21/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The trial of the former owner of Rangers, Craig Whyte,


has been hearing evidence from two of the club's former managers.


Walter Smith and Ally McCoist told the High Court in Glasgow


about the first time they met Mr Whyte, shortly before he took


He denies acquiring Rangers by fraud.


Craig Whyte arriving at the High Court in Glasgow for a trial which


will focus on his takeover of Rangers six years ago. He faces two


will focus on his takeover of charges. He is accused of fraud by


pretending he had the funds available to buy the club and he is


alleged to have breached the companies act. The first witness in


this trial, one of football 's best-known figures, Walter Smith. As


he celebrated winning the league in made 2011, his rain at Ibrox was


ending, just as Craig Whyte acquired control of the club. But today, he


admitted Rangers' finances were in a perilous state when the club was


sold with a bank overdraft of ?18 million and a lack of money for the


playing squad. Defence counsel asked Walter Smith, did you know by 2011


if the bank had had enough of bankrolling Rangers? Mr Smith said


yes, we had had an indication of that before 2011 with difficult cuts


being made at Rangers to make the club more viable. Donald Findlay


asked him, it must have been very distressing to see the club in a


state like that. Yes, Mr Smith replied. It was. But we had been


trying our best to handle the situation while it was there.


Today's other witness, former Rangers star Ally McCoist, who took


over the manager 's role at Ibrox when Walter Smith's top-down. He


talked of his difficulty in getting funds to boost his squad of players.


He claimed offers being made by the club to sign players were not


He claimed offers being made by the realistic. The prosecutor asked Ally


McCoist about the level of investment in the playing squad


after Craig Whyte took charge at Rangers. Ally McCoist reply, we got


some players, just not players that would have kept as at the same


standard as we had. But Ally McCoist acknowledged that new players were


signed after Craig Whyte took over at Ibrox. Craig Whyte denies both


charges against him and his trial will continue on Monday.


Drug-driving limits and roadside testing are to be introduced


It follows moves by the Scottish government to cut


Our correspondent Lucy Adams reports.


The footage is genuine. Shot by a member of the public, it shows how


erratic some motorists are prepared to be. The driver, impaired by


alcohol and drugs, was later jailed. Hendry Robertson runs a guest house


in Inverness. His father died after being hit by a car whose driver had


taken cannabis, LSD, and methadone. My dad lived on a farm just outside


Forfar. And every day in life, he would go for a walk. He was out for


his evening walk and was struck by would go for a walk. He was out for


car driven by someone who was under the influence of drugs. Kenneth


Robertson was 92 at the time. He died in hospital two weeks later.


The driver was sent to prison for died in hospital two weeks later.


eight years. It is long overdue, this facility should be in place and


people should be tested if they are thought to be using drugs whilst


driving. Most people don't know what the current impairment test


involves. Or how long it takes. I volunteered to allow specially


trained officers to show us. I am going to examining the size of your


pupils. Officers can stop drivers when they have reasonable cause. It


is already illegal to drive while impaired by drugs in Scotland but


the current test takes around 15 minutes and means being taken back


to a police station if you are suspected of having


to a police station if you are Then there's a blood test that


follows. In future, the idea would be to do an instant roadside test by


your car. Scotland is following changes in England and Wales where


officers now use a saliva test which detects cannabis and cocaine. They


caught 8000 people in the first 12 months of using the test. Police


Scotland welcome the move and warned people to avoid anything which


impairs their driving. This is about all drugs. A drug is anything that


can impair your ability to drive. People need to be mindful, it is not


just about heroin and cocaine, it is also about prescribed


antidepressants. You need to be following guidance given by your


doctor. Road safety campaigners say the test could have been introduced


sooner. But ministers say Scotland will soon be ahead of the rest of


the UK. There are some drugs where it will be a zero tolerance


approach. You will be committing an offence. And for others, it will be


a specified amount. In the same way it is with alcohol. We will engage


with stakeholders around what those limits should actually be. Ministers


will be setting out exactly which drugs will be limited and how in the


next few months. 200 jobs are set to be created


in the West Highlands, after a contract was signed to build


parts for floating wind The dry dock there was last


used to work on the Skye The yard was built to construct


North Sea oil platforms and in the 1970s employed more


than three thousand people. Rangers say they're "shocked


and saddened" at the death of their former player


Ugo Ehiogu at the age of 44. He suffered a heart attack yesterday


at Tottenham's training ground, Ehiogu played for Rangers ten years


ago, and is often remembered for this winning goal


against Celtic. Wildlife experts are hoping


to rescue a whale which has become It's hoped that the 20-foot minke


whale can be refloated later tonight, when the tide


is high enough. A team of around eight people from


British Divers Marine Life Rescue The minke was spotted on a beach


west of Elie by a passer-by. Coastguard teams from St Andrews


and Leven were at the scene. Olympic gold medallist


Dame Katherine Grainger has been Great Britain's most decorated


female Olympian retired from rowing, after winning a medal at a fifth


Games last summer. She'll succeed Rod Carr


as head of the funding Let's get the weather forecast


now from Christopher. Good evening. A chilly night in


store with clear conditions. There will be a number of showers across


the far north. That is how we start things tomorrow morning. Being blown


in bad -- on that brisk wind. Elsewhere, a sunny morning. The


cloud will bubble up through the course of the day. Showers further


north. They will continue. Across the UK, reasonably settled and


drive. Some bright spells through parts of Wales, the Midlands and the


north of England. Temperature wise for us, we are looking at around ten


or 11 Celsius for many. You can see the cloud having bubbled up through


the course of the day but still some bright weather and sunny spells.


Further north, vary -- varies that rash of showers. Most of them,


wintry on the tops at times. As we head to the rest of the afternoon


into the evening, showers still with us. Largely dry for many overnight.


A cold night. And then for Sunday, high-pressure influencing conditions


for most of the UK but low pressure across the far North brings a wet


and windy spell of weather for the far north and the Northern Isles. We


could see some gale force gusts. Elsewhere, a largely dry day to come


on Sunday with some sunshine and cloud. Temperatures up a notch but


they will come straight back down again into Monday and Tuesday. An


arctic blast of wind and the wrist were mackerel risk of wintry showers




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