24/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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An offshore worker has called for action after he and colleagues


were exposed to radiation on a North Sea platform.


Rigging supervisor Steve Innes says he's struggled to find work


since raising concerns - and now faces cancer fears


The operator of the Thistle platform, EnQuest, says it's put


in place additional precautionary steps since the incident


Steve Innes has worked offshore for nearly 30 years. But the 54-year-old


from Sunderland has spent the last four months at home. He and five


colleagues were working on at the Thistle platform when they were


exposed to alpha radiation. We only realised two thirds of the way


through the trip. You can only do your job well if they prepare you


for it first. Their procedures have broken down. They didn't prepare us


well for it. In fact, they got it totally wrong. The Thistle is


operated by EnQuest. Steve hasn't worked since leaving in December,


and fears he is being shunned for speaking out. The Unite union says


they have no evidence that prevents workers from reporting such


incidents. It does happen, we know it happens. An incident like this, I


don't know if the investigation is ongoing. If its ongoing, it's


unlikely that we will want people back while the investigation is


ongoing. How are the men now? Worried. They're worried for the


future, worried for the help. They have not had any support to help


them through that. They've got a very uncertain future ahead. One


thing is certain - Steve and his very uncertain future ahead. One


former colleagues now face test every six months for the rest of


their lives. Exposure to alpha radiation could have no impact at


all on their health, but possible effects can be severe - including


cancer. Some of the guys can't go to work, they're on medication, not


sleeping, worried. He has been sent for whatever test and is waiting for


results to come back, like we all are. We're just hoping that


somebody. Forward and take a hold of the situation and start doing the


right thing. -- hoping that somebody will step forward. Rather than


keeping it under the table. Wood group which implied the contract to


say the health and safety of their workforces always their top


priority. EnQuest which operated the platform says the level of radiation


the men was exposed to was less than 1% of the level that would have


meant they needed to report it to the Health and Safety Executive. The


HSE were, however, informed at the time. It should be said that


although we are told the level of radiation was low, these workers are


now facing a lifetime of blood tests and uncertainty, and say they should


never have been put in the position in the first place.


A former youth football scout has been arrested by police


investigating allegations of historical sex abuse.


Harry Dunn worked for Rangers, and also Chelsea and Liverpool.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent, Reevel Alderson reports.


This arrest follows the announcement last year that police Scotland was


amongst almost 20 forces across the UK which have launched


investigations into allegations of child abuse within football. Harry


Dunn worked with the Rangers youth side in the 1980s. In a statement,


police didn't name him, saving only an 84-year-old man has been arrested


and charged with a number of non-race and sexual offences, and a


report will be submitted. Earlier this year, Jim McCafferty, former


kits Mannan coach at Hibs, Celtic and Falk, who is now 70, was


remanded in custody in Northern Ireland charged with sexual activity


with a boy under 16. You will be tried later this year. The Scottish


football Association has launched an investigation following reports in


high-profile players of abuse within the game which were acted upon at


the time. They include allegations against John Hart, Partick Thistle's


trainer, who is not theirs. Police Scotland are investigating over 130


allegations after a hotline was the bluster.


Well, in case it had passed your attention,


Funds raised from people doing something funny for money last time


have been distributed around the world, including to


Earlier today Aileen Clarke went along to see one of them in Glasgow.


From Shieldaig to Springburn, Libby McArthur was much loved


# What is the use and sharing this one and only life? #


She's sharing not just drama skills but life skills with these boys,


It's a chance not to sweat the small stuff.


It's a chance to find a place where you can be yourself.


Special guest today is Jane, who plays Eisa in Still Game.


I've got a nice overcoat you could use if the weather is bad.


The sessions with the boys here are free - and look good fun.


Behind it lies the aim of making these youngsters more confident,


and I hope is they will then become involved in the mainstream drama


-- and the hope is they will then become involved.


Most actors I know are really shy and were really shy as kids.


The reason why you want to get into acting is because you want


I love putting a wig and glasses on, and I can immerse myself


These 12-year-olds are nearing the end of the ten weekly


Comic Relief has given ?100,000 over three years to fund the workshops.


A variety of a group of youngsters are taking part.


They would all benefit from the intense support


It has helped me to improve to do a lot of things.


Basically, you think you're in a box and there is no escape.


When you come to speak, you get rid of the box.


It makes me happy coming here and seeing my friends.


The boys here are certainly very grateful for the money this project


An elderly sheepdog has been rescued from a gorge in the Highlands


Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team were alerted by someone


on a train, who spotted Nell yesterday near Roybridge.


Rescuers used ropes to get into gorge and then coax


the reluctant collie out - apparently none the


Now a look at the weather for tonight and tomorrow.


Thank you. Good evening to you. Some lovely pictures coming in of the


sunset this evening from our Weather Watchers. Weather-wise tonight it's


dry, cold with a touch of frost. This weekend high pressure is in


charge. Try and settled for most with spells of sunshine. Around the


northern flank of the high there will be some thicker cloud for the


Northern Isles. A dry start for the vast majority tomorrow, with high


cloud through the morning. The sunshine will be hazy at first, but


we expect that to go and there will be more in the Ray of Sunshine for


all of us. Across the far north, the thicker cloud holds on. Across the


UK, dry, finance settled. Cooler around North Sea coast. Come inland


and we are into the teens. We will have highs around 16 Celsius. By mid


afternoon for most it's really quite pleasant. Cooler around the


south-west coast, Ayrshire through Kintyre, Aaron, Argyll. It shouldn't


spoil things too much with that breeze of the sea. The north-east


might be 17 Celsius. Thicker cloud affecting Sutherland, in towards


Lewis and Harris. The rest of the afternoon, dry, clear, cold. Also


overnight, the clock changes, going forward an hour as we approach


British summer. So that means an hour less in bed on Sunday morning,


but on the upside, plenty of sunshine to help you get up and out


and about, because Sunday is another cracker of a day. Plenty of sun, dry


once again. The best of the warmest weather will be in the West and the


north-west. Enjoy its! Batters Reporting Scotland. From


everyone here, good night and enjoy your weekend. -- that is reporting




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