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continuing coverage throughout the night on the BBC News channel but on


BBC One it is time for the news where you


There have been furious exchanges at Holyrood,


as the UK general-election campaign heats up.


The First Minister dismissed Labour's Jeremy Corbyn


And the Conservatives came under sustained attack over


This from our political editor, Brian Taylor.


It is absolutely despicable, disgusting and unacceptable...


Outside Holyrood, political leaders joined a protest


which wants women to prove that they have been


raped if they want tax credit for a third trial.


The First Minister challenged her Conservative opponent.


Do you support the rape clause in principle, or do you, like me,


If the First Minister does not like the two-child tax


Shame on Ruth Davidson and the Conservatives.


She broadened the attack, arguing that only the SNP


The rape clause has been introduced by a Tory government at Westminster


If that's what a Tory government can do with a tiny majority,


let's just think of the damage a Tory government, an unfettered,


out of control Tory government can do with a bigger majority.


Yesterday in Westminster, Nicola Sturgeon indicated she might


contemplate a progressive alliance with Labour if the


And we will say no to a second referendum so that Scotland can get


on with building better schools and public services.


The First Minister's very first intervention in this election has


been to say that she would put Jeremy Corbyn in Number Ten.


Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a coalition with the SNP,


and Nicola Sturgeon steered clear of such talk today, arguing that


You only have to take one look at the polls to know that


Jeremy Corbyn ain't going anywhere near Number Ten Downing Street


on his own or with the help of anyone else.


The Labour leader said that they wanted the Tories


to win UK power to drive Scots towards independence.


It suits the SNP for the Tories to stay in power, because the only


thing the SNP has ever cared about is independence.


Willie Rennie wanted early sight of the SNP manifesto.


He suspected it wouldn't contain a firm commitment


We know what she and her government are up to.


She's trying to get Brexit supporters back onside,


Nicola Sturgeon said her manifesto would emerge in due course.


I support membership of the European Union.


Brian Taylor, Reporting Scotland, Holyrood.


As Brian said in his piece, the idea of a so-called progressive


alliance among Labour, the SNP, the Greens


and Liberal Democrats has been floated by those hoping for a united


But Labour has ruled out any deals with the SNP


Our political correspondent, Nick Eardley, reports.


The next Prime Minister of the UK, Jeremy Corbyn.


It is an ambitious aim if you believe the polls.


But Jeremy Corbyn thinks this election is still up for grabs.


That you might put him in Ten Downing Street


Much of the media and the establishment are saying, this


But of course they do not want us to win.


Because when we win, it is the people, not


Many think it is unlikely that will happen.


Especially without the help of other parties.


But what about an informal arrangement?


If we were to become the largest single party


but not have a majority, we would then set out our policies.


It would then be for the SNP, policy by policy, to decide


whether they thought they should vote with us or not,


But the Conservatives say it is a danger.


There is a very clear choice between strong and stable government


with strong leadership under Theresa May and the Conservatives,


or a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn propped up


by the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrats.


The SNP says it would be interested in alliances,


if that could keep the Conservatives out of government.


There is no prospect of Labour coming back into power


Of course, in the unlikely event that there were to be a way


we could oust the Tories from office and support a progressive


It is not just the Nationalists that have been mooted


The Greens say they are disappointed that Labour


I'm deeply disappointed, and people up and down the country


are disappointed because it is yet more of the same kind of politics


that puts their own political self-interest above the interests


Labour have ruled out a deal so early in this campaign


because they think that rumours of one seriously damaged


But that is exactly why the Conservatives will


Opinion polls suggest it is extremely unlikely.


But at the end of the day it is all down to you, the voters.


Jeremy Corbyn hopes this race is far from over.


Too many sweet puddings and not enough fresh vegetables -


that's the verdict of health campaigners on some


Obesity Action Scotland says improvements to school meals


could play an important part in reducing childhood obesity.


The Government is reviewing its guidance to local authorities


on what should be in the meals we give to pupils.


Here's our education correspondent, Jamie McIvor.


For some youngsters, their school dinner is the most


At this school, fresh fruit and vegetables are always an option.


It's important that you're always healthy and you get your five a day.


It's not OK to have pizza and chips every day because it's


Is it OK to eat sweets some of the time?


It is only for treats, not every day.


There are government guidelines to try to make sure that the meals


Councils are responsible for the local service.


Scottish Government have strict legislation


Chips only appear on the menu once a week.


What is most important is making sure that the other options that


are available are healthy and enticing for the young people.


Many schools and councils would highlight what they


But although there are national guidelines, is there


The quality of school meals that are offered across Scotland


Local authorities tended to offer puddings more often than soup,


and they regularly serve processed food and red meat.


They also want schools to cut down on processed foods,


and say vegetables, soups and salads should take priority over puddings.


The Government is currently reviewing the guidance.


What I would say to parents is that the standards that we have


in place are enforced by statute, they are of the highest quality,


they guarantee that young people are getting high-quality,


high-nutritional-value food in our schools,


but we are constantly considering and assessing those


regulations to make sure that the high standards that we set


are able to be delivered in practice and we set up inspections to make


Back in this dining hall, healthy choices seem


Councils can be held to account for the quality


and the council elections are just a fortnight away.


The campaigners say candidates across the country should


The former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has gone on trial,


accused of a fraudulent acquisition of the club.


The 46-year-old faces two charges relating


Earlier, I spoke to our business correspondent, David Henderson,


who was at the High Court in Glasgow.


The case got under way here today. No evidence was led but the jury was


selected, made up of eight men and seven women. Craig Whyte faces two


charges relating to the way the club changed hands six years ago. He is


charged with fraud and a breach of the companies act. The first charge


alleges that he pretended to the then owner of Rangers, Sir David


Murray, that he had sufficient funds to take a controlling stake in the


Ibrox club. The Crown complains that in fact Mr Whyte did not have


sufficient money but funded the deal through a loan taken out against


future season-ticket sales of the second charge centres on the ?18


million payment between Mr Whyte's company and Rangers to clear a back


debt. Mr Whyte has pleaded not guilty to both charges. There has


been a lot of publicity. What did the judge have to say about that?


That is right. The judge asked the jury to consider matters before


evidence was to be heard. She said, did you know Craig Whyte, were you a


Rangers shareholder or season-ticket holder at the time of the deal? Is


there any good reason why you can't be impartial? In the event none of


the juror 's had to be excused and the first witness is expected to


begin giving evidence here tomorrow in a trial that could last up to 12


weeks. A gang of seven men have been jailed


for blowing up cash machines ATMs in Aberdeen, Carnoustie


and Perth were targeted during the year-long crime spree,


along with others in England. The gang stole hundreds


of thousands of pounds in total. They were convicted at Liverpool


Crown Court earlier this month, and today received sentences ranging


from ten years to life imprisonment. As many as a hundred jobs could go


at Diageo bottling plants in Glasgow and Fife,


with plans by the drinks giant to move some packaging to Italy,


where its bottling plant 70 jobs are expected to go


at Shieldhall by the end That's unless new bottling contracts


can be won from other companies. Now the weather outlook for tonight


and tomorrow. Good evening, fairly cloudy


conditions tonight and some outbreaks of rain at times as well,


particularly in the North West, but relatively mild away from Shetland.


Tomorrow morning you can see where the wet weather is, in the north


West, but we expect our breakthrough parts of our trial, Strathclyde,


Ayrshire and Galloway. Further north, about rakes of rain to start


the day and quite windy a long northern coasts, especially if you


the day and quite windy a long are walking in Shetland. There could


be wintry showers in Shetland. The zone of wet weather edges southwards


but the further south and east you are any wet weather is light and


patchy, so dry in Edinburgh than Glasgow. Across the UK as a whole,


the North of England is cloudy but dry. In the south, temperatures into


the teens. We are to the north of this cold front so we are getting


colder air. It is an improving day with the rain clearing southwards


and things brightening up but it will be a cold day. Perhaps 11 at


best. At the weekend we still in the colder zone of air but high pressure


nearby so reasonably settled. Still a north-westerly wind which will


feed in some showers particularly through the North Highlands into the


north-east. When Tory on the tops. The many a dry day and some sunshine


coming in but probably 10 degrees at best. -- for many. Sunday, quite an


active area of low pressure bringing wet and windy weather for some. This


is what happens as we head towards next week, the locally as, opening


the floodgates to cold arctic air, meaning it will be cold by night and


by day, April showers and wintry, a mixture of rain, sleet and some


snow. this super-sized hospital has been


transforming lives in Scotland. He said it had been


grown in America.


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