19/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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A UK general election will be held on the 8th of June after MPs backed


the Prime Minister's call for a snap poll.


The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made the Scottish National Party's


initial election pitch here this morning, before MPs had even voted


on the Conservative Government's plans for that June election.


And when it came to the vote on that issue this afternoon,


Here's our Westminster Correspondent, Nick Eardley.


It started with Nicola Sturgeon quick off the mark. Only the SNP


stands between Scotland and an increasingly hardline Tory


government. She offered to work with other parties to try and keep the


Conservatives out of government and argued that SNP win in Scotland


would be a case against the Independent vote. When the tide is


right, will crumble to dust. In 2015, her party won 26 of Scotland's


right, will crumble to dust. In 59 seats. Will be aiming for the


same this time? I be leading a campaign to reach Tain -- return


each and everyone of the constituencies. Winning those 56


seats would be a huge challenge for Nicola Sturgeon's party. The only


way is down. This party... Hello! Smiles as the campaign begins but


there's a long road ahead. The Prime Minister hopes to be smiling too.


She wants to backing for her Brexit plans. The government offering a


chance to vote for the general election that will secure the strong


and stable leadership that continues to see is through Brexit and beyond.


She's faced claims of hypocrisy for saying and independence would would


be a distraction but then calling an election a response. Now is the time


for a general election because it will strengthen our hand on the


negotiations for Brexit. Now is not the time for a second Scottish


independence referendum because it will weaken our hand in negotiations


on Brexit. The SNP and conservatives argue it's a straight battle between


them in Scotland but others want European vote to do. The Liberal


Democrats will speak for Scotland. If you want to send a message to the


First Minister is that we don't want a second independent, and a message


to the Prime Minister that we don't want a hard Brexit, you fought for


the Labour Party. The eyes want a hard Brexit, you fought for


right, 522. SNP MPs abstained. The nose to the left, 13. So for the


next seven weeks, you'll hear arguments from across the political


spectrum about policy, about a Brexit, about the future of the


Brexit, about the future of the UK and Scotland.


Or independence? Or is it about the economy?


Our political editor Brian Taylor casts a wry glance


In politics, these are troubled, confusing times. Let's take things


back to the roots. Maybe over the next few weeks, you might find it


handy to have a clove of garlic ready to kick those canvassers away!


I want to quote that great Scottish sage, the movie ogre charrette. He


reminded us that onions have layers. So, too, to elections. The first


layer is the constituency. This is not a presidential contest. These


old Westminster parliamentary elections, you're directly electing


an MP, your local champion. elections, you're directly electing


Secondly, the UK Government. You're selecting indirectly a tenant for


this has. Your choosing and UK Cabinet in overall control of the


economy, both sides of industry say alongside constitutional to mother


must be an emphasis on growth and jobs. Focus on the economy, focus on


telling us exactly what the government is going to do to create


an environment that business can actually grow and business can


invest in. That should be the priority. It's about jobs,


investment and infrastructure for business. Focus on the policies that


matter to people on that day basis. The quality of employment, the fact


that too many people are working in precarious work with low pay, they


don't have access to quality public services. Those people working in


public services are struggling to provide quality public services.


Layer three, Brexit. Theresa May wants support for her for long


version of quitting the EU. She wants a bigger majorities to see


that through Parliament. Opponents wants to challenge her, I'd is


thwarting Brexit altogether, defending the single market, was


seeking a Scottish team. And there's independence. The Tories up that a


bigger vote for them across Scotland would ease the pressure for a


referendum. By contrast, the SNP give primary focus to countering


Conservative austerity and a hard Brexit. They insist they already


have a Holyrood mandate for a referendum. But they say a big vote


for them would reinforce that, meaning that Tory opposition would


crumble to dust. But of course, there's another thing to bear in


mind when you're in peeling the layers of an onion. It's cool all


end in tears. -- it could all end in tears.


So, to that campaign, and the battle for your votes to come.


What is on your mind and how will you decide


where to mark your cross on the ballot paper?


Cameron Buttle reports from Scotland's most marginal seat.


This is called Scots view. It was said to have been so Walter Scott's


favoured few of the Scottish Borders. It's right in the heart of


the Roxburgh and South Cliff constituency and that covers a huge


swathe of southern Scotland. From the West to the Ettrick Valley,


right over to Eyemouth in the east. All of that is the battle ground for


the closest fight in Scotland. And that includes places like hike,


Jedi, Galashiels and here in Kelso, when it's already the talk of the


town. Personally I think public transport is a big issue here,


because it's been cut so badly. And National Health Service. If


because it's been cut so badly. And get rid of this independence, I


would. That's not going to happen. Undecided. Scotland will go either


owned or just stay. I don't know if she's... So you're going to go SNP?


Yes. In one shape or another, this constituency had been Liberal


Democrat for decades but in 2015, the SNP surge swept through the


Borders as well, the candidate, Carl Kerr took a seat by just 320 foot.


Second place went to the Scottish Conservatives, John Lamont. The Lib


Dems Michael Daw was knocked down to third but still got more than 10,000


votes. The question is, what will happen to those of us crusty mark it


in interest in. Brexit is going to come into it. 60% voted to remain in


Europe. 66% voted to remain in the United Kingdom. It's a mixed


message, that's going out to the Tories, John Lamont will be


expecting, I would imagine, to win this seat, to wrestle it away from


Calum Kerr of the Nationalists. this seat, to wrestle it away from


is the key vote. Labour has never had a big showing down here though


is the key vote. Labour has never they do have the voters. But some of


them are thinking hard about what they're going to do. Here, my vote


would count, because I vote Labour. But I'll still vote Labour. You


wouldn't think of tactical voting? No. Well, I might if I think the


Tories might get an extra seat. There are around 75,000 votes to


fight for in this constituency and a little over 300 in at the last time.


It doesn't get better. -- it doesn't get any tighter.


Police Scotland say officers have no authority to arrest


a suspect who is the subject of an Interpol alert.


Harris Binotti is being sought by authorities in Myanmar,


They want to question him about the death of another British


Both men had been working as teachers there.


Mr Binotti left Myanmar the day before Mr Ferguson's body


According to newspaper reports, Mr Binotti has


And in Rugby, just two Scots have made it into the British


and Irish Lions squad for the summer tour of New Zealand.


More from our sports reporter David Currie.


Two lions and a shirt, like the Windies Glasgow boys will wear on


the Lions tour of New Zealand in the summer. No wonder the face gleaming.


I'm chuffed to bits. It's hard to sum up. There's been a lot of us by


collision over the last few weeks, who's going and who is not. As soon


as my name was read out today, it was massively excitement. It's


amazing. An amazing feeling. Really proud moment, proud moment for my


family. It's just, yeah, as Evelyn described it, it's a


once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. After the successful six Nations in


which Scotland won three of their five matches including wins over


Wales and Ireland, there's disappointment to do. After all,


there are 11 Irish and 12 Welsh players on the squad. To have two at


this stage, is very disappointing. I thought the brothers might have


gone. Finn Russell might have gone but if you look at the people whose


selecting it, they'd be going with who they know, their Welshman, they


Englishmen. The selection is a matter of opinion. We might slightly


disagree but that's what makes it interesting. This will be a


physically demanding tour, with ten matches being played in just about


five weeks, including three tests against the world champions, New


Zealand. That means injuries and further call ups are inevitable.


With Scotland on tour in Australia, the Lions are in New Zealand,


Scotland players might make Andy stand-bys.


Well, it's over to Chris now with the weather outlook


Very cloudy skies across the country tonight. Also fairly mild


conditions. A few spots of light rain and hillfort -- hill fog.


Primarily in the West. And it's a mild start to the day. Whilst it is


very cloudy, there will be a few brighter claim chinks around the


East Coast up towards northern part of Aberdeenshire, towards the West


Highlands, the islands, more drizzle and persistent rain for the Northern


Isles with a strong westerly. That rain clearing for Shetland but it


will linger for Orkney and in the West, spots of rain on the door for


the course of the day involves cloudy for most, some brighter


moments across eastern parts of the country. Across UK as a whole,


fairly cloudy, the odd spot or the odd shower, through parts of


Northern Ireland in towards Wales, into was the south-west, the best of


any brightness south of the border will be in the far south-east around


Kent and Sussex. Reasonably mild and not too bad for us tomorrow either.


Cloudy in the West, cooler than that. The rest of the afternoon, the


wet weather in the north-west are little heavier, more persistent.


Cold fronts sinking its way southwards, high-pressure nearby,


but we are to the north so that whether French beans is D-Day for


some others on Friday, not all day. Cloudy use darts, moving its way


southwards so it will improve across the North. But sterling fresh as


temperatures drop. Quick look at the weekend, high-pressure and Saturday,


largely dry, cloudy, but at school it times and then this developing


system like to -- likely to bring wet and winter weather throughout


Sunday and into the new working West. -- working week.


Our next update is during Breakfast at 6.25am tomorrow morning.


But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


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