27/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Prime Minister and the First Minister have held talks


After the meeting, in Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon said


she remained "frustrated" at the lack of any progress


towards a distinctive Brexit deal for Scotland.


But Theresa May insisted her aim was a good deal for the whole UK,


The move to trigger Britain's departure from the EU


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


A meeting of ministers, but not necessarily of minds.


Talks followed a day devoted to Scotland's future.


The Prime Minister also announced plans for


As Brexit moves closer, no talk of a referendum.


Now is the point when we triggering Article 50, starting


formal negotiations for leaving the European Union


when we should be pulling together, not hanging apart.


Pulling together to get the best possible deal for the whole


of the UK including the people in Scotland and, also,


it would be unfair for the people in Scotland to ask them


to make a significant decision before all the facts


Can you envisage a referendum happening in the not-too


about a second independence referendum.


The Department for International Development in East Kilbride.


Theresa May argued their efforts to tackle global poverty proved


British strength and continuing dedication to moving forward.


The strength and stability of our union will become


Nicola Sturgeon characterised the talks as cordial,


but without any concessions on offer.


I continue to be frustrated by a process that appears not to be


listening, not just to Scotland, but any of the devolved


administrations and I made that point to her.


I reminded her again that we had membership of the single


market ruled out without any discussion.


I had hoped that we would hear a different approach, in terms


Whether that is the path they want to take, whether they want to be


part of an independent country, the people


of Scotland must make an informed decision.


The scene moves back to Holyrood tomorrow, when MSPs


will decide whether to back an independence referendum.


The Scottish government has been accused of betraying women who have


suffered debilitating side effects after being given mesh implants.


The procedure is often used to treat incontinence, but an independent


review was commissioned into its safety, after


Ministers today published their final report and were immediately


accused of diluting its findings. Lucy Adams has the background.


Almost three years ago, these women came to Parliament


to call for a review of the procedure that had left


I have asked the acting Chief Medical Officer this week to


write to all health wards, to request them


to immediately suspend these procedures, both procedures.


The former Health Secretary called for an investigation into


Earlier this month, the two patient representatives


on the group resigned, claiming the final report


The ball is in their court to save this review.


Today, as the final report was published, the tenacity


The report was independent of government, the detail of how it is


laid out, I cannot answer for you, but what


I will say is, due to the tireless campaigning


of the women who had been injured, we have a review that gives us


all of the evidence as to the safety of the use of mesh for incontinence


The former Health Secretary, who called for the review,


originally, said the whole process should be investigated.


As long as there are outstanding allegations


about tampering of evidence and report, the report has no


credibility, until these allegations are proven true or untrue.


All strands of the investigation into whether


this report was tampered with, whether the evidence was tampered


with and, if that is the case, heads should roll.


And after her report, Lucy Adams spoke further about


the response to the allegations, as well as their implications.


The allegations are that the report was diluted.


The allegations from the three members of the expert group


who say an entire chapter was removed.


Today's main report does not contain that chapter,


For the campaigners for those women who say they have been


disabled by this surgery, they say this report


For the hundreds of women who say they have been disabled, this does


This was meant to be the final word on mesh implants for the Scottish


government and for the women who have undergone this procedure.


But with these sorts of allegations hanging over it,


The oil exploration firm Hurricane has made what has being described


as the "largest undeveloped discovery" of oil in UK waters.


It says one billion barrels of oil is contained within an area 60


The company hopes to begin production in 2019.


Tributes have been paid to a young boxer who died in Thailand whilst


20-year-old Jordan Coe from Falkirk died of suspected heatstroke


during a training run. It is thought he was dehydrated


after trying to sweat off weight before a bout.


Friends said he was internationally renowned.


I am still in shock. I was talking to him just on Wednesday. I cannot


process that he has passed away. He was weighing in on Sunday morning.


Even tote for a run on it before. He had the sweat suit on. Every boxer


does it. He has been around the world. He recently fought in Japan


and became ranked within the world's top ten. He was only 20.


Final-year medical students at Glasgow University will have


to resit an exam after evidence of "collusion" was uncovered.


About 270 undergraduate students at the university's medical


It emerged that a handful of students had shared information


The students responsible are now facing a disciplinary and fitness


The fresh exam has been timetabled for early May.


Developers have started moving into the first new tone for 50 years. It


will eventually become home to 15,000 people.


A multi-million pound centre for medical research is to open


Among other renovations, it will allow the human


body to be scanned in greater detail than ever before.


The Imaging Centre for Excellence is a collaboration of science,


Glasgow University's Imaging Centre for Excellence is based


at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


It is a collaboration of science, business and the NHS.


Here's our Health Correspondent, Lisa Summers


This pineapple is what we're using to test the scanner.


It's like our brains, mainly made out of water.


It isn't the most sophisticated research tool, but the perfect way


The imaging is so detailed, it unravels the layers of the


pineapple and it will do the same with our brain.


What brain processes give you is a prediction of


If you're on an escalator you're not moving, you


feel it in your body because you have the internal expectation it


Scientists say a better understanding of the way our


brain works can help medics work out what can cause it to go wrong.


The EU-funded project is led from the Imaging Centre for Excellence.


It is part of the campus at Scotland's largest


hospital, which officially opens this week, a collaboration of


business, NHS and Glasgow University.


The concept behind this is that scientists want


to tailor-make treatments to an individual's characteristics.


There isn't one breast-cancer or one ovarian cancer.


There are several subtypes and if we get it right, we get


the right drug to the right patient at the right


time and without causing any adverse reactions.


The centre will create around 400 jobs and generate ?88 million,


but there are concerns about the impact of Brexit.


The government says it will work to ensure the UK remains a world


leader in research but it is a worry for those


My entire lab is financed by EU money.


The money is very important to finance post-doctoral's and Ph.D.


Students, but on top of that, it allows us to work with the top


With the deal still to be brokered, the focuses on bringing in more


focused research to be a world leader in medicine.


A project to boost the number of golden eagles in Dumfries and


has secured a ?1.3 million funding award.


At the moment, there are fewer than four pairs of the bird


The Heritage Lottery cash will be used to bring young


The Scottish tourism industry "outperformed"


The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions said it saw an increase


of just over 7% across all its UK sites last year,


but in Scotland, the rise was over 15%.


The National Museum of Scotland topped the list,


with 1.8 million visitors. Edinburgh Castle was second.


Now, it is over to Anne Lundon, with the weather outlook


good evening. Sunshine was not in short supply over the weekend. Today


was no different. We had the top temperature in the Hall of the


United Kingdom in Scotland. 19 Celsius in Aviemore. In sharp


contrast, the Shetlands struggling at just eat Celsius. Overnight


maintaining, a trainee. More in the wee of cloud and we have been used


to in recent days. Temperatures dipping down to freezing in the


Northwest. Tomorrow morning, a eight o'clock, quite a contrast to what we


have been used to in the recent days. Perhaps some elderly greatness


in coastal areas in the West. Some light rain or drizzle through parts


of Orkney and Shetland. A lot of dry weather to come for most of us. East


of Scotland may have the odd shower. For the rest of the UK, some showery


outbreaks of rain. That will push north and reach the South of


Scotland later in the afternoon. The best of any brightness in the


south-east. A top temperature down South of 18 Celsius. Temperature is


returning to what would we expect at this time of year, 12-15 C. Rain


pushing north during the course of the evening. High-pressure moving


away. Low pressure dominating. Quite a cloudy and wet picture for more


spices on Wednesday. Most of the scenes some rain at some point.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone here on the late team in Glasgow, good night.


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