05/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Scottish economy is hovering close to recession, according


They show output fell during the last three


months of last year, and fell well behind UK growth.


That continues a trend of lower growth here.


Our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser, assesses the impact.


It takes a microscope to find signs of growth at this business


And as the Finance Secretary is learning, evidence of economic


Bioscience is one of the hopes for the future of the Scottish


economy, but it will need something inventive to shake about the near


stagnation of the past year, for the figures covered the final


three months of last year, but the output from the whole


Production, construction down most, the services sector flat compared


with 0.7% growth for the UK economy as a whole.


Take the whole of the year and in 2016 the Scottish


economy grow by only 0.4%, very weak growth, the UK growing


The downturn in oil and gas is a likely culprit.


The Scottish Government says it also has a lot to do with consumer


confidence following the Brexit referendum decision even know that


It seems to contrast between Scotland and the rest


of the UK, maybe the people of Scotland had more


awareness of the impact that it is going to have


on the Scottish economy and of course there is a different


Still strong economic foundations to our Scottish economy


Slow growth has to do with choices made by business


If that shrinking of the Scottish economy is repeated at the start


of this year we will be in a recession.


That is troubling for a number of reasons.


But it is a call to action for the UK and Scottish Government.


These figures ought to signal a red alert to government at all levels


and its response to that ought to be a recognition that businesses


But we need a competitive economy in Scotland and competitive taxes.


Forging change in Scottish finances, income tax divergence from the rest


of the UK begins tomorrow for the new financial year


and there are some signs that the economic engine is sparking


Inflation is back to put a squeeze on household budgets.


And there is also uncertainty in the economy.


Scotland's longest-serving MEP has predicted the UK will no longer


exist if there is no flexibility during Brexit negotiations.


Labour's David Martin was speaking as the European Parliament


debated its negotiating objectives after the triggering of Article 50.


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley reports from Strasbourg.


The various arguments on Brexit are well rehearsed.


The city where the EU's directly elected politicians come to vote.


Strasbourg is where the European Parliament will accept


Today those politicians set out their priorities and heard how


Including from this Labour MEP who says he's no longer sure how


If the UK does not show flexibility in these talks,


then it will not only be the UK leaving the EU but the UK


Nigel Farage has been one of the fiercest critics of this


He says they're making unreasonable Brexit demands.


You think we are a hostage, we are free to go.


From the European side a desire for future partnership.


But also a warning, they plan to be united and firm


Colleagues, we are going to remain partners and friends,


but the United Kingdom has got to accept the fact that there


will be a tough negotiating position on the European Union side.


So what are the European Parliament's priorities?


MEPs say the UK must fulfil all of its obligations up


Echoing other institutions, they say the UK cannot enjoy similar


They call for fair treatment of EU citizens and the motion highlighted


the fact that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted


This SNP MP hopes that could prove useful.


That keeps the door open for later things, whatever they may be.


This is the start the process and we keep all options open.


There will be a lot of attempts by member states perhaps to divide


The European Parliament has become the first institution to formally


Later this month European leaders will meet to hammer


Fans and former players are threatening to boycott


Clyde Football Club until the club's board rethinks its decision


The former Scotland player was ruled in a civil


court to be a rapist, although he's appealing


David Goodwillie scoring for his country in 2011.


In January the Court of Session ruled that David Goodwillie


Denise Clare in 2011 and they were ordered to pay


In the civil case Denise Claire said she was incapable of consenting


The judge found her to be cogent, persuasive and compelling.


But the Crown Office said there was not sufficient evidence


Today Denise Clare told the BBC she is dismayed that he had


been allowed to return to professional football.


He was a promising footballer, but when he left Plymouth FC


in January by mutual consent, many thought it was


But last week Clyde Football Club announced they had signed him.


Former Clyde player Stephen Tennant says many think


He suggested fans who own the club could try to force the board


On the whole I do not like it when footballers


are set out as role models, I think is probably over


for David Goodwillie in terms of football,


I do not feel he has a place in the game any more.


Many fans today said they will boycott the club from now on.


George Lennox has been to games since he was eight years old.


Today he wrote to the club to say he will not return until they get


As far as I'm aware a large number of people are not coming back.


A few of my friends have written big essays on Facebook justifying


It seems the club is more interested in staying in the professional


At the end of this scene -- season Clyde face falling out of the top


leagues for the first time in the history. Some say that justified the


decision but critics including fans say that is no excuse for such a


signing. A campaign to vaccinate girls


against a cancer-causing sexually transmitted infection has led


to a dramatic drop in Researchers found a 90% reduction


in levels of the human papillomavirus in women


since the vaccine was The virus is thought to account


for about 80% of cervical cancers. Public health specialists say


the large numbers of girls taking up The whole success stems


from the fact we have got a very high uptake of the vaccine and have


done since the inception of the programme and so a 90% uptake


of all three doses and when you do that you start to remove the virus


from the population. Women are well represented


at the highest levels of Scottish politics,


but it's emerged that only one in three candidates


for the forthcoming council elections here are female,


according to analysis Last month two of the most powerful


politicians in the land met on the eve of one of the biggest moments in


British political history. This coverage was met with outrage among


many but it also turns the spotlight on the role underrepresentation of


women in politics, and according to campaign group 50-50 there is still


some way to go. They say only around one third of candidates for the


forthcoming cantonal elections are women and are calling for gender


quotas to introduced. The women 50-50 campaign advocates for candid


quarters which means all parties that at at least 50% women


candidates and that means the ballot paper reflects society more. We need


to aim for that and that for me prevent the democratic deficit we


have that woman. The Scottish Greens have 45% followed by the SNP on 41%.


Scottish Liberal Democrats on 32% and Scottish Labour on 32%. Only 17%


of Scottish Conservative candidates and 18% of independent candidates


are female. Scottish Conservatives admit it is disappointing. I don't


think it is right. I think we need to do more and when I started as an


MSP 11 months ago I made it my priority to speak and say that we


need to do this and they have been working close with our candidates


board as well to make sure even the selection process is suited to


females as well. Some would argue that females are already a force in


Scottish politics with three of the main parties led by women, but the


claim levelled that all parties today is that more needs to be done


to ensure that the door for females entering politics is firmly open.


Four games in the Scottish Premiership tonight.


It was goalless at Rugby Park in the Kilmarnock


against Rangers game, as it was between


Good evening. It has not been a bad night so far. Mostly dry, clear


spells around. A lovely sunset here from Motherwell early this evening.


The rest of the night it will be fairly cloudy but some clear spells


more central and eastern areas. Across the West the cloud will


continue to thicken during the night and outbreaks of light and patchy


rain mainly over high ground in the north-west. Breezy across the far


North. Around 8am you can expect some showers across Shetland where


it is still breezy. The far north and north-west could have some light


and patchy drizzle but drier further east especially across the borders.


Temperatures 7-8. The day remains rather mild and most of the cloud


will be towards the West. The best brightness along the east coast.


They're so compared to today. More cloud. At the rest of the UK more in


the way of cloud for all of us. Largely dry conditions for much of


England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Just a few showers across higher


ground for the north-west of Scotland. Temperatures are around 12


to 15 at best. This settled weather has been responsible because of high


pressure that is with us across the UK. It is with us for Friday and


Saturday. You could see these weather fronts to the north of us


edging in across Shetland bringing showery rain for Friday. Here is the


picture, rain, mist and Michael were Shetland and Orkney. For the


north-westward will see some thicker cloud bringing more patchy rain at


times. The best weather for more central and eastern areas. Your


temperatures could reach 13 or 14. Saturday is similar. Looking at


mainly dry conditions. Across the West 's some thicker cloud and


patchy light rain or drizzle. The best brightness along the east


Coast. Temperatures 10-12 C for most but maybe 14 or 15 for the


north-east. Our next update is during Breakfast


at 6:25am tomorrow morning. But, from everyone


on the late team, good night. Marine Le Pen has her eyes


on the French presidency.


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