17/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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it's time for the news where you are.


Police have been speaking to motorists and residents


in a Glasgow suburb exactly a week after three masked men


broke into a woman's home and stole ?4,500.


A fourth man was waiting in a getaway car in


Photographs of two of the men, taken by the family,


They were pursued from the house by relatives, and what then happened


was there was a stand-off as they tried to make their way


into the suspect vehicle to leave, and this is why I am appealing


to members of the public who may have witnessed this


It was a very busy road and a busy time of the evening and that is why


we are making an appeal to the public.


Efforts are under way to clear a major illegal waste dump which has


brought swarms of flies to people's homes to the south of Glasgow.


The public is being asked to help track down those responsible


for the massive piles of refuse dumped at a warehouse


The Scottish Environment Protection Agency says calls about the former


Netherplace Dye Works will be treated in confidence.


Police are investigating allegations that a former member of staff


double-booked weddings at a luxury castle near Forfar in Angus and made


Guthrie Castle's website has a message asking anyone who's booked


a wedding or event to get in touch with them.


Guthrie Castle sits here in the Angus countryside,


It is a very popular venue for weddings.


But the castle's website has been taken down and replaced by a message


asking anyone who has booked a wedding here or other events


The allegations circulating on social media are that a former


member of staff double-booked weddings and pocketed the deposits.


I spoke to one man who is due to have his wedding in October.


He phoned the castle and they said they could not check his booking


because it was a bank holiday today but they would be back


Understandably, he is very concerned to know whether his wedding


will be going ahead in just six months' time.


The castle have not made any comment but Police Scotland have confirmed


The use of recorded video updates for parents whose babies


are in hospital is being trialled to help families stay connected.


The pilot project at Glasgow's Royal Hospital


for Children is thought to be a first in the UK.


She has spent her life so far in hospital.


Her parents, like many, cannot always be there


So doctors have come up with a solution.


We spoke to parents and said, what would be a good


A father himself suggested video messaging might be


Staff record and film updates of the babies


Nurses hope it will also mean their phones will ring less often.


We would hope in the future that we could use this


for all the babies, so it would mean when the parents wake up


in the morning they will see a video of their baby,


they will not see the need to phone in, they will just get up and get


When you were at home, what was it like to click


on the link and see your baby when you are at home?


It was difficult to go home but you need to.


We got e-mails to go online and look at videos that the nurses had


taken during the night, things like getting weighed


and when they had just changed her and she had a new outfit


on or a video of her going back to sleep again.


It was nice to show our older son who could not come up


It is early days for this trial but clinical staff hope to offer it


to any family on the neonatal ward and there has been interest


in expanding the scheme to other hospitals in Glasgow and in London.


The outgoing Dundee manager Paul Hartley says he's in no doubt


he leaves the club in a far stronger position than when he first


Hartley was sacked today, with the club 11th


in the Premiership - that's the relegation playoff spot.


They've lost their last seven league matches.


Hartley released a statement saying he respects the board's decision.


The newest visitor attraction in Inverness has opened


Visitors to Inverness Castle Viewpoint can get a 360-degree view


of many of the famous landmarks in the surrounding area.


Only 59 people are allowed on the platform at any one time.


The new V Design Museum is taking shape on Dundee's waterfront thanks


The building's complex curves mean none of its walls


The advanced design has been made possible by a detailed three-D


digital model which controls every aspect of the project.


Our science correspondent Kenneth Macdonald has this report.


The V Dundee will showcase the best in design.


The design of its building is so complex, so curvy,


it couldn't have been built five years ago.


Here is one example of how complex this design is.


This wall curves this way but it also curves that way.


This wall, this thick, is holding the building up.


It is a sculpture with the building in it.


There is not a square metre of the facade which is the same.


No-one sat down at a drawing board to create this.


from which everything else builds. as a detailed digital model


This was a building that we had to approach as a 3-D object.


The structure is one big overall machine,


the walls, roofs, floors, they all interact and each other.


It is one piece of design so we cannot chop it up into bits.


The V Dundee will open next year, packed with design classics.


It's already a trendsetter in building design and technology.


Kenneth Macdonald, Reporting Scotland, Dundee.


Well, it's over to Kirsteen now with the weather outlook


A fine end to the day with plenty of sunshine. Under clear skies tonight


with light winds if I leave -- a fairly widespread and sharp frost


will develop, particularly in rural areas. Temperatures are widely


falling below freezing. We expect perhaps as low as -8 in some


sheltered rural parts of the Highlands. Thicker cloud working its


way into the north-west by the end of the night and the temperatures


will return ton recover somewhat. Cold sunshine in the morning. During


the day, some high cloud spills in from the west, turning the sunshine


hazy across many areas. Thicker cloud in the north-west will produce


some light and patchy outbreaks of rain across the Western Isles.


Across the rest of the UK, cloudy in the afternoon across Northern


Ireland, high pressure in England and Wales, plenty of brightness.


Quite a cool feel for most of us. Freshening south to south-westerly


winds across the western and Northern Isles. Tomorrow evening,


cloudy for most of us and we will see the rain across the Western


Isles begin to move further south and east during the night. On


Wednesday, a fair amount of cloud, some rain across the south-east in


the morning and then light and patchy rain working its way into


Western coastal areas. The best of the brightness and sunshine will be


across the north-east. It will be milder noticeably than lately,


particularly in the sunshine in the north-east, temperatures at around


15. Over the next few days, largely dry, some light rain in the West,


the best sunshine in the east, much milder.


But, from everyone on the late team, goodnight.


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