14/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


5,000 heart valve patients in Scotland have been warned that


bypass machines used in operations may have been contaminated


But Health Protection Scotland say the risk of infection is very low.


Here's our health correspondent, Lisa Summers.


This is in response to a UK-wide alert that has been in place


What has happened is that there is believed to be a link


between the bacteria mycobacterium chimaera


and the type of device used to heat up cold blood during certain types


This device is absolutely essential for this type of surgery, and it's


thought that perhaps the equipment may have become contaminated.


Around 5,000 people in Scotland have received these letters.


They have gone to people who had their valve repaired or replaced.


The consequences of not taking any action are clearly very serious,


Across the UK, 26 cases have been identified,


and, out of that, 15 patients have died.


Since then, measures have been taken to improve


Health Protection Scotland say that anybody who might start


experiencing symptoms - they could start as flu-like


symptoms or weight loss or night sweats -


should contact their doctor as soon as possible.


It can lie dormant in a body for five to six years.


They say that, although the risk is low, you should contact


your GP as soon as possible if you have any symptoms.


Police have revealed that one of the men stabbed in Glasgow city


centre yesterday was deliberately targeted by his attacker.


The 33-year-old who carried out the assault later died


It's emerged that a third man was also injured,


The incident has been referred to the Police Investigations


Detectives investigating the alleged rape of a man in Dumfries last


weekend say they're now satisfied that no crime took place.


Specialist investigating officers had been reviewing CCTV and


taking statements from witnesses, after the alleged assault


in the town's Brooms Road in the early hours of Sunday.


But now they say they're no longer looking for a male suspect,


who was reported to have attacked the victim.


Free-range egg producers in Scotland are beginning


where they've been housed since December.


The industry took the decision to house the hens, after bird flu


forced some farmers in England to impose tight restrictions.


Our rural affairs correspondent Kevin Keane reports.


These are free-range hens which haven't been


Since bird flu arrived in December, they have been inside barns.


It's not the Government that has forced this restriction.


High-risk zones were designated in some parts of England,


The industry on both sides of the border responded as one.


They have had the upset of being shut in but they are surviving


Extra bio-security measures might be necessary, with additional feed


I think it's been probably as difficult as I expected,


but more than 50% of the UK eggs produced are free-range eggs,


so we have to protect consumer demand,


Normally, if you were standing, the hens would be coming and coming


from the shed through these hatches, giving them a free range


Also things like this to try to keep them stimulated.


Since this ban has been introduced, all of this has been out of bounds.


The hens here produced thousands of eggs every


day and all of these are destined


for the UK's biggest supermarkets.


Being housed indoors, consumers have had to be told


that they are no longer technically free-range.


The preventions we all have in place expire on the 30th of April.


We are looking now at the populations of wild birds to see


These birds will now be reintroduced gradually to the outside world.


Ministers will decide whether the extra bio-security


The Scottish cyclist, Katie Archibald, has won gold


at the Track Cycling World Championships in Hong Kong.


gave Britain its first gold of the championships.


The 23-year-old from Milngavie succeeds Laura Kenny


Katie was part of the winning Olympic team in Rio,


but she admits that individual success was a different feeling.


It is odd to celebrate by yourself and it feels lonely but looking


forward to going back to the hotel...


I am feeling pain primarily, but I'm happy


That was a bumpy race and I thought I had lost it


Chasing and chasing and being attacked...


I got back on in the end and pulled it out of the bag.


Football, and tonight's Premiership match between Kilmarnock


and Hearts ended in a disappointing goal-less draw.


Veteran striker Kris Boyd had two chances right


at the end of the match, but couldn't break


By contrast, there was a high score at tonight's Pro 12


Warriors thumped the Italian side Zebre 45 points to 10.


They scored seven tries, and won a bonus point.


Let's get the Easter weekend weather forecast now, from Kirsteen.


Thank you very much, Sally. A mixed bag. Good evening, the Shari theme


over the past couple of days has allowed our weather watchers to take


some superb pictures of rainbows. Thank you to purple horse who


captured this gorgeous image over Loch Broom earlier today. Tonight,


showers continued, especially frequent and heavy across the North


and west, some clear spells at times elsewhere. Into tomorrow, again, a


case of some bright or sunny spells and some showers. Especially heavy


and frequent tomorrow morning across the North, being driven in on fresh


to strong north-west winds. Come tomorrow afternoon however, across


much of southern, central and eastern Scotland, a lot of dry


weather with some bright or sunny spells and just a scattering of


showers. In the sheltered East, temperatures may meet 11 or 12


Celsius, not feeling too bad. Across the North however, we hold onto the


strong winds making quite a cold feel. Although the showers will


become more scattered here tomorrow afternoon, some of them may well


still be on the heavy side. Across the rest of the UK for Northern


Ireland and northern England, much the same as ourselves. Some bright


or sunny spells and a scattering of showers. Elsewhere however, dry with


some sunshine and temperatures generally around ten to 14 Celsius.


Into tomorrow evening, showers becoming fewer and further between.


A fine end to the day, sunshine around the lid will feel chilly.


Looking ahead to Easter Day, Easter Sunday, some uncertainty regarding


this rain moving in. We expect it to come through most of the South West


of Scotland, into England and Wales steadily marching south-eastwards


during the day. The North of Scotland will see a lot of dry,


bright weather, but it will feel cold with biting northerly winds and


a few wintry showers and then for Easter Monday, a ridge of high


pressure, mostly dry conditions, again feeling rather cold.


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