24/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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Jeremy Corbyn has once again ruled out any pact with the SNP.


Campaigning today, the Labour leader said the SNP has "failed abysmally"


in the fight against poverty and inequality.


Mr Corbyn and the First Minister also addressed delegates


at the Scottish TUC conference in Aviemore, where Nicola Sturgeon


Here's our Political Editor, Brian Taylor.


Sunshine, snow and SNP posters on Jeremy Corbyn's to Aviemore.


He found the union company highly congenial.


We will never, ever apologise for the closeness of our


He pitched to the unions by saying he would scrap anti-union laws


The ?10 an hour living wage, ending zero hours contracts


and giving workers the right to take over companies


All of that requires power but Jeremy Corbyn dismissed any talk


Let us remember that the only real, Progressive Alliance is Labour


and the trade union movement working together, as it's always been.


As far as I'm concerned it always will be.


Behind me, the crowds of delegates streaming out


We had been hoping to interview Mr Corbyn and had been promised


We hoped to ask about Trident and other issues.


It turns out now we will not be able to interview


Mr Corbyn, will you answer any questions?


As he left, Jeremy Corbyn paid no attention to the pursuing


An hour later, the snow still falling, enter Nicola Sturgeon


thought she took questions from the media scrum and two


of the stalls and said Scotland's real choice was to elect SNP


A vote for the SNP is about to ensure a strong


voice against the Tories, strong protection for Scotland


and the party that will stand up for Scotland.


Is he not right you cannot form a government full Scotland?


This is about who can best protect Scotland from the Tories.


Inside the hall, Nicola Sturgeon warned that Brexit


We would be more likely to see the erosion of


With that, the politicians vanished from the scene and so did the snow.


Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have also


Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie staged a photcall


in a chip shop, while Tory leader Ruth Davidson met


We know after the polls at the weekend that the Scottish


Conservatives are in the driving seat to take on Nicola Sturgeon.


To say no to a second and referendum.


We are the best bet to take seats back off the SNP.


What you'll get with Liberal Democrats in this election is,


the more Democrat MPs he gets, the stronger the case will be


for rejecting a hard, Conservative Brexit.


We need a strong opposition in this country.


A 48-hour strike on Virgin Trains east coast route next Friday


The RMT union said progress had been made in talks to settle a dispute


The trial of the former Rangers owner, Craig Whyte, has heard


he told the club's directors he would use


He's accused of pretending he had the funds needed


to acquire the Ibrox club in 2011.


Here's our correspondent David Henderson.


Craig Whyte, the accused, arriving at court this morning.


He is accused of committing fraud in his takeover of Rangers.


Donald Macintyre spent the day in the witness box.


He was the club's finance director in the run-up


The jury heard Rangers was deep in debt


with bank borrowings at one point of over


?30 million and was under pressure to change that.


Long-time backer Sir David Murray had stepped back as well.


Mr McIntyre told the jury the economics of the world had


changed and the realisation was there was no longer backing


from Murray International, of the finances of the club.


Craig Whyte made an offer to buy Rangers.


The court heard he came here to Murray Park,


the club's training ground, to meet members of the board.


They pressed him for assurances, that he would not put


season-ticket holders' money at risk.


The reply was that it was 100% guaranteed.


The prosecutor asked the witness if he was interested to note


from Craig Whyte what was the source of the funds from any takeover.


The question was asked as to where the funds were coming from.


Mr Whyte said, the funds were coming from himself.


In his cross-examination, the defence QC, Donald Findlay,


asked, Lloyds Bank wanted out, didn't they?


They were putting a squeeze on the company.


Mr McIntyre said the bank had threatened to withdraw bank


facilities if the transaction with Craig Whyte had not gone ahead.


He said the bank was saying it wanted the transaction


Craig Whyte denies both charges against him and the trial continues.


Scotland's curry houses are blaming strict immigration rules


It's all down to the difference between


Here's our social affairs correspondent, Reevel Alderson.


Preparing for the evening rush, up to 3000 meals leave this kitchen


each week for diners in the restaurant or as takeaways,


I have three chefs from India, as a result of bringing them over


a few years ago I have been able to create 55 jobs in this business


We're at the point of expanding our business.


If I was to bring over another two we would be able to increase


the number up to 95 employees from this one establishment alone.


But these home deliveries are putting those plans in jeopardy.


UK immigration rules don't allow restaurants which serve takeaway


meals to recruit non-EU workers, however skilled they may be.


Obviously many diners continue to enjoy having a curry


But increasingly people are turning to their mobile phones


and the variety of apps to allow them to order takeaway.


But if a restaurant offers that service, it is restricted


The UK Government immigration criteria lay down a minimum


salary of almost ?30,000 a year per chef.


It takes into account previous experience


and the establishment it will work on.


Recruitment agencies say this shows the government


They have totally misunderstood and misconceived the industry


as being a low-skill, low-paid job base which it is not.


The biggest consequence to this is the skills erosion.


It's affecting the product that the public are being served.


The industry, worth an estimated ?4 billion a year to the UK economy,


says up to three establishments are closing each month and a scheme


launched in 2012 to attract UK nationals to work in


the Indian restaurant sector failed through lack of applicants.


The largest turbine steam ship ever to be built on the Clyde,


the TS Queen Mary, is being brought back to her former glory


with the help of the newest generation of sea-farers -


students from Glasgow's nautical college.


It was the largest turbine steamship build on the Clyde,


She took up to 2000 passengers every day doon the watter from the heart


of Glasgow all the way to the resort carrying ordinary men,


working men and women away from the grime of industrial


A very important working role, but like most things as the years


went by she gradually took on more of a cruising profile until 1977,


when sadly there was not enough work for her and she was retired


and went down south to London for further service


Last year after a legal battle she was towed home to Glasgow.


She is now being refurbished, scraping back 40 years


Under an inch and a half deck was in surprisingly good condition.


They will now restore it and protect it against the Glasgow climate.


Down below they are discovering similar qualities of


The internal deck was covered with an oak floor


which again has preserved the teak.


This is some of the nicest preserved part of the vessel, this teak.


Again it will be restored, sanded, looked after and oiled.


There is a lot of goodwill towards this project,


much of the material having been donated by Scottish companies.


A lot of the heavy labouring work is being done by students


And the internal design has been created by a Dundee student.


They do not want the Queen Mary to be a museum,


as to them it is important the ship is sustainable so they can look


A turbine engines might have been removed so her days of travelling up


But with the effort of these students and many others her future


is secured as a visitor attraction here on the Clyde.


After a bitterly cold day, Judith has the weather.


they bitterly cold as we head into the evening. There is quite a


covering of snow across northern Scotland as we speak. There is a Met


Office the were warning about snow for northern Scotland, the Grampian


area and parts of East Lothian and the eastern borders, as well and


even at lower levels, as well. You can see from the pressure chart,


plenty of snow as we head through the course of the night. Lots of dry


weather for the rest of the UK, and the widespread frost, so it might be


a cold start to the day and there will be a risk of ice to bear in


mind. But actually, a lovely start for many, with plenty of showers


across northern Scotland as those wins start to pick up as we head


through the day. A chilly start, sunshine for the south-east and


west, some showers, wintry showers across eastern and northern Scotland


and into the Northern Isles. The showers will continue to affect the


North. Here, to the south, a lot of dry weather, actually with some


showers and dispose of sunshine. Wintry showers for Northern Ireland.


For Eastern England we will see a number of showers brought in by the


strong, brisk and cold northerly wind. It will feel bitterly cold


across the eastern side of the country. Temperatures across


southern parts around 13 Celsius so much colder here in Scotland and


suddenly feeling colder in those northerly winds. We could see Gales


and northern areas. More showers to come for the North and East. And dry


overnight tomorrow with a widespread frost. On Wednesday, we start to see


high-pressure blocking out those arctic winds. So, Ashley, a largely


dry, milder day on Wednesday. Just a little bit of patchy rain feeding


into the far north, eventually.


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