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Jakonson on his novel about Donald Trump. Here on BBC One, it's time


There are fresh allegations tonight in what is already one of Scottish


football's most notorious cases of child sex abuse.


A BBC Scotland investigation has spoken to former players who allege


the founder of Celtic Boys Club, If all and all are a lot of personal


the founder of Celtic Boys Club, Jim Torbett,


sexually abused them during the 1980s and 90s.


That's after he'd been removed for abusing players


in a previous spell at the club, for which he was later jailed.


Torbett denies the allegations against him.


For Kenny Campbell, the feeling of pulling on a Celtic strip for the


first time will remain with him forever.


One day you're at school, the next day you're performing in a venue. I


was like a rabbit in the headlights. Kenny had moved up to Celtic from


the Celtic Boys Club, where his manager and hero was Jim Torbett.


Because he pushed the Chief scouts to get us signed. He pushed and


pushed and pushed. If the manager had asked me, it would be Geron


Teed. It was as if he had a hold on us. I knew what his reasons were.


Within a year of joining the Boys Club, Kenny says he was being


sexually abused by Torbett. It happened time after time after


time. It was just the start. Kenny says his abuse continued for


up to four macro years, even when he had signed for Celtic's senior team.


But could it have been avoided? According to court reports and BBC


sources, Torbett's abuse of children was first brought to the attention


of the Celtic hierarchy in 1974, when he was sacked by then Celtic


manager Jock Stein, honorary president of the boys club. But by


1980, Torbett had been allowed back into the boys club amidst


allegations of a cover-up, explained in more detail into night's


programme. When he was jailed in 1998, Torbett was convicted for


offences only up to 1974. Kenny Campbell is the first person to


speak about abuse during Torbett's second spell at the boys club. He


says he is angry Torbett was allowed to return.


I feel grief about it. If they had never let him in, it never would


have happened in the first place. He should never have been allowed


back in the area. Through his lawyer, Mr Torbett said


he vehemently denies these completely false allegations.


A spokesman for Celtic FC said: The boys club was a separate and


distinct organisation from Celtic football club.


It was vital that justice was served at this time, due to be extremely


serious nature of this issue. The major Scottish FA enquiry is


underway, but the true scale of historical child abuse in bulk or


may never be known. And you can watch that investigation


in full right after this bulletin. It has been described as a "game


changer" in the fight against HIV, and from today, a drug that


dramatically reduces the chance of becoming infected will be


funded by the NHS in Scotland, becoming the first part


of the UK to do so. Our Health Correspondent,


Lisa Summers reports. Gordon was always worried about HAV


after living to the aids epidemic of the 80s. He self funds anti-HIV


drugs, but now he will get them on the NHS.


It will make a huge difference, because from a personal point of


view, being on the strike has given me reassurance. I don't have to


worry about HIV any more. My physical health is better. -- being


on this drug. Therefore, memorable health is better, and I can get on


with everyday life without worrying about a JB. I go to the gym more


often, I take Geron myself, I eat about a JB. I go to the gym more


better, I have a better social life and a better worklife, because I


don't have to worry about PrEP is already given to patients


who have HIV, but now the NHS will fund it as a preventative measure.


It will cost around ?450 per person per month to fund. The Health


Secretary says it will work hand in hand with other measures. What is


important is we prevent infection, and if you think about the cost of


infection to the NHS, that is far greater, and therefore, this is a


preventative measure, alongside, obviously, reiterating safe sex


message that will help to prevent infection, save lives and avoid that


cost further down the line to the NHS.


Protect yourself. HIV and aids are no longer the death sentence they


used to be, but an HIV diagnosis still means a lifetime on


medication. Medics say this preventative use of


PrEP could reduce the number of cases of HIV by up to 86%.


We do lots of other prevention for things like high blood pressure,


statins, cardiac disease. I have already mentioned contraception, a


way of preventing an unwanted outcome. So I think prevention is


the way forward, and yes, the NHS is cash strapped, and I would say that


I hope the price of the medication is that we're going to be using for


PrEP will come down fairly dramatically as we start to


them. For Gordon, it is one pill a day for


a lifetime free from worry about HAV.


Tributes have been paid to the motoring tycoon


Sir Arnold Clark, who has died at the age of 89.


He bought and sold his first car in the 1950s,


and his business went on to become the largest independent


Here's our business editor, Douglas Fraser.


With a post-war demob payment from the RAF, I will Porter Morris


tomorrow's full ?70, did it up and sold up a profit. It was the start


of something very big. One reason for its success was that he had


foresight and adaptability. In 1978, we were the only


manufacturer. It was called BL. I stayed with it. I went down with


them, so I decided to move. First showroom was in Glasgow, 1954.


More than six decades later, Sir Arnold had built up an empire across


Scotland and into England and new and used cars, repairs, leasing and


driver training. Just some of the numbers: More than 200,000 cars sold


every year, turnover of more than ?3 billion. 200 dealerships, which have


helped a a family fortune of more than ?1 billion. That has helped


fundraising support for Glasgow Transport Museum and backing for


charity. Arnold Clark cars put their wheels under decades of social


change in Scotland. The distinctive sticker has been on the journey into


car ownership of the more families, with affordable cars opening up


travel, holiday commuting options as cities were reshaped the car.


What sort of price range really in? Sir Arnold was quick to see the


potential for directly financing customers, as long ago as 1963,


quickly followed by car hire. As sales have shifted to leasing,


the company has remained at the forefront of change. He had ten


children. In a statement today, his family said he was billowed and


inspirational, and they will carry on his vision. -- beloveds.


Well, let's get the weather outlook for tonight


Thank you. Good evening to you all. We have some rain at the moment


across the North West, but for many of us, so far tonight, largely dry


with a view clear spells towards the east, and some lovely spells of late


sunshine to end the day. This picture was taken area across Dundee


city from one of our weather watchers. Tonight, mostly cloudy


with rain across the North West, heaviest across the Highlands,


northern parts of Argyll, and also part of the Northern Isles. Through


to the morning, mainly dry across more central, southern and eastern


parts, and wind will tend to use the Shetland. So quite a chilly start


tomorrow, four Celsius at eight o'clock. Further towards the far


north and north-west, it remains cloudy and quite well. The


north-east largely dry, sunny spells the start. Temperatures 8-9, so


fairly mild conditions, and it is largely dry for Central and southern


areas too, though winds will tend strengthen during the day. There may


even be restrictions on the bridges, the fourth ante, for example, by the


afternoon. That rain looks like it will stay mainly towards the north


and north-west. Let's take a wider look at the rest of the UK. Largely


dry across the board. A bit of cloud around, making the sunshine hazy at


times. The best sunshine likely across parts of Wales in the South,


and temperatures could reach 13-16. Across Scotland, it seems the best


of the warmth and sunshine will likely be towards the Lothian 's,


borders and Fife. Towards tomorrow evening, we will have some rain for


the time being, maybe towards the west, and the wind direction becomes


more north-westerly overnight into Wednesday, drawing in colder air,


strengthening the winds, and we could have some strong winds,


especially for the North, on Wednesday, with north-westerly winds


searching Gayle to severe gale force at times. Still win the elsewhere,


the winds light it the south, and the rest of any drier, brighter


weather to the East. But from everyone on the


late team, goodnight.


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