11/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The shortage of carers in Scotland is reaching crisis point.


The organisation that represents independent care providers


says nine out of ten of its members can't fill vacancies.


It comes on the day figures from England showed 900 social


care workers there leave their jobs every day.


Our health correspondent Lisa Summers has been to meet


a couple from East Lothian who are struggling to cope.


Mary Turnbull is 78. The former schoolteacher was diagnosed with


dementia five years ago. Mary was the strong one in the family, the


homemaker, who did all the cooking. Now the roles are reversed. But it


certainly isolated, you have nobody to talk to, the buck stops with me


basically. Who is the? Her husband Michael does have some care in place


but despite offering contacting 60 local providers, can't get the help


he needs. The fact I have lost a lot of care during the week means I'm


doing a lot of caring in the evening, seven days a week and I


have to take upstairs, undress her, watch her, pushed her in her


pyjamas, but as a bed. Scottish care same manner to ten of their members


report struggling to recruit staff, say care homes have been forced to


close with the same problems in the community. If you are able to afford


a pound or a pound 50 ball in a supermarket, compared to the


challenging and difficult experience caring for somebody, however


rewarding, people have to pay mortgages, with bills rising and


exercising that choice and giving up their job of care in order to earn a


living or a better living. The government says it is trying to


encourage people into the care industry by introducing the living


wage but it feeds into a bigger picture of problems with integration


of health and social care and hospitals. There are too believable


and able to get home despite being well enough to be because care


packages are not fair for them. -- not there for them. Michael says the


care they do receive is invaluable. It gets much needed respite and that


allows him to enjoy the time he spends with Mary.


A gymnastics coach who represented Scotland in the 2010


Commonwealth Games is to stand trial on six sex charges


25 year old Ryan McKee, from Kinning Park in Glasgow


is alleged to have "engaged in sexual activity" with the girls


The offences are alleged to have taken place


Mr McKee denies the charges and is due to stand trial in August.


Decommissioning one of the most important oilfields in the North Sea


was always going to be a major task - not just the scale of the job,


Plans for the famous Brent field - which include leaving the legs


of the platforms in the sea - has angered environmentalists.


However the first platform is about to be taken apart and it's


a job for the world's biggest construction vessel,


We are in Rotterdam, the largest harbour in Europe and currently


docked here is the pioneering spirit. This shape is huge. It's the


length of six jumbo jets, and by many measures, this is the largest


vessel in the world. And it will soon head out into the North Sea to


undertake an incredibly complex bit of engineering work, the lifting of


the top side of the platform in the Brent Field, the Brent D. We have


now made our way into the pioneering Spirit and I'm joined by Alistair


from Shell. Why did you decide to lift the top side in its entirety?


Because it's fundamentally safer and more efficient, to lift these big,


compensated platforms, they are nearly 40 years old, they have been


modified and changed a lot over the years so to bring the Montr al will


years so to bring the Montreal will begin dismantle them in a more


controlled way, it saves a lot of risk and is fundamentally cheaper as


well. Some environmental groups are worried about the wider proposals,


they think that Shell are in breach of international law, is that a


blow? We are grateful to those groups who have contributed, we will


sit down and share more insight and knowledge with whoever needs to


wherever appropriate, that's the whole idea of public consultation,


to get comments. We will always comply with the law. This project,


ten years in the planning, another ten years to go, but the lift


itself, the key moment as Brent D is lifted off its legs, it will take


itself, the key moment as Brent D is all of ten seconds and is due to


take place in a few weeks' time. College lecturers across Scotland


have voted to take strike action in a dispute over variations


in pay between different A deal to settle a strike last year


was intended to resolve the issue but the union claims no progress has


been made since then. A huge dump of illegal waste


on the outskirsts of Glasgow is being blamed for an infestation


of flies in the area. Residents of Newton Mearns,


who want the rubbish removed were told it


would take time to deal with, as it was being treated


as a "crime scene". Our reporter Rebecca Curran sent


this report earlier. By the council and the environment


protection agency say tackling this issue is their top priority. They


say residents were noticing a fly infestation in the area sometime


ago. None of them wanted to go on camera today but they told me at


ago. None of them wanted to go on times there were swarms of 30 or 40


flies in their home, some have been making their own nets to put over


Windows and doors and others have reported feeling unwell. The problem


lies on the land behind these gates, what we now know is that a large


amount of illegal waste was dumped here, it cannot be confirmed exactly


what it is but say that due to the volume and variety of it, it will


take some time to remove. I spoke with East Renfrewshire Council


earlier and they had an update on when that operation might get


underway. We are hopeful it will commence tomorrow morning and if


not, very soon after. In conjunction with perhaps some pest control


activity to limit the areas, it could take several days. It just


depends on how quickly the material can be removed. The company say they


have devoted resources to getting the area cleaned up and catching


those responsible, this is now a the area cleaned up and catching


criminal investigation. A representative of the landowner who


hopes to demolish this site and build a retirement village say it


was leased to a third party at the time. Authorities have thanked the


local community here that their patients but having spoken to many


of them today, it seems that that patients is quickly running out.


The National Secular Society is calling for the monks


who make Buckfast, which has been linked to violence in Scotland,


to have their charitable status removed - claiming


The Abbey Trust, which made nearly ?9 million


from sales of the drink last year - say it's surprised


The Charity Commission says it will "assess the information".


A ceremony in Glasgow has honoured a soldier who sacrificed his life


Lieutenant Donald Mackintosh was 21 when he led a company


of men at the Battle of Arras in France.


He was wounded as they advanced on an enemy trench -


but despite that, he encouraged his men


He later died and was posthumously awarded


He was just a supreme example of what the human spirit, and all those


who fought with him and died with him, is. They found they were able


to do in the most appalling conditions of battle.


That's how the club's managing director has described plans


for a purpose-built training ground of their own.


The ?4 million for the project is coming from two


well-known benefactors as Kheredine Idessane reports.


Plenty to smile about nowadays, as if a top six finish wasn't enough,


now they are breaking new ground, their first ever dedicated training


Company. Our big day is this in the history of this couple.? One of the


biggest. Without question, I don't think we will be able to answer


until we are able to see the benefit of the training facility for the


next 20, 25 years. Transformation is probably the best way to describe


it. How does a club with a turnover of under ?3.5 million and a profit


of just over 200,000 built a bespoke training academy for four million?


Thanks to one of the wealthiest fans. They would build the passivity


and lease it back, ending their past as nomads. Sometimes, it is


difficult to find something, this example is its holiday weekend,


places are closed, we need to find somewhere else, it's very difficult.


This will solve the problems for the players as well to have that base.


As anyone who's tried to buy a house in the West End of Glasgow will the


new, property and land are very expensive. So don't expect the new


training facility to perform anywhere near Firhill when it's


built on a couple of years' time. Before club who almost went out of


business 20 years ago and have now secured their first top six finish


in the top division Saint Martin 81, the future could scarcely look


brighter. It's been quite a wet day of weather


across much of the Northwest. We can only offer a gradual improvement


through the night. That batch of rain sinks southwards into Argyll


and Bute, through the Glasgow area, and to Dumfries Galloway through


the early hours. Across the North and east in Scotland, there will be


some clear spells and a scattering of showers. A fairly windy night,


touching gale force at times across the Western Isles. But irritably


mould might instore also. But the early risers, still some rain


affecting parts of the West and south-west, gradually clearing


through the morning, if you're heading out, expect leaden skies


across the south of the country, with some rain lingering to which


Dumfries Galloway, try and brighter feeding into which Argyll


and Bute and crossed the central brighter feeding into which Argyll


belt, passed through showers affecting the Western Isles and much


of the Northwest Highlands and Northern Isles is wealth of bright


and sunny spells to anything in between. As we go through tomorrow,


this weather front to the south continues to track its way through


much of England and Wales, by the time it reaches the far south of


England, nothing more than one or two spits and spots of rain. Across


Northern Ireland and Scotland, bright spells and a scattering of


showers, again, fairly chilly feel in exposure to his brisk winds.


Showers becoming fewer and further between tomorrow evening. By


Thursday, fairly frequent showers affecting parts of the west of the


UK. Still on the chilly side. We are back tomorrow morning. Good




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