquest returned


But David said the scar on his family has never healed.


He is convinced that as an IRA commander at the time, Martin


McGuinness must have known who was responsible.


Martin McGuinness played a part in the republican


If anything happened on the streets, Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness


Today, some of those who worked with Martin McGuinness


during the peace process say he played


a crucial role in forging the


There was a good Martin McGuinness and a bad


He fought the bad fighter but then went on to fight


Because of that, we have the situation in Northern


There is a peace process there and he is a big feature of that.


46 years on, still campaigning for a public inquiry into the deaths of


the soldiers, David says he remains convinced that Martin McGuinness


People will look on him as a statesman, other people will look


Moves are under way to extradite a retired priest from Canada


to Scotland in connection with child abuse claims.


The Crown Office has been granted a petition warrant for the arrest


of Father Robert MacKenzie, who lives in Saskatchewan.


Fort Augustus Abbey School before moving to Canada in 1988.


Papers are now being prepared in the Crown Office to submit


an extradition request to the Canadian authorities.


A plumber is to face trial accused of causing a gas explosion in 2013


which saw the owners of this home buried in the rubble.


Craig Hall is alleged to have failed to properly install a boiler


at Robin and Marion Cunningham's house in Callander.


Rugby and Scotland's third most-capped player is to bring


an end to his 17-year career at the end of the season.


Sean Lamont - seen here scoring against Italy -


The 36-year-old also helped Glasgow Warriors to their first ever


Well, it started out with snow for many of us this morning.


Let's go to Christopher now for the weather


It is cold and frosty tonight. Icy patches, too. Largely dry central


parts of the country, but you can see we have this trough in the North


producing wintry showers. And also, this low pressure bringing snow


across the Pennines. That could edge into the southern parts of Scotland


tomorrow morning. At 8am, you can see it is fairly cloudy in southern


parts, patchy rain, perhaps lead and snow even to lower levels. It is a


fine run of Scotland tomorrow morning. At 8am, you can see it is


fairly cloudy in southern parts, patchy rain, perhaps lead and snow


even to lower levels. It is a fine run thing. Generally, the central


Lowlands get a dry and cold start. Sunshine in Argyll and Western


Aberdeenshire and in toward the far North. Still a fewer showers in


Orkney and Shetland. With the north-east breeze, quite chilly.


Through the day, cloudy in the south, wet weather tending to fade


away. South of the border, the low-pressure means cloudy and down


day of the good parts of the North of England and Wales and insert East


Anglia and the south-east. Hampshire and daughters, showers and bright


spells. 9-10 C. We will have 6-7 C and even with sunshine in the


north-east breeze it will feel cold. Showers fading away as we head


through to this time tomorrow night. That signals a change as we head to


Thursday. Largely dry, fine and bright. Winds much lighter.


Temperatures 9-10 C. Showers for Shetland. High-pressure stretching


up to us here in Scotland. That will be with us through the weekend and


it will be largely fine, dry, bright and sunny, mild by day and chilly by


night. That is over now. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6.25am tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late


team here in Glasgow


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