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The Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of asking Westminster


for the powers to hold a second independence referendum.


The vote followed a heated and sometimes angry debate.


It ended 69 to 59, with the Greens backing the SNP.


But the UK Government says there will be no


negotiation until the Brexit process is complete.


Our political editor Brian Taylor reports.


From Beijing to Bute House, Chinese visitors to Edinburgh top-up their


The tourists are well up on the controversy


Nicola Sturgeon acknowledges that the argument was robust,


and she urged an open and respectful approach.


She said she wished the Prime Minister


well in pursuing a Brexit deal, but that was matched with a warning.


I simply want Scotland to have a choice when the time is right.


I hope that the UK Government will respect the will of this Parliament.


If it does so, I will enter discussion in good faith and with a


However, if it chooses not to do so, I will


return to the Parliament following the Easter


recess to set up the steps that


the Scottish Government will take to progress


Ruth Davidson accused the SNP of promoting


This is not a reasonable plan of a government, it is the SNP


cooking up the same recipe for division.


It might have worked once, but it stinks and the


people of Scotland are not buying it.


The First Minister says that Scotland must have the choice of


independence, the Prime Minister says the focus must be on the Brexit


She argued firmly against a referendum.


85% voted in the last referendum and voted decisively to


That is the will of the people and it should


My message to the First Minister remains unchanged.


We are divided enough, do not


The Liberal Democrats say you don't fix Brexit by breaking the UK.


The decision to withdraw from Europe broke my heart.


As an internationalist, my response could


never be to up sticks from the one union of nations I have left.


The greens backed the SNP and insisted


Brexited changed everything for Scotland.


We face being dragged out of the single market with no mandate


from the people of the UK or Scotland.


The SNP plus Green equals a majority demand for


Applause, cheers, but a solemn looking First Minister,


Chief among them, convincing the Prime


Minister to grant Holyrood the


Despite a majority, that will require


persuasion, pressure and that will be complex.


The vote went as expected and the First Minister has a mandate


now to seek permission for a second


But Westminster is emphatic that now is not the time.


The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish Secretary David Mundell


People need to know what the choices on offer are. And until Brexit is


complete, people could not possibly know what they are alternatives


were. -- what the alternatives were. That is why we are saying no one now


and will not be entering into negotiations until the Brexit


process is complete. Now is the time for the Scottish Government to come


together with the UK Government, work together to get the best


possible deal for the UK and that will mean a full Scotland also, as


we leave the EU. So following this evening's vote,


the Scottish Government will write to the UK Government to formally


request the power to hold an independence referendum


between Autumn next year But the Prime Minister, Theresa May,


has already made pretty clear So what now for the to


sides in this debate? Our political correspondent,


Glenn Campbell reports. Near Falkirk, voters have


conflicting advice for the Prime Minister on how to deal


with a formal request from the First Minister for the power to hold


another independence vote. I think we have to wait


and see what happens It just seems ludicrous to jump


into a decision before we know I don't think she can


say no, because, knowing the Scottish psyche,


if she says no, people up here are just going to be up in arms


and say, OK, what right has she got


to tell us what to do? But it doesn't look like Theresa May


will feel obliged to bow If the Prime Minister


will not budge, the Scottish Government could call


a referendum anyway. But that would be open


to legal challenge, and the chairman of the yes campaign in 2014


thinks it could go wrong. The problem there is,


I think, that a lot of the unionist people,


a lot of the people that voted no last time, will say stuff this


referendum, we are not going to take


part, and if there is a massive boycott,


the result would be lacking


in credibility. What about having an early Holyrood


election and making is the I am not going to propose


that at this stage. But it is maybe


a possibility that the The 2014 referendum


took place after the UK and Scottish governments


agreed the terms. SNP ministers want


to replicate that. But this former Conservative


adviser thinks Theresa We think that people do not want


a referendum right now, If they can take this to the general


election in 2020, and the Scottish election in 2021,


they think they could What they have to watch


is the narrative of a London, Tory Government saying no to something


the Scottish Parliament It could have severe


long-term consequences. Might it be in the Prime


Minister's entrusts She may not need to get


Nicola Sturgeon onside, but it would help her to not have this constant


issue in the background as she is trying to conduct


those negotiations. One way to avoid that being a major


distraction is to have some sort of agreement


for a referendum at some point in future, after


the negotiations are complete. But, right now, the two


sides seem as far Today's vote at Holyrood


was held back from last week following the terrorist attack


on Westminster, which included the murder of police


constable Keith Palmer. Today, Police Scotland deployed


officers armed with tasers Senior officers say it's NOT


in response to any specific threat. Our Home Affairs Correspondent,


Reevel Alderson reports. Firearms officers are to be on duty


24 hours a day at Holyrood but Armed response officers


with are already on routine patrol around the area and on other


iconic locations throughout Scotland to follow a review of security in


the wake of the Westminster attack. I'm not suggesting


for a minute that we jump straight into


arming the police. But rank and file police,


meeting in annual conference, heard They asked a series


of questions of the Government. ready access to specialist firearms


officers and firearms? What impact is the


financial cuts having on these specialist officers


and their equipment? And when the Government said


they expected more for less, What more can an officer


give than his life? The conference heard


unarmed police were Members called for the equipment


they need to protect themselves and the public even if it


meant being armed. We know that society in Scotland


is maybe not ready for that particular step, but there has to be


an education programme taking place, there has to be an understanding


that police officers put their lives at risk every day and if we ask


the police to protect the politic we have to ask the question -


how do we protect the police? Police Scotland now has 600


officers, trained to The number of armed


response vehicles available almost trebled


in the past six months. Senior officers said the security


threat was under constant review, based on intelligence


here and the wider UK. What you see in Holyrood today


is a were you dented measure, operational contingency not


in relation to any threat. I can reassure people


that we constantly practice our test


and response in times of crisis or extreme need


and what you have seen over


the last few days, is those plans kicking


into place, at speed and without any


hesitation, right across Scotland. Armed officers in


Aberdeen this afternoon. It wasn't a firearms incident,


but this may become a more The targeted waiting times


for cancer treatments in Scotland have been missed for the fourth year


in a row. The Government target is 95%


of patients starting Figures published today show that


only 87 per cent of patients Only five out of 14 health


boards met the target. Average speed cameras


are to be installed The Scottish Government says


there have been 60 fatal and serious collisions on the route in the last


five years, and action is needed. The new system will start


operating this Autumn, replacing the existing


fixed and mobile cameras. More than 400,000 people


in Scotland are now saving into a workplace


pension through auto-enrolment. The scheme was introduced five years


ago by the UK Government, to encourage more people


to save towards their retirement. But some businesses have warned


of the rising cost they'll have Well, It's over to Christopher now


for tonight and tomorrow's weather. Was cloudy for many of us today and


still cloudy now. The rain is fizzling and fading away, so most of


us will get dryness tonight, but cloudiness. Reasonably mild, too.


The wet weather is fading away and leaving most of us dry and it is a


dry store tomorrow, too. But cloudy quite misty and misty and murky and


places, particularly across the south-west through Dumfries and


Galloway and parts of South Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. It is a dry, and


loudest, temperatures 7-9 C: mild, that is cool in the north-east and


perhaps the final. Generally though, cloudy, grey and dry. It doesn't


stay like that though, because through the course of the morning,


in the South west of the rain starts to arrive and move northwards


through the course of the day. Bands of rain pushing central belt by


lunchtime. Through -- across the UK as a whole it is connected to an


area of low pressure and rain is coming up to the north of England


through Wales on the south-west. The Midlands and down to the Saudis,


dry, cloudy, temperatures in the mid teens and it will be cold tomorrow,


but it will do well. -- but it will teens and it will be cold tomorrow,


be wet. Into Wednesday night, the wet weather holds on and slowly


eases off to leave things reasonably dry for a time. Was that rain


clears, there is more on its way from the south. Thursday, cloudy and


damp to start, but it should clear away. At some point during the


afternoon, drying out with sunshine coming through at times and in the


sunshine, pleasantly warm temperatures 15-16 C.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But, from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


One man had the vision to take inspiration from the ancient


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