07/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The remains of an Edinburgh woman who has been missing for 15 years


Louise Tiffney was last seen leaving her home in the city's


The remains were found near a country house


Louise Tiffney was last seen in 2002. She accompanied her son Sean


Flynn to a court appearance shortly before she disappeared. At the time,


searches were made of the Water of Leith near her home and parts of


East Lothian, but there was no sign of her. Her family made an emotional


plea for information. Hannah is missing you. We miss and love you.


Louise, please let us know where you are and that you are safe. In 2005,


Sean Flynn went on trial for his mother's murder. At the High Court


in Perth, the charge against him was found not proven. Louise's family


was left distraught. She is dead and there is no doubt about that. Her


name has been dragged through the mud by her son and by his father.


After more than a decade, Sunday brought a major development in the


case. Human remains were found by a cyclist on the road in the entrance


to Gosford house in Longniddry. Police had suspected they were the


remains of Louise Tiffney. Today came the confirmation. We can now


confirm the remains found out that of Louise Tiffney. It was a long and


the Boris process and a painstaking process to get to the stage but we


are now entirely satisfied the remains of the person found that of


Louise Tiffney. Police say there are still more to do in the search for


answers. Today they again still more to do in the search for


this always and continues to be a murder investigation. Andrew Black,


Reporting Scotland, Edinburgh. A drunk driver who killed a woman


on the Isle of Mull while driving a high-performance car has been


jailed for 12 years. Thomas Wainwright was on the wrong


side of the road and travelling Theresa Wade was 29 years old when


she died. She had been a vet on the Isle of Mull. The job she had always


wanted. On the 20th of October 2015, she was driving home in her van. She


never arrived. Our partner of ten years, who also worked with her in


the surgery, answered the door to police. When the police arrived,


they informed me, they gave me the preludes to that news and asked me


to sit down, at half past four in the morning, I knew something


that'll had happened. And when they told me, I felt like I had been hit


by a sledgehammer. Thomas Wainwright was drunk, he had been driving speed


of up to 95 mph on the wrong side of the road. He had been drinking beer


and cider for eight and a half hours since the morning. When he left this


pub, a concerned member of the public asked him who was driving.


Wainwright says the car knew its own way home and said he had a clear


head. During the trial, he tried to blame Theresa Wade for the crash.


Sentencing, the judge said he found some difficulty in finding any


mitigating factors in this case. He said Thomas Wainwright had shown no


remorse for his actions and the arrogance he had shown while giving


evidence was quite staggering. He sentenced him to 12 years in prison


and banned him from driving for 15 years. Outside court, Theresa Wade's


partner paid tribute to her. Theresa was my best friend. She was the


kindest, kindest of soul mates. She was the most compassionate people.


She was a caring veterinary surgeon, she was professional and although


she did, she was a dedicated person. Thomas Wainwright lived in the South


of France but had been on Mull to visit his sick grandmother when the


crash happened. He had a previous conviction. He was fined 700 euros


in micro while driving through drink or drugs. Theresa May directories


with's partner has said the sentence will not bring her back but


with's partner has said the sentence Wainwright has 12 years to reflect


on what he has. -- Theresa Wade. Relations between management


and unions at the Grangemouth petro-chemical plant have broken


down again, three and a half years after industrial action led


to a threat from the plant's owner Ineos said today its terminating


the collective bargaining agreements A source said the Grangemouth


union officials are Unite, which represents most


of the staff, accuses the company of acting in a reckless


and destabilising way The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon,


met the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,


in New York last night. They chatted backstage at the Women


in the World conference, where they each gave


separate live interviews. From New York, here's our political


correspondent, Glenn Campbell. They welcomed her like a celebrity,


and the interviewer invited her to comment on the US election.


President Trump is the President of the United States and I respect


that. She took care not to renew her criticism. I am here as a guest of


the United States just now. But I want to be allowed back in in


future! But she praised Germany's Angela Merkel for standing up to the


President and heaped praise on his defeated rival, who she met


backstage. I look at Hillary, and she has been a trailblazer for women


in politics, whatever you think she has been a trailblazer for women


about her politics, but she had made it easier for women like me in


politics and opening for that, I and women across the world really owe


Hillary Clinton a debt of gratitude. The First Minister was asked to


explain why Holyrood has three female leaders. Something in the


water! Or something in the whisky, perhaps. And to describe a


relationship with Theresa May. -- her relationship. We both like


relationship with Theresa May. -- shoes, which is a good starting


point! She criticised the treatment of female politicians in the media


after this front page. So, this tendency to reduce women to body


parts or what they wear or what their hair looks like, it is not


innocent and it is not something we should laugh off, it is a deliberate


attempt to demean women. Overall, her contribution was well received.


She was actually my favourite person speaking today. My God, perfect! She


was really good, I loved watching her to say, you know. We need more


women like her. Yeah, I loved her. Overseas endorsement for a


politician build here as Queen of Scots.


Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has signed a new four-year deal with


Rodgers guided Celtic to the league title and the League Cup


in his debut season since succeeding Ronny Deila.


The former Liverpool boss had signed a 12-month


Rugby, and Edinburgh slipped to a 22-19 defeat at home


Edinburgh were 22-0 down after an hour,


but a penalty try and this score from Hamish Watson


Glenn Bryce crossed over with seven minutes left,


Let's get the weather now with Kawser.


Good evening. It has not been a bad night supper. Mostly dry with clear


skies. We had this lovely picture of the sunset earlier in Fife. Mostly


dry and the cloud will continue to break, allowing clearer spells,


especially for a more central and eastern areas. Across the far North


and north-west, staying cloudy and damp with freshening south-westerly


winds and maybe some mist along the Solway coast. But by nine in the


morning, some of these bills of sunshine. Although it stays cloudy


for Shetland, the Northwest, for much of the day. The best of the


sunshine along the East coast. But for more central areas and the South


West, some lovely spells developing. The mist clearing from the Solway


and temperatures in the morning six to seven sources. A chilly start in


eastern parts with some frost were sheltered areas. During the day, the


cloud continues to fin handbrake, some pleasant sunshine with light


winds could so feeling quite warm especially by the afternoon. It is


not just us enjoying the sunshine, not much in the way of cloud in the


sky, temperatures reaching the high teens or low 20s. North-eastern part


of Scotland, maybe 17 to 19 is possible. Turning colder under the


cloud across the Northwest. There is a change as we look ahead up to


Saturday night into Sunday. This allows the weather front to push


through, bringing some fabrics of rain. Strengthening north-westerly


winds, cooler conditions to follow. For Sunday, dry start, but rain


pushing in, heavy at times.


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