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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A BBC investigation has found that construction faults have been found


They are similar to those that led to the closure of 17 schools


It was this time last year that parents discovered it wasn't just


one school in Edinburgh that has been badly built, but 17.


Now, in a Freedom of Information request, the BBC has discovered that


71 more schools in Scotland have been found to have similar defects.


These schools are located across 15 local authorities and that takes


the total, when you include Edinburgh, to 89 faulty schools


What has also emerged is that 11 local authorities


say they have not yet carried out the more detailed


intrusive checks on all their schools.


These are surveys the report into the Edinburgh scandal said


It was only when nine tonnes of wall came crashing


into the playground at this primary school last January


that they realised the school had not been built properly.


The official report said it was lucky nobody was killed.


It then emerged that 17 schools in the city


But the number of schools we now know to have been affected


It's actually frightening to think there are so


many schools that potentially have the same problem.


Let's not forget that, at that school, somebody


Defective bits like this were part of the problem.


Because the faults were not found in one


that work is supervised and signed off.


The whole industry has to look at the system and how we can manage


that better than we have, as is indicated at the moment.


As repairs continued today, councils were reminded


of their duty to make sure their buildings are safe.


It's vital that parents have the confidence and a guarantee


that buildings are safe and secure for their children and that's why


the obligation must be taken very seriously by local authorities,


to ensure that buildings are properly constructed,


that they are certificated in terms of the design and structure that has


been undertaken and that the safety of young people can be guaranteed,


This is where is all started, but where does it finish?


83 of the 89 schools the buildings have been fixed.


However, these problems may not just be confined to schools.


In fact, the way that all public buildings are bought


and built in Scotland is now the subject of review.


It has emerged that Gerry King, who has been chairman


of Celtic Boys Club, has been charged in connection with


non-recent sexual abuse offences. Police Scotland confirmed


that a 65-year-old man was charged on 15th February,


and a report has been sent to the Procurator Fiscal.


Mr King, a teacher at Glasgow's St Martha's Primary School,


has been suspended from teaching duties by Glasgow City Council,


pending the outcome of the police investigation.


There is no information to indicate that the charges relate to any


A protest took place in Glasgow tonight against a UK-wide change to


tax credits that's become known as the "rape clause".


The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has described


But Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson


has challenged the Scottish government to use its own


welfare powers, if it wants to do things differently.


Here is our political correspondent, Glenn Campbell.


These protesters gathering in Glasgow are against the new policy


restricting child tax credit claims to the first two children, and they


are far from impressed by the exemption for women


who conceive a third or subsequent child as a result


In order to claim for the third child that has been


conceived through rape, a woman has to fill this out


and then she has to get a third party to sign it to say,


This is an extreme measure that they are expecting women to go to.


I think it shows a complete lack of understanding around rape, sexual


assault and the impact it has on women.


The Department for Work and Pensions says that women who have


children through rape are specifically exempted from the two


child policy so that they don't lose out on benefits, and they say that


such cases will be handled with compassion.


In America last week, the First Minister said the


They have to prove, they have to prove,


that the child was conceived as a result of rape.


Now, it is a disgusting and disgraceful policy.


On social media, the First Minister said it was shameful


that the Scottish Conservatives defended the policy.


Kezia Dugdale said it was terrible but Ruth Davidson


Kezia Dugdale said it was terrible that Ruth Davidson


They have housed in something they say they oppose


but they are choosing not to do it because


they would rather take the UK government than change


the system in Scotland, and I think the First Minister


choosing to do that and not putting forward proposals to changes


opens after allegations of hypocrisy.


It is cruel and it stigmatises not just the women but


The SNP say the so-called rape clause and to child


policy for tax credits should be scrapped across the UK.


A man has died after a violent incident in the centre of Glasgow.


Police said an assault took place just after four o'clock this


The suspected assailant made off on foot towards West Nile Street,


before inflicting injuries on himself.


He died a short time later in hospital.


It is understood the incident is not terrorist-related.


Robots and advanced computer systems are set to transform the way work


That is according to a report from Scottish Enterprise,


which says automation will bring big changes to all parts of Scotland's


Our business correspondent David Henderson has been to a dairy


farm that relies on robots to do much of the work.


This is a dairy farm with a difference.


For hundreds of years, farmers have been milking cows but,


here, it's a robot which does that job.


It's helped the farm become more productive than many of its rivals.


The benefits for the cows are unbelievable, because they can


go on to the robots whenever they want.


It's a stress-free atmosphere for them.


To be honest, if the cows are happy, get more milk.


As the cows eat, another robot gets to


work, serving up the food like a helpful way to.


In the last 100 years, farming has been transformed


by technology, whether its tractors or robots, like this thing.


These days, fewer people than ever work on


farms, and yet they have never been so productive.


The robots will tell us how much milk has been produced


Machines are changing the way that farmers work,


telling them what they need to know and taking over dull and


The biggest benefit for us is being able to utilise the technical


skill of our staff to the greatest of their ability.


The robots allow us to deal with all of the


repetitive jobs that can be automated.


A new report from Scottish Enterprise spells out how


almost every workplace in the country will face changes


because of clever machines, so where do people fit in?


The opportunity, the big prize is to help develop


individuals, to redeploy people, to get that higher value work and to


harness machines and, if we can do that, that will improve


At Dundee and Angus college, they are rising to that challenge.


Students here learned to control a new generation


Digital technology now is all around us.


It touches every single sector that we work in.


Without preparing young people and older adult returners


with these skills, we won't have the workforce that we need


Without advanced robots, farms like this one would find it


much harder to operate and today's report makes it clear that


technology is creating jobs where it didn't exist before,


but few workplaces will remain untouched in the years ahead.


Rangers chairman Dave King faces a legal fight,


after ignoring an order to make an offer for the remaining shares


King is deemed to have breached Takeover Panel rules and was given


until yesterday to bid for two thirds of Rangers' shares.


The businessman said such an offer was not in the interest of either


Rangers or shareholders. Alasdair Lamont has more.


This all relates to purchases or attempted purchases of Rangers


Effectively resulting in the overthrowing of the previous


board and Rangers coming under the control of the current


chairman, Dave King, and like-minded fans and investors,


including Douglas Park. Because they acquire more than 30%


of Rangers' shares and the takeover panel deemed them to be working


as a concerted party, King was told he needed to make an offer to other


shareholders of more than ?11 million.


to yesterday to do that. When that appeal failed,


he went to Edinburgh, to try to have the order enforced.


It is difficult to predict exactly how the court might view this.


Dave King has so far argued that any offer would not


represent value for money for shareholders, as the 20p he would be


offering is below the current value of Rangers shares.


Regardless of how the court looks at it, the takeover


panel has their own potential sanctions if it continues to refuse


to comply with the orders, the most serious of which is called financial


cold shouldering, which prevents city institutions


Now, we can catch up with the weather outlook


Temperatures really struggling in the north tomorrow, with fresh


westerly winds making for quite a chilly though. Across the rest of


the UK, again, quite a lot of cloud. Outbreaks of rain across the North


and north-west of England and perhaps some parts of Wales. A highs


of around 16 Celsius around the London area, given that we do see


some brightness or sunshine. Into tomorrow evening, back on home turf


again that mixture of bright sunny spells and some showers. Really


quite frequent and heavy across the North and falling snow -- falling as


snow on the heels. Saturday, the best day for many areas of the


weekend with lots of brightness and some sunshine. Brisk north-westerly


winds across the North of Scotland feeding in a number of showers.


Really quite a raw feel in exposure to these winds. For Easter Sunday,


quite a lot of dry weather. A fair amount of cloud. We may see some


showers affecting the far north of Scotland, and these could well be


showers affecting the far north of wintry in nature over the hills on


the high ground, and still feeling chilly.


Thanks very much. From everyone on the latest team, good night.


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