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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A ?200 million deal has been struck to sell the North Sea's


The Forties system pumps 450,000 barrels of oil and gas every day.


BP has been running it since production started.


Its new owners, INEOS, already own the Grangemouth refinery


Here's our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser.


The symbolic Royal start to the North Sea oil boom 42 years ago.


No longer shipped by tanker the Forties pipeline


was the vital link that made it viable.


Since then it has carried the lion's share of 43


billion barrels of oil from the North Sea.


The system covers oil and gas from 40 offshore installations


from 40 operators to a single landing point and then it goes


through three pumping stations to Grangemouth and a terminal by the


BP and all associated with them have been in the forefront


of achievement on our continental shelf...


When BP started operating it the company was half owned by the


It is now selling it to INEOS which already owns Grangemouth


INEOS have a lot of skills in running assets efficiently


the same skills to the pipeline system, we are trying to extract


maximum economic value out of what is, everyone understands,


is a declining stock of oil and gas in the North Sea.


BP insists it is still committed to the North Sea and


investments like this platform West of Shetland


It's about what skills are best for which assets,


we are exploring and drilling wells, etc, but for INEOS, they have


experience and they'll be taking Fourties pipeline


to loading arms and tankers and they will be


300 staff are to be consulted and no redundancies planned yet as


Grangemouth workers found the hard way in 2013 INEOS can be very tough


You are effectively handing the keys of the


kingdom to one individual, a company driven by one individual.


They were speaking about such a key asset, not


just to the Scottish economy but to the UK economy.


The oil that flows to the refinery and petrochemical


plant here is only half of what it was at peak


production for the North Sea but and is reckoned that it


could still be operating 30 years from now.


One small pipeline, a very big asset for the economy.


Douglas Fraser, Reporting Scotland, Grangemouth.


The First Minister has met the Governor of California


at the start of a five-day visit to the United States.


Tomorrow Nicola Sturgeon is due to make a speech


at Stanford University before travelling to New York where


Our correspondent James Cook reports from Sacramento.


The First Minister says the focus on her five-day visit to California and


New York is on trade and investment, particularly stressing links between


Scottish and American companies. Here in Sacramento at the state


Capitol building, she met the governor of California Jerry Brown,


he's a democratic, busily opposed to President John's climate change


scepticism and in that regard, he shares that position with Nicola


Sturgeon. -- President Trump. She Tommy afterwards it was a great


meeting. I have met once before and there is a great deal of common


interest between California and Scotland when it comes to tackling


climate change. We share the same ambitions and we were talking today


about areas where we might collaborative in the future,


particularly around offshore wind. The First Minister is now travelling


to California's Silicon Valley four discussions with business leaders


that and also to make a speech tomorrow at Stanford University


where she is expected to discuss Brexit and also to talk about the


middle east and, of course, the issue of Scottish independence. Back


home, that is not going down very well. The Scottish Conservatives say


she should get back to the day job. James Cook reporting.


Almost 40% of Scots are physically inactive.


A study by the British Heart Foundation warns that 1.6 million


of us have an increased risk of heart disease and early death.


Woking up an appetite, these fitness fanatics in Glasgow


regularly squeeze in an exercise class in their lunch hour.


day, gives you a better outlook, something to do when I go back to


work I am energised, refreshed, focused.


You just end up putting on weight when you work in


It makes me feel good, means I can get away


hour, come to the gym, meet people, and it keeps me fit.


It seems so simple but the British Heart


Foundation say not enough of us are doing it.


The charity estimates 1.6 million people in Scotland are physically


They say the average man spends around 84 days


And overall women are 24% more likely to be classified as


What we should be doing according to medical


guidelines is 150 minutes a week


spread over a few days of something that gets the heart


moving, a brisk walk, running or cycling.


For some people that is part of their daily


Inactivity is something that can really creep up on you.


And apparently it is creeping up on around one quarter of us.


Of course you will find people sweating


in the gym but just a few hundred yards away


how active are people on the streets outside?


I didn't figure that I was unfit until a doctor


actually said, you need to do more exercise than just walking.


Not a lot of people do sport, I can't


think of one of my friendship group that does it.


I see lots of many people walking on the streets, maybe


they are going in taxis than they should walk.


The British Heart Foundation say it is no laughing


matter and doing regular vigorous exercise like this will


significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease or early


Rebecca Curran, Reporting Scotland, Scotland.


A legal battle between a grandmother and the Aberdeenshire Golf Resort


owned by President Donald Trump is underway at the


It's an unlikely case which is being brought by the woman


after she was filmed by Menie Golf Resort staff


She says filming was a breach of data protection law.


Rohan Beyts, left, arrives at court, one woman taking on a large company,


she's making a claim against Donald Trump's


This is her at home, she told the court she likes to take


long walks, on April 11 last year she went for a walk on


She passed the golf course, when she was on the beach she


realised she needed the toilet urgently.


She said she went into the sand dunes where she thought no one


could see her and she said she followed mountaineering Scotland


guidelines on what to do if you need to go outdoors.


Three days later there was a knock at the door and police


charged her with relating in a public place in a manner


which would have caused or was likely to have


She said that she was shocked to think that she was in


Police later said that three men, two of whom


were employed by the development, had secretly filmed her.


She said she knew she hadn't done anything


wrong and the Procurator Fiscal took no action.


But, upset, she took out a claim instead.


I felt that people should not be filmed when they are


out in the country doing something that...


It is something that many walkers, many climbers, people who


It is a fact of life, there are not toilets out


At the time Trump International wasn't licensed to


hold such data, in view of strict data legislation laws, Rohan Beyts


said she made no secret of the fact that he opposed the development


from the early stages and was involved in a Facebook page,


The lawyer for the organisation said that from her


She continues to challenge the claims.


The case will be heard again tomorrow.


After Celtic's league title win at the weekend,


their manager Brendan Rodgers has assured fans he's


Here's our senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin.


If you are happy and you know it, raise the flag.


At the Celtic training ground today it was pretty


This was them powering their way past Hearts yesterday.


Like so often this season they put on a show to go with the


The architect of the club's success was once again the


When you shine in Scotland, it is often noticed in England.


The man who has been now is not interested for now.


18 months after the Liverpool job, I was


The other reality is his players are on course


for a treble and a possible season unbeaten.


I know you do not like to talk about it but there must be


something you focus on in that dressing room.


It would be very nice to do. Of course.


It is the history that people talk about for years and


To get the squad to do that, I believe we have the potential.


We just need to keep working hard, as I


But they know when they do they get the rewards.


It's over to Kirsteen now with the weather forecast


Good evening. A cloudy wet evening across most of the country. That


trend will continue to clear way into the North Sea leaving largely


dry conditions behind it, some clear spells, allowing a touch of frost to


develop in the sheltered these. Some showers moving in and they will be


accompanied by a brisk westerly winds. Tomorrow gets off to a


reasonably dry start. If you are heading out around eight o'clock


tomorrow morning, expect some brightness, sunshine across much of


southern, central and eastern Scotland. The chilly start however


particularly so in the eaves. Always that bit more in the way of cloud


across the north. Showers affecting the Western Isles. Also strong to


gale force winds across the foul north during the day and increasing


further towards the evening. During tomorrow, the cloud will tend to


spill in from the north west. There will still be some hints of


brightness and sunshine at times. The showers will continue to affect


the far north. Across the UK as a whole, a fine afternoon to come


across Northern Ireland and after a fairly cloudy, damp start across


much of Wales and the south-west of England, it is an improving picture


tomorrow afternoon. Some and sunshine. Across East Anglia and the


south-east of England, remaining fairly cloudy with outbreaks of


rain. Temperatures down a notch on today's values and for us in


Scotland, somewhat fresher feel than we have been used to of late with


these winds. During tomorrow evening, the winds will strengthen


further across the Northern Isles reaching severe gale force for a


time and only very gradually easing during tomorrow night. As we look


ahead to Wednesday, and indeed over the next few days, we have this area


of high pressure moving in from the self which will result in largely


dry and settled conditions although we always hold onto that bit more in


the way of cloud and a breeze in the north. That is the forecast.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25 tomorrow morning.


From everyone on the late team here in Glasgow


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