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The latest news and weather from around Scotland.

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The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been forced


to re-state his opposition to a second independence referendum.


It came after he said in an interview he would


"open discussions" with the Scottish government on the issue


The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have been


voicing their opposition to a second vote, while the SNP leader's


preparing to launch her manifesto tomorrow.


Here's our political correspondent, Andrew Kerr.


UK leader Jeremy Corbyn was in Scotland yesterday, caused


controversy in one radio interview today. He said he would open


discussions with the Scottish Government on independence if he


became Prime Minister. Perhaps hearts sank for Scottish Labour


campaigning in Edinburgh. They rushed out a statement saying they


and Mr Corbyn were opposed to a second referendum. Speaking before


Mr Corbyn made his latest comments, Labour's Iain Murray restated his


opposition. We have been saying right through this election


campaign, the best way to stop the SNP to get a second referendum of


the table, is devote labour. The polls are very encouraging. Their


vote will really count in the general election campaign. Revving


up their opposition to a second referendum, the Conservatives were


campaigning in Perthshire. Ruth Davidson said Jeremy Corbyn was


willing to sell Scottish Labour voters down the river. But they


denied they UK campaign was stuck in a rut as the poll suggested the gap


between them and Labour had narrowed. The leader hit out at both


camps. Yesterday we saw Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to do a


deal to put Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten. We have already seen the


Labour Party in Scotland do deal with


the SNP in town halls across the country. We all know that would mean


a second referendum and Jeremy Corbyn has said he would be fine


with that. Only the Scottish Conservatives would stand up against


the SNP and a second referendum. Nicola Sturgeon met women


campaigning against state pension changes. The finishing touches are


being put to the party's manifesto, launched tomorrow. Labour were


dispensed with as the First Minister's focus was very firmly on


the Conservatives. The reality of this election is even with the poll


is narrowing it looks like the Tories are on course to win it. The


question boss got them did how do we hold the Tories in check, how do we


have strong Scottish voices? The only way to get that in Scotland is


to vote SNP. And now the chance for you to ask the questions. The


Liberal Democrat's Willie Rennie was at the BBC HQ for the first ask the


leader programmes. He wants a referendum on the Brexit deal but


not on independence. What did he have to fear, he was asked. The last


time around the number of people I met who have fallen out with


brothers, sisters, friends, neighbours over this issue, it


caused huge division. And the huge economic uncertainty as well as the


huge division, I don't want to go through all that again. I think we


should reject the SNP's plan for another referendum. That is what you


get with the Liberal Democrats. All the leaders will be in the hot seat


this week. The have questions. The Scottish Greens have


launched their manifesto They promise that any Scottish Green


MPs will stand against a hard Brexit and in favour


of a second independence referendum. They will push for what they call


"a new industrial revolution" - transitioning from fossil fuels


to green industries. They also back


a universal basic income. Now more than ever it is important


that Scotland has a green voice at Westminster. Some of the many


achievements that the Greens have built up at European level will be


in the hands of the Westminster Parliament, from the capping of


bankers' bonuses, to the control of toxic chemicals. We absolutely need


to stand up for the social and environmental protections which have


been won in Europe and will be in the hands of the UK Parliament.


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to re-state his


opposition to a second independence referendum after he said


in an interview he would "open discussions" with the Scottish


government on the issue if he became Prime Minister.


Last week Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said she was giving


a "cast iron guarantee" that her party would oppose


Our political correspondent Nick Eardley has the details.


Monuments of Scotland's mining past. Discards from old shell minds, a


reminder of the role the industry played here. A heritage remembered


in local museums. There are whole communities which have grown up on


the minds, fathers, grandparents were minors. Many in those


communities would have voted Labour, but much has changed. There are


still communities here who remember those days, the parents, the


grandparents. In places like Livingstone here, there have been


tremendous changes in population. Ria Wilson is a prominent supporter


of Jeremy Corbyn in Scotland. I think for a long time communities


like this were taken for granted and the SNP have something to offer


which was independence but we have now seen the reality, Jeremy


Corbyn's message is clear and I think that is cutting through. Is


it? Some support for the Labour leader, the landmark of Livingston's


new economy. I am of a socialist background that he has come back to


the true grass-roots socialist principles. Down the road, another


five sisters, this time a zoo built an old mining land. What about


Jeremy Corbyn? The man is an idiot. Not a fan? No. Not tempted to vote


for him? No. I hate the Tories. They are good for England, not


necessarily for Scotland. The SNP candidates think she is best placed


to serve voters here. I have done everything in my power to raise


constituency issues on the floor of the House. There have certainly been


big changes in Livingston and West Lothian and we are good at bouncing


back. What the SNP have offered is support for new industries, the


emerging industries. Other think the Labour Party have lost their


understanding of this area. The Tories think they can beat them in


this race. There two types of conservative, the bogeyman


Conservatives and the real Conservatives, the likes of myself


and I think at last the message has got out there that we are party for


everyone. There is only one party that is standing up for the two


unions that they believe in. Livingstone voted to remain in the


UK back in 2014, Livingstone voted to remain in the EU. Back at the zoo


the political debate is not for everyone. Do you know how you will


be voting? Not sure? The Barra schoolgirl injured


in the Manchester bomb attack which killed her friend has been


able to talk to her parents According to her family,


15-year-old Laura MacIntyre has made remarkable progress,


despite sustaining horrendous Laura's parents said in a statement


today that their daughter had been taken off a ventilator and had


recognised them and talked to them. The charity Alzheimer Scotland


says many people with dementia say they lose


friends following diagnosis. It's released the findings


of a survey to mark the start The charity says with around


90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland,


the public should become better informed and stand


by their friends and family. Nature enthusiasts are being asked


to help save Scotland's smallest butterfly -


the Small Blue. Changes to its habitat mean it's


becoming increasingly rare. The wildlife charity


Butterfly Conservation Scotland is asking volunteers to look


for the butterfly at sites where work is being undertaken


including Aberdeenshire, Sport now and one of Andy Murray's


former coaches says despite his poor The player's first match


at the French Open is tomorrow. After the five of opening -- after


the fun of opening weekend, the serious work continues for the


French Open's top seed. In a season soured by illness, injury and loss


of form, those who know him best say he will bounce back. I think he is a


terrific champion. He has a number visible mindset, he has a great team


around him. I can see him working his way into this tournament and


nothing would surprise me to see him going very deep ear. We know when it


gets to the grass that he is playing very well on this surface. The


service is very good for him. The problem is, Andy Murray hasn't


reached the quarterfinals of any of this year's big tournaments. He lost


in the fourth round of the Australian open, before falling at


the first hurdle at Indian Wells. More exits followed in Monte Carlo,


Madrid and Rome but the champion is not worried yet. The struggles are


part of what makes the good times so enjoyable. I need to accept that I


am struggling and then find a way to get through it. It all gets underway


for Andy Murray here at Roland Garros tomorrow with the first round


match against the world number 73 from Russia, Andre Kuznetsov.


Well, let's get the weather forecast from Christopher.


The evening. Very cloudy and damp across many parts of the country


today. That is how we start tomorrow morning, fairly cloudy, grey and a


little bit of rain around. There will be some brighter moments


through the Borders and Edinburgh. For many of us, cloudy, great start.


Towards the west coast and the Hebrides, some outbreaks of rain.


Those will continue to head eastwards through the course of the


day. Let's take a closer look at the course of the morning. You will see


the rain in the West. A cold front is moving its way eastwards. A


cloudy morning, expect some rain at times, but then it should brighten


up by the afternoon with some sunshine for most. Across the UK as


a whole, you will see that weather front draped across Scotland,


through the North of England, Wales and the south-west. Ahead of it for


the Midlands and South East, largely dry, fairly cloudy, some bright


spells lifting the temperatures into the 20s. Behind the weather front


some sunshine. A bright and breezy afternoon for Northern Ireland and


Scotland. The winds will be strong making any showers for the


north-west blustery. The rain clinging on through the north-east


of Aberdeenshire. Plenty of sun for others and the rain eventually leave


Orkney and Shetland by around dusk. High-pressure overhead. Low pressure


over my shoulder, that is Thursday's weather. You will see it is largely


dry with some lighter winds. Perhaps a more cloud for Shetland with a


brisk north-westerly. Elsewhere, the sunshine lifting the temperature to


the mid to high teens. First there gets off to a promising start. In


the West the crowd gathers, rain arrives later. Temperatures up to 20


degrees by mid-afternoon. That


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