31/03/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The First Minister has formally requested the transfer of powers


from Westminster to hold an independence referendum.


In a letter to the Prime Minister, Nicola Sturgeon says there is "no


rational reason" why this request should be declined.


But Downing Street says it would be wrong to hold


talks while the details of Brexit remain uncertain.


And the Scottish Tories accused the First Minister


On a sofa, the image of shoes off relaxation,


the First Minister signs a letter urging an Independence


Referendum, an obvious contrast with the Prime Minister, signing goodbye


to the EU at a desk below a portrait of Britain's first Prime Minister.


One I sit around the day goes shipping table...


Nicola Sturgeon says she wishes Theresa May every


success in Brexit talks, promising full and constructive support.


But she reminds the Prime Minister that the Scottish


Parliament has now voted for an Independence Referendum to coincide


with the inclusion of those Brexit negotiations.


The First Minister adds that there appears to be no


rational reason for you to stand in the way of the will of the Scottish


Parliament, and I hope you will not do so.


I asked the First Minister why now, when she knew the Prime


I'm writing to the Prime Minister today,


to set out the rational case for the will of the Scottish Parliament.


I'm writing to her to formally request that she


respects the view of the Scottish parliament.


What we're dealing with his natural gas me or the SNP, this


If she refuses to enter into these discussions, what I said very


In my view the will of the Scottish parliament must be


It is a question not of if it is respected, but how.


Spokesman for the Prime Minister confirmed she would not enter any


The Scottish Tories say the focus should


It is a highly theatrical gesture we have all been


This is a request for a referendum which the people of


Scotland don't want, and the Prime Minister has made it


clear she does not believe now is the time.


In many respects this is pure theatrical


It will not serve any meaningful purpose and we will not


be having a referendum in the immediate future until our future


outside of the European Union is clear.


Nicola Sturgeon insists Scotland must be given a choice.


The driver of a bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow, killing six


people in December 2014, has been banned from driving


for three years and will have to wear an electronic tag


Arriving at the sheriff court knowing he could face a custodial


Last month, Harry Clarke, on the right, pleaded guilty to


His licence was taken away after he lost


consciousness at the wheel of a bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow city


But just nine months after the crash, he was seen back behind


Harry Clarke admitted driving on this road


Neighbours had seen him from a window


getting into his car in the


private car park near his home, turning on the headlights and


In his defence, Harry Clarke's lawyer said


he had driven the car 30 yards from the car


park to the front door and


In court last month, Harry Clarke admitted


or should have known he was


unfit to drive following the bin lorry tragedy, and an episode more


than four years earlier when he worked as a bus driver for first


But a fatal accident enquiry also held here heard he had a


history of fainting and blackouts over 30


years, and had been to the


The enquiry found he had lied on forms


And the crash could have been avoided had he told the truth about


Harry Clarke's lawyer said nothing he said today in


mitigation is intended in any wait to diminish the events of December


Sentencing Harry Clarke today for driving again, the sheriff


told him the decision he had taken to drive


short distance, was wholly irresponsible and reprehensible, and


placed the safety of the public at risk.


He said, you must have been acutely aware of the possible


consequences of you losing consciousness while driving.


Harry Clarke has been banned from driving


for three years, although his license had already been revoked


He will be supervised for a year, is tagged and on a curfew


If he breaches this, the consequences could be


An employment tribunal case taken by two foster carers in Glasgow


could have wide-ranging implications for the future status


James and Christine Johnstone want all carers to be treated


as employees by local authorities, with all the rights


Glasgow City Council says it works closely with its carers to resolve


We work with vulnerable young people, we are


We're getting involved, we are trying our


Why local authorities kicks -- scared to give us employee rights or


The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has called for people who wish to appear


during its first public hearings to come forward.


They'll begin at the end of May, and will hear evidence


from survivor groups and large care providers as well as


The inquiry says evidence is continuing to be taken


Every pregnant woman in Scotland will receive free


The Scottish Government said the move was aimed at improving


the health of parents and children, and had widespread support


Football, and Aberdeen thrashed Dundee 7-0 at Dens Park to ensure


that Celtic will have to wait to be crowned


The Dons were four up at half time, and Andrew Coinsidine scored


They're now 11 points clear of Rangers in third place.


Edinburgh lost by 22 points to 32 against La Rochelle


at Murrayfield, in the quarter finals of the European


Duncan Weir's penalty drew Edinburgh to within four


points of the French side, but they pulled away again.


Well, It's over to Kirsteen now with the weather outlook


After some rain across much of the country, tonight is looking largely


dry, fairly cloudy, do hold onto some light patchy rain, hourly


across the far north north-west. The 1st of April, it dawns on a cloudy


node with how big is raining in west, particularly giving way to


showers in the morning which will eventually become fairly widespread.


It will be bright sunny spells in between. Around 2pm tomorrow, we


could see some showers just about anywhere, fairly heavy, some will be


slow-moving with little in terms of wind. Brightness, some sunshine in


between the showers, and with temperatures around 1013 Celsius for


most of ours, given some sunshine and light wind. It would feel too


bad. Across the rest of the UK, much the same story, sunshine and April


showers. Heavy, slow moving, potentially thundery in nature, but


with plenty of brightness and sunshine in between. Temperatures


are widely entered double figures, peeking into 16 Celsius across the


south-east. Tomorrow evening, we have this ridge of high pressure


which begins to Bruges in, and that will kill off the UK. A dry night to


come, clear with a touch of Frost in some sheltered rule spots. As we


head into Sunday, high-pressure staying with us, a dry day to come


across brightness and sunshine. Temperatures climbing well into


double figures and with light winds that will yield really quite


pleasant in the sunshine. A look ahead to the beginning of next week,


that area of high pressure will begin to pull away, we'll see some


rain moving into the west of Scotland and across Northern


Ireland, always back and try a further east. Hazard


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow,


to sit down and really flush everything out.


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