25/04/2017 Reporting Scotland


The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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MSPs have voted overwhelmingly to urge the UK Government


to lift the two child benefit cap and scrap the so-called rape clause.


In a debate at Holyrood the First Minister described


it as "abhorrent" but the Conservatives


said Nicola Sturgeon had the power to change it in Scotland.


Our political correspondent Andrew Kerr has the story.


Enough is enough, the First Minister, pressing on with her


opposition to this policy at this women's aid centre in Edinburgh. The


cab into children receiving tax credits means there is an exemption


for a child conceived through rate. At Hollywood all the parties rounded


on the Conservatives as they opposed At Hollywood all the parties rounded


UK Government reports. The impressions of this policy are truly


abhorrent. The very need to provide an exemption for women who have been


raped shows the callousness of these cuts in the first place. The


Conservative leader tried to strike a consensual note. I suspect we


almost survive as of rape, and I know there are even those among us


here who have them subject to sexual violence ourselves and find the


issue and even the word difficult to articulate. If the government he


doesn't like it, they can change it, they said. If you'd did strong words


like shameful and has the power to act and choose strong words but not


to act, that would indeed be shameful. But the First Minister


wasn't for mitigating the effects. Let's forget the sticking plaster


approach. It is the fourth control of tax credits and Universal Credit


and the devolved budgets that go with them and then let us make our


own tissues in this Parliament. The Labour leader read out a letter from


a past rape victim. It is an absolutely sickening state of


affairs but it's not the author of that letter or any other rape victim


who should feel shame, it is those on the Tory benches here and in


Westminster who refused to act. If a policy states a precondition where a


woman needs to prove that they have been raped, and such policy has no


place in a civilised society. At Green said Chris Davison's mask had


slipped. She has spent years tried to convince voters that the Tories


of the nasty party no longer but when you cut through the provider


can you can see that Mr Davidson is just another cruel number of the


cruel number of accrual party. It was a difficult afternoon for the


Conservatives at this election time, although the First Minister has


denied playing politics with the issue.


The board of directors at Rangers discussed the possible


collapse of the club months before it was


That's according to the former finance director


who was giving evidence at the trial of Mr Whyte.


Our correspondent David Henderson reports.


Craig Moore, scoring from Rangers 17 years ago. Today the jury heard


about the way the Ibrox club had paid him and some team-mates, and


the dispute that sparked the tax authorities. Giving evidence for a


second day, Rangers former finance director Donald McIntyre. He was


questioned about the health of the club's finances in the months before


it was sold to Craig Whyte. The court heard that Rangers were facing


a tax bill for more than ?2 million and another tax claim for much more.


As much as ?50 million, because of the use of EBTs, all employee


benefit trusts, used by the club debate layers. The defence advocate


called this a nuclear missile heading towards Rangers. Craig Whyte


port ranges in May 2011, and he faces a fraud charge. The Crown says


he falsely claimed he had the money needed to fund the deal. Today the


court heard Rangers board of directors had discussed the


possibility of the club folding and going into administration in the


months before that deal took place. Mr Findlay said the Donald McIntyre,


like it or not, by the time Mr Whyte is trying to buy the club, the club


was already heading for potential financial disaster. Mr McIntyre


replied, "We weren't contemplating the club being put to its knees


without the outcome of the EBT case". Later, he told the prosecutor


he believed the Rangers owner, Sir case". Later, he told the prosecutor


David Murray, would have wanted to sell his controlling stake to


someone who could take the club forward. This was the sale of a


major Scottish institution. Craig Whyte denies all charges and


the trial continues. The BBC has learned that a former


coach and manager of Celtic boys club has been detained and charged


in connection with alleged It's understood 81-year-old Frank


Cairney will One of Scotland's biggest hospitals


was forced to raise a major alert after 36 patients waited


for up to 17 hours A memo sent to staff


at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary last Thursday raised safety


concerns for patients urging NHS Lothian said they had


experienced a very busy day with 20 patients more


than predicted, but the situation One of the main providers


of foodbanks in Scotland says Figures from the Trussell Trust


suggest that low income has become the single biggest


reason for a referral to one of their network


of foodbanks. Here's our political


correspondent, Glenn Campbell. The amount of food distributed by


food bags in Scotland last year was enough to feed the entire population


of Dundee for three days. For many using a food bank is a last resort.


I didn't want to have the use a food bank, but I didn't know where else


to turn, to be honest. And I had already asked friends and family for


enough money to help get me through. There are 52 food banks in Scotland


operated by the Trussel Trust which is it issued:


my kid to the start school tomorrow. The movie I, Daniel Blake, heart


problems the benefits system. And its star rector, in Aviemore today,


is convinced the welfare reform is its star rector, in Aviemore today,


leaving people hungry. It's no surprise that food banks are handing


out even more food, a record high. The policies of his government of


producing poverty. The horrific sections regime through people's


lives into chaos when their Social Security is stopped. The increase in


food bank use has been particularly sharp here in Glasgow. Food banks


like this one, but the Department for Work and Pensions says the


reason for food bank use is complex and it would be misleading to blame


changes to the benefits system for growing demand. There are a variety


of different causes as to what people are suffering from low income


but it's also important to understand, 80% of people in


Scotland to use food banks use them only once, when talking about people


relying on them over a long period of time. The bike use has gone down


in some parts of the country. But in Scotland as a whole, the number of


the people using food banks continues to grow.


Scotland is well known across the world as the home


of golf, and a few courses could lay claim to being the country's finest.


But what is the nation's favourite hole?


The tourism organisation Visit Scotland held a poll of 3,000


Golf attracts thousands of visitors to Scotland every year. Including


the occasional Hollywood big hitter, like this far. Is this a lifelong


ambition? It's definitely on the bucket list, it's fun to walk the


course that had been walked over for 300 years. We have just released


course that had been walked over for figures that shows that golf tourism


is up to ?286 million a year in Scotland, and increase in the last


eight or nine years. Every visitor will have their own favourite golf


hole but the Scotland commissioned a poll to find that the best in a


number of categories. For example this spectacular fourth hole has


been voted the best par five. This one on the Kintyre peninsula, the


best opening hole, and the postage Stamp in Troon, a hole in few years


ago, the finest par-3. Which is the nation's favourite hole? According


to the poll, it's this one, one of the most iconic in world golf. The


18th on the old course at St Andrews. Where many an Open


Championship has been one and many other great player, like Seve


Ballesteros. It's such an iconic golf hole, history and tradition of


the game, the Campillo in the footsteps of the big champions that


have walked over here. Of course you don't have to be a great champion to


play Scotland's finest hole. Let's see what the weather has in


store. It's been a fairly wintry start to


the week so far, we need to look to the jet to understand why. It has


been steering cold arctic air our way. As we head through towards the


end of the week, we start to be influenced by this part of the jet


stream, bringing in milder conditions. Although it's chilly at


the moment, temperatures will be on the rise by Thursday or Friday.


Night pretty chilly across the board and that how we start things


tomorrow. A crisp, bright start for most of us. Despite the sun, still


quite chilly. Come further north, close to freezing, especially if


there is snow on the ground. Still a few showers through the Northern


Isles and Hebrides but mostly showers of rain rather than anything


wintry. Through the course of the morning, would continue to see the


showers coming in on the North-West breeze but the winds, lighter than


it has been so the sunshine for central and southern Scotland slowly


cladding over but shouldn't spoil things too much. Similar for the


North-West of England and Wales and the Southwest for the Midlands, east


and south-east, a number of showers coming in on that northerly, one or


two could come with a rumble of thunder. Into the evening, showery


outbreaks of rain across the far north and Northern Isles.


Temperatures just on the up a little bit because milder air is coming in,


milder tomorrow night. Thursday, cloudy, some showery outbreaks of


rain in the North-West but hopefully some bright if not sunny spells,


temperatures creeping into the low teens.


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