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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Pauline Cafferkey, the nurse who survived ebola,


is to return to Sierra Leone where she contracted the disease.


She says the trip, to raise funds for orphaned children,


will give her closure, after what she's described


This is the image which has come to define Pauline Cafferkey, being


medevac to London under strictest quarantine,


The relapse and the meningitis it brought was the worst to get over.


I was destroyed, my body was destroyed, I could do very


of hospital, and then I was on crutches, and it has been


a long slow process, and I am still in a


Which makes it all the more surprising that she has


decided to go back to Sierra Leone next month -


not to nurse this time, but to take part in a run


I plan to run 10K, I definitely wouldn't be up for the


marathon, but I am planning to do 10K for fundraising while I


They have identified 1,200 children who are particularly


vulnerable, and they were orphans as a result of a Ebola.


Helping the orphans that Ebola left behind is a cause very dear to her.


She particularly remembers a little 12-year-old whose dying


He was just distraught, as you would be.


And he had lost other members of his family as well.


I don't know what happened to him after.


Is he someone that you might be able to try and seek out


He would be a little bit older now, no?


the start of a long battle for Pauline Cafferkey,


to get back to health and clear her


Accused of allowing a wrong temperature to be recorded for


her during screening, the misconduct charge


was dismissed after the hearing heard she had been impaired


by two nurses she met working in Sierra Leone.


Going back is the first step in leaving that image


behind her once and for all, as she moves on with her life.


I think psychologically, it is important that I go back.


I have had a terrible couple of years since then,


so it will be good to go back, for things to come full circle for


The number of Scots seeking work fell over the winter months


That takes the unemployment rate to below that of the UK as a whole.


Here's our business and economy editor, Douglas Fraser.


Unemployment across Britain hasn't been any lower than this since 1975.


In Scotland, the jobless rate is 4.5% of the workforce,


That's with an estimated 15,000 fewer Scots


seeking work between December and February.


But contrary to the wider UK trend, the number of Scots in work


while the number of working-age Scots who are not in or available


for work has continued to rise, up 18,000.


The figures, from the Office for National Statistics,


show employees' pay inflation over the year


running at 2.3%, including bonuses -


the same as the most recent figure for rising prices.


That means real spending power has stalled.


With unemployment so low, recruitment pricey, and growing talk


of skills shortages, it is all the more important to retain valued


That doesn't include the self-employed.


And it's a signal that growth in real spending power has stalled,


with potentially big implications for the economy.


Meet the millennial boss, dropping into his Glasgow office.


His business offers experiences from meals to balloon flights


with more than one million members of its online club.


We have our hot air balloon and our magical tree, and all of


these things are reflected in the business, they all serve purposes.


The team sparkles every time a member joins,


so typically 600 join every day, so it has a subtle


When you are young and growing a business,


retention is one of the biggest challenges you face, and we have


grown up as a business and understood a bit more about it, so


retention is a key priority, so much time


is spent tried to find the right people, and maintaining them


is what you have to do to grow the company.


While players rising no faster than prices, there are other


ways to keep workers from rebels - at least where bosses have


M ranked high in the place of great places to work.


We are doing things right, doing things


well, and having things in place that recognise the difference every


single one of our employees can make.


Selling clothes may not be a way for workers to get rich, but a


happy worker can be fulfilled in other ways.


They invest in you so much as a person, and my confidence


The people are amazing, all management, they are so approachable


and great, always wanting to develop you, constantly push you to your


Workers are reporting younger people leaving because they are simply


poured. They want work to support health and


The Scottish Government has announced that the ferry service


to Arran will continue to operate from Ardrossan.


Ministers made the decision after a specially commissioned study


looked at issues including reliability, fares, travel time


ABP had launched a bid to run the ferry from Troon.


Peel Ports, the company who own Ardrossan harbour has pledged,


along with North Ayrshire Council, to invest in improved facilities.


A new section of the M8 will open to traffic this month.


The link between Newhouse and Baillieston will open


westbound on the 23rd, eastbound a week later.


It's a welcome end to diversions which have been


It has been described as the M8's missing link.


But now after two months under construction, this


section of newly built road between Newhouse and Baillieston


It marks a major milestone in the half ?1 million project to


reduce congestion between Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Next week, the first part of the M8 will be complete,


coming westbound firstly, and a week later, eastbound.


That will mean for the first time mainstream Scotland,


the road between Edinburgh and Glasgow, is motorway


This is tremendous news on a substantial project.


It may be good news, but there have been


delays while work has been under way.


It has been a long journey for commuters,


This section may be opening ahead of schedule, but


drivers are warned to expect further delays while some diversions remain


Once the road is fully open, it is estimated journey times


will be cut by around 20 minutes during peak periods.


People who used the Shawhead travel junctions, they


should visit Transport Scotland website to gain an understanding of


As you say, the euro central junction, there will be


diversions in place, and at Shawhead, so please


follow diversion signs and we will


get the work complete as soon possible.


After weeks of diversions and delays, it seems the end of the


road is finally in sight for drivers on Scotland's busiest motorway.


Masked raiders who threatened a pensioner in her home were


The images were posted to social media by the family


of the 69-year-old victim in a bid to trace those responsible


Fayyaz Rahman said the men forced their way into his mother-in-law's


Police said their inquiries were ongoing.


Health campaigners are calling on the Scottish Government to take


One million people here drink more than the recommended amount,


and more than 20 people die every week from alcohol-related illness -


that's according to an umberella group,


which includes Alcohol Focus Scotland and the BMA.


Their proposals include a cut in children's exposure


Ministers say they'll give the ideas careful consideration.


The new head coach of the Scotland women's football team says


the appointment is the pinnacle of her career.


Shelley Kerr will take charge in the summer,


after the European Championship in the Netherlands.


Here's our senior football reporter, Chris McLaughlin.


There is a wind of change blowing through the women's game


I have been involved for such a long time.


I mentioned before how proud I was to captain my country,


but to be sitting here today and to be the


national coach, it is a dream come true.


She has played for the likes of Hearts, Hibs


She has been in charge at the Scotland under 19 level,


Her appointment comes before the squad


head off for the European Championships in the summer, and


although she will not be involved, she will be there.


Shelley will concentrate on everything after the


European Championships and we have planned for everything


The team were planned for everything between now and going to the Euros.


Shelley will be going on watching bases.


When Shelley Kerr takes over in the summer, it should


Top tournament status will have been achieved.


For men, it is about growing the game and qualifying a World Cup.


Few at Hampden Park need any reminders of how


A semi-professional footballer in Glasgow has scored one of the


Lets get the weather forecast now with Kirsteen.


Some sunshine and showers have been the order of the day, with plenty of


rainbows around, too. Tonight, we continue along the Sharif team,


particularly so in the west and north. Clear spells to the east into


tomorrow morning. Around 8am we are expecting plenty of sunshine across


the likes of the Borders, Fife and the north-east. A much cloudier


prospect across much of the west into the Northwest and Northern


Isles with plenty of showers continuing. These will continue


bright through the day. As we had through the day further east, the


case of clouds continuing to increase. Not as windy as it was


yesterday and today across the country, although it will still feel


fairly chilly underneath the cloud. Across the rest of the UK, we are in


the same board. A fair amount of cloud and bits and pieces of cloudy


rain at times. The rest of the Thornton tomorrow afternoon will be


across the far south-west, temperature wise for most of us at


across the far south-west, around ten to 14 Celsius. Looking


across the far south-west, ahead to Good Friday, a lot of


clouds come with some showers and longer spells of rain. Particularly


for western areas. Across Scotland, the best of the sunshine will be in


the east. Brisk westerly winds on Friday, so again, really quite a


cold feel. Especially in exposure to the wind and showers. Saturday, a


fairly benign day of weather. A lot of cloud to come, hence the


brightness and fun turnaround at times. Across the west and the north


of Scotland, we may well see some wintry showers being pitched in on


hold north another westerly winds. Easter Sunday, this weather front is


set to make inroads across Northern Ireland and Scotland, producing some


rain, drier further sad. That's the weather forecast.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6:25am tomorrow morning.


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