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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The process that will change the United Kingdom's


But just what will that mean for Scotland?


The Prime Minister insisted she wanted to agree


a deep and special partnership with Europe.


But in response the SNP's Westminster leader Angus Robertson


called again for a vote on independence,


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley reports


Another day of history in Westminster. Today's vote will that


I commence will change the course of the United Kingdom. It will open a


relationship that alter our relationship with Europe


fundamentally. Will Brexit be good for Scotland? You think so, but


these got his Government disagrees passionately. The Prime Minister


arriving in Parliament, one of the most important statements she will


ever deliver here, time to coincide with the divorce letter arriving in


Brussels. Statement, the primary stuff. A message of unity and a


pledge of more powers. It is the expectation of the Government that


the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


will see a significant increase in their decision-making power as a


result of this process. Horseback still no specifics. But also this


promise. When I sit around the negotiating table, and will


represent every person in the UK, young and old, rich and poor, city,


town, country, and the villages in between. ? The SNP said a duty wide


agreement had not been delivered. The Prime Minister promised an


agreement, there is no agreement. She has broken her promise. If she


remains intransigent, and if she denies Scotland a choice in our


future, she will make Scottish independence inevitable. And here it


is, the letter that was delivered to present task LA today. It says the


top should be constructive and respectful and admitted task ahead


is momentous, but says it she be within the grasp of the UK and EU


defied a deal within two years. If the message today from the


Government one of optimism? It is very positive, we what to form a new


relationship with the EU, and confirming that we will be European


but not part of the youth, that we be looking to take these


negotiations followed in a constructive fashion, get a deal


that works for Scotland and the whole of the UK. Some disagree. They


think today is a bad one, to make Scotland was. It is a sad day for


Scotland and the rest of the UK and Europe, for a long time we have


become wealthier, healthier, fairer and safer as a result of our


partnership with the U. Enormously bad news, not just for Scotland but


for businesses and people's jobs right across the length and breadth


of the United Kingdom. We can't get off this boss, but we need to do is


engage with this process, make sure that what we want is included in the


negotiations and we are holding the Government to account. The Brexit


process has begun. Where it takes the UK and Scotland, those questions


will be answered in the coming years.


The First Minister has warned that Brexit is a dangerous


And Scottish Ministers say the Article 50 timetable makes


the case for an independence referendum even more compelling.


The call came as the UK Government turned down proposals


But Conservatives insist a referendum would be


This from our political editor Brian Taylor.


Nicola Sturgeon says she wishes the Prime Minister well in her efforts


to secure the best possible Brexit deal. Good luck. By visiting a


Glasgow currently creating 300 jobs to do the links she wants that


Brexit will be damaging. There's no doubt that what is happening does


represent something of a leap in the dark, some nine months after the EU


referendum, albeit article 50 has been triggered, the Prime Minister


still cannot answer basic questions about what Brexit will mean for


businesses, the economy. The First Minister had urged a distinctive


deal involving Scottish access to the European single market, but


David that David Davis says that is unworkable. Any letter to Mike


Russell, his Scottish counterpart, he stresses shared ground and shared


goals for the talks. Applicant is clearer than ever that Scotland will


need very strong voiced standing up for Scottish interests. At the end


of the process, which is not clearly delineated, will require to make a


choice. We can put Scotland's future in Scotland by the hands are can be


dragged along with a Tory high Brexit. We deserve that choice. The


Conservatives say they would even conflict that I contemplate an


independence referendum until Brexit has not fully side but settle down.


We might we have been quite clear that now is not the time to be


putting a second independence referendum back on the table. Now is


not the time to be taught about a second independence referendum.


Labour's Kezia Dugdale in Wales today set a plague on both houses.


What do people want is not to be forced between two gymnast listens,


and that is what we have got to get back to. Iron majorities quite


happy. I've seen it for years. More and more blame. A play about Brexit


text to the stage in Glasgow. But after lengthy rehearsals, the


political drama has no open for real.


Formal negotiations with Brussels aren't expected to begin


So what do EU politicians and officials think about Scotland's


Our political correspondent, Glenn Campbell reports from Brussels.


There is no guide to the EU's capital city expert enough to say


what Brexit will bring. I suppose it will not be a good thing and I hope


that the Scottish lead the UK and then they can remain with us. I hope


that the Scottish lead the UK and so. Because a majority in Scotland


voted Remain, the First Minister wanted to keep ours, if not the


whole UK, inside the EU. In a Norway style arrangement. But Norway's


minister for the single market says membership isn't sure such a deal is


possible. It could be both a part of the EU and part of the agreement. We


are open for all solutions. When Scotland vote for independence,


would it be welcomed into Norway style membership of the single


market? That is the same answer. We would be open-minded. Cooperation


between countries and Europe is important. Scottish ministers will


be pleased to hear that opened my Guinness, because they are coming to


think of a Norway style deal as a staging post to fuel EU membership.


Scotland votes for independence after the UK has left the European


Union. Theresa May once Brexit debate in before any fresh vote on


independence, Nicola Sturgeon thinks we don't know enough in 18 months to


two years. In Brussels, which is not the shape of any Brexit deal should


be clear by then. I hope we will be able to manage to come to a


compromise a deal that will cover the divorce Bill and also the future


relationship. Nicola Sturgeon has put lots of effort and expanding our


position on Brexit to European leaders. There is understanding


here. But most senior figures are reluctant to be drawn into our


debate. As far as Scotland is concerned, or those who voted to


stay, of course they feel unhappy and that they consider racers were


not taken into account, but it is totally up to the UK. It is not up


to the people of Scotland,... Organising future live. Back in


Brussels main square, a visiting leader who is decided his country


should eventually join the EU will stop to get closer and closer to our


family, where we feel we belong. Do you think it is funny that Georgia


is try to get anywhere in the UK is coming out? One might think it is


funny but there's nothing funny. It is a decision of the UK which you


need to respect. Different countries, different choices.


The opening of the new Queensferry Crossing has been delayed again.


It's being blamed on bad weather affecting the construction work.


The bridge now won't be open to traffic


until July or August, as Morag Kinniburgh reports.


Weather is blamed for the delay. Scottish Government's flagship


projects was the open before and it now. Now it will be July or August.


What is important we have an iconic structure which can't properly see


today, we have to have it completed safely to the correct standards. The


contractor faces fines for these delays. We took the effect of


whether immediately leading up to it, and added some additional


factors. What we have found especially in the last two or the


monster that weather has been far greater than we expected. The


Scottish Government tested it will be no extra cost to the public purse


because of this further delay. It says a six-year project will come in


at around a quarter of the billion pounds below budget. Opposition


politicians are critical. They wonder if the timetable is where


ever realistic. Why wasn't the Scottish Parliament told earlier?


When exactly did they know about this situation, and was it regarded


by the Scottish garment as a good day to bury bad news because the was


elsewhere? Lorries on the existing bridge cost closes this winter, but


drivers will be hoping there's no further disruption to either


crossing. A report into an outbreak


of Ecoli O157, in which a three-year-old child died,


has concluded Dunsyre Blue 17 people required hospital


treatment as a result of the outbreak between July and


September last year. It led to further investigations


of cheese produced by Errington Cheese in Lanarkshire,


and of the production processes The company said there


was nothing found linking their cheese


to the outbreak, and that more detailed investigations


into the cause were needed. Well, It's over to Christopher now,


with the weather outlook Cloudy conditions across the country


tonight, damp at times, and misty and murky with it too. It will be


relatively mild. The next few hours you see the heaviest of the rain


heading northwards, behind it the witness is fizzling away. A legacy


of cloud and some mist and Merck and health not only on the hills, but


elsewhere too. Tomorrow morning, Don is relatively dry but cloudy, parts


and brighter moments on higher ground. Not on the Pentlands and


part of Edinburgh. Up to was Northern Aberdeenshire, and the far


north. Password is cloudy, the odd spot of drizzle, still if you


showers in Orkney and Shetland. To the course of the morning, much like


this morning, outbreaks of rain in the south, edging northwards into


the central belt by lunchtime, but that every of rain is likely to


clear away eastwards. If you glad we can see that whether connected to a


weather front stretching all the way to parts of the IVC across the Isle


of Man down to Wales and south west. To the south and east of that line


of rain, it is dry and has a quite warm. Tempters in the low 20s. It


would be cool for us but it will be cloudy and damp. Damages up to 15


Celsius. This time tomorrow night, yet more rain on the way pushing up


from the south, and that moves its way across the country as we head


overnight. Low pressure means Friday gets after a rather soggy start.


Most of the rain on Friday will be in the west and a little further


west and pictured here in the chart. Central eastern parts, relatively


dry, cloudy, some brightness at times. The afternoon is more


promising for all with sunshine and planners batter pleasant warm


temperatures. Any weekend, we welcome April with hefty April


showers on Saturday. Sunday, dryer and brighter full stop it will be


feeling fresher for all. Our next update is during Breakfast,


at six 6:25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone


on the late team here in Glasgow and around


the country, goodnight.


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