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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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That's Newsnight with Kirstie coming up.


Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


New developments tonight in two separate


In a moment we'll hear about a new search


in the case of Emma Caldwell who disappeared twelve years ago.


Meanwhile in East Lothian police are investigating human


They have spoken to the family of forty-three year


Our reporter Morag Kinniburgh reports.


The very slowly and has been closed for several miles for several days.


40 police officers are involved. They are investigating the discovery


of human bones near Gosford house. Police say recovering and recording


that remains is painstaking work. They've contacted the family of


Louise Tiffney, a 43-year-old Edinburgh woman who went missing


shortly after this footage of her with her son when he appeared on


court in another matter. He stood trial for her murder. The case was


not proven, it is thought he left the country. At the time, searches


were made of the water of Leith near her home. Officers have spent a


further day exploring the area around Gosford house. They stress


the investigation is at the early stages and it could be many more


days before the identity is known. As that investigation


was continuing, across the country a fingertip search of a remote area


of woodland was underway - in what's being described


as a "crucial stage" of another 27-year-old Emma Caldwell


was last seen alive A month later her body was found


in woodland in south Lanarkshire. Our Home Affairs Correspondent


Reevel Alderson reports on the developments


in this long-running case. This is one of the last positive


sightings of our Coldwell. She was working as a prostitute to fund a


heroin habit. Despite a number of arrests nobody has been charged with


her murder. Today, her parents were with police as a new search was


announced. Her mother praised their persistence. They addressed the


killer directly. Living with the guilt of taking her life must be


dreadful but if you have no conscience then be aware my family


and I will never give up fighting for justice on error's behalf. We


can do no less because we love and miss her every day, not just today.


The new search is concentrated in the woods where the body was found


but this is only part of a reinvigorated investigation. There


are 13,000 people on the police database connected with this case.


Officers have seized 9000 items and viewed 4000 hours of CCTV footage.


Police are keen to speak to any woman who may have been involved in


prostitution and may have been brought to these words to come


forward. They are keen to trace a black BMW which Emma might have got


into. It is believed to originate from Dumfries. The motorway is only


a couple of miles from this location. This search will see


police divers in a pond nearby. We have returned to this area on the


back of information we received through witnesses and through


consultation with national search advisers. We will undertake those


searches. This phase of the investigation will


last a week with detectives idyll to use new techniques including


enhanced DNA techniques. It's often claimed that Scotland has


a reputation for welcoming An organisation which helps asylum


seeks in Glasgow says it's come across examples


of destitution, harassment Olivia fled to Scotland from Zambia


in 2005 on humanitarian grounds. She has since suffered health problems


and lost count of the number of times she's had to move. In January,


after a threat of legal action, she was offered a flat in Ibrox where


she lives with her ten-month-old son. I've been staying somewhere,


they told me the contract was... Existing on ?25 a week has been a


shock. When I write down the list of what I need I need to ignore myself.


We've been offered accommodation, thankfully. Last week she gave


evidence to the Holyrood committee. The Red Cross told the committee it


had seen a significant rise in the number of destitute asylum seekers.


Please Scotland talks of a high risk these vulnerable people face of


being targeted by criminal gangs. In three separate sessions, the


committee has been presented with claims of how asylum seekers have


been illegally evicted from properties, given no notice to quit


or finding locks changed. We hear regularly of situations


where asylum seekers have been bullied, intimidated, derogatory


comments have been made by the very people meant to support them. A


researcher says there needs to be a consistent approach from local


authorities I would like to see a consistent approach for people and


levels of financial support increased and accommodation secured


in a timely fashion. To date, Glasgow is the only local authority


to take on asylum seekers under the dispersal programme but other


councils are showing interest. The equalities and human rights


committee will publish its findings later this month.


Final submissions have been heard in the case of a grandmother pursuing


Trump International. She says her privacy was breached after she was


told she was filmed during eating near the Trump golf course in


Aberdeenshire. This time next year we will be


watching the opening ceremony of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Teams


Scotland have high hopes of success. Today, the focus was on Portobello


Scotland have high hopes of success. beach, which is the training centre


for the beach volleyball team. One year to go and Scotland is getting


into the Gold Coast spirit. year to go and Scotland is getting


Temperatures may be less specific but there is nothing tepid about the


skills of the team. We are trying to show people that it is a sport you


can play in Scotland. The popularity of the sport is growing so we want


to attract more people to the sport. The most successful was Glasgow 2014


with a record 53 medals won. Teams Scotland's most successful overseas


games was in 2006. What is the expectation one year from now? We


are looking at our best overseas performance for the team. We will be


looking for a top six performance. We know that they will be able to


deliver that. More than 29 medals and we will have our best overseas


performance. Some of those performers got together to try their


performance. Some of those hand in beach volleyball, a chance


to meet other athletes. Most of them are Ball sports peoples of the


better at volleyball. It is nice meeting them. I've met them before


but they are all really nice and I'm really excited to be in a team with


them. I suppose the terrible question I have to ask you is about


bikinis. Do you wear them? Not in Scotland. When you compete you need


to wear it if it is the temperature. If it is above 16 degrees. So there


you go. Just one year to go. In football, and two games


in the Scottish Premiership tonight Aberdeen beat Inverness


Caledonian Thistle 1-0 Neil Lennon and Jim Duffy have both


been issued a notice of complaint by the FA's compliance officer


following their touchline fight. Tempers flared in the Championship


clash. Both clubs have been charged with alleged misconduct of their


players and staff. Let's get the weather now. For many of us it has


been a cloudy evening but fine end to the day. Whilst it is fairly


cloudy elsewhere we've had some blustery showers. Heavy ones across


parts of Shetland with the odd rumble of thunder. Here we will have


the strongest winds. It was wide into Shetland. By morning, there


will be breezy conditions and the showers will be towards the West. If


you're heading out, it is drier for Orkney. Elsewhere, towards the


Highlands and Islands, some shoppers here. Well scattered towards the


east. During the rest of the day we will see the shower is coming in


across the Northwest. Some sunshine here and fairly dry conditions


elsewhere. Let's take a wide look at the rest of the UK. High pressure is


controlling our weather. It is largely dry. A few showers across


Northern Ireland as well. Temperatures for all of us reaching


around 11 to 13 Celsius. High pressure for the rest of us as well.


That is introducing more in the way of cloud for Northern Ireland. We


will see isobars towards the North as well. Breezy conditions will


continue. We will look ahead to the rest of the week. Here is the


picture. The best of the showers developing along the east Coast.


That is Reporting Scotland. Good night.


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